Some Unorthodox MBA Specializations That Candidates Can Choose From

Contrary to the popular belief, obtaining an MBA degree is more of a necessity for modern day management professionals, than just a means to ensuring a more successful career. This is evident from the fact that the number of specialization that aspiring students can opt for in their MBA program has become quite diverse. In fact the traditional options of pursuing an MBA in Business Management, Finance, Accounting and even Human Resources have given way to the other choices that have evolved in accordance with the changing market needs. In fact a majority of MBA colleges in Hyderabad have diversified their course curriculums to include these new options. Discussed below are some of these unconventional MBA specialization options that are becoming increasingly popular.

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Entrepreneurship Or Innovation Management

Young entrepreneurs today are inclined to gain a better understanding of the various aspects of running and managing a business. With a significant rise in the number of start-up companies, there has naturally been an increase in the demand for a Masters program in Entrepreneurship or Innovation Management. The specialization also attracts prospective students with its challenging learning environment and great career opportunities.Image result for Healthcare Management

Operations Or Supply Chain Management

Supply chain managers have come to play in ensuring the smooth functioning of a business and enhancing its reach and credibility amongst the clients. People intending to make a career in this field can benefit immensely by learning about the various aspects related to supply chain procurements, management, strategy dealers in supply chain management and operations as well.

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Environment Management

It is a common motion that MBA is completely irrelevant when it comes to making a career in environmental management. However, little do people realize that most such organizations are constantly looking for professionally trained financial advisors, corporate green policy experts, as well as experts of entrepreneurship in green business, fund managers etc. Candidates, who have completed an MBA in Environmental Management, are perfectly suited to fulfil these roles and help enhance the performance of their respective organizations working in the field.Image result for Energy And Clean Tech

Energy And Clean Tech

Renewable and sustainable energy is emerging as a major industry across the globe and this has naturally created a huge demand for trained administrative and management professionals in the field. In fact, pursuing an MBA in this field is also becoming a preferred choice amongst aspiring management students craving to make a significant contribution in the efforts for saving the planet.Image result for Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

This is one specialization that is being offered by every one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad. With this particular specialization, the prospective students can enjoy a successful career in health care management, which is a rapidly evolving industry. They can even expand their skills to work in more diversified roles and exploit the best opportunities that will take them one step closer towards achieving their career objectives.


Effective Ways To Manage Stress While Pursuing A Post Graduate Program

Most people believe that pursuing a post graduate program is all about enjoying a great campus life and attending various college fests and events. However, even though all these things form an integral part of life for students pursuing a post graduate course, these are only a small part of the education process. In fact the biggest challenge that faced by PG students is that of managing stress, which forms an even greater part of their life. In fact all the aforementioned activities are designed to provide the candidates with some much needed relief from the excessive stress of their campus life. Discussed below are some ways which can help the students to manage the stress in an effective manner.

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Master Time Management Skills

One of greatest causes of stress in candidates pursuing PG Diploma courses is their inability to keep up with the excessive coursework. The candidates often find themselves struggling to complete the different tasks assigned to them within the set deadline. However, the reason for this has more to do with the poor time management skills of the candidates rather than the allotment of excessive work. The candidates therefore need to work on their time management skills to ensure that they are able to keep up with the fast pace of learning. It also enables them to enjoy their campus life in a better manner.

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Set Realistic Learning Objectives

The candidates pursing a PG course should set realistic learning objectives to help minimize their stress levels. For this they need to create and follow a proper study schedule which helps them stay regular while also leaving them with ample time to take part in other activities of their interest. The candidates need to be sure that they do not burden themselves with too much studying at a time as it will not only reduce their understanding and retention but also lead them to lose interest in their studies within a short time.Image result for Relax And Enjoy

Take Time Out To Relax And Enjoy

The candidates pursuing a post graduate course should make it a point t take regular break from their study schedule. They can do so by either allotting themselves some free time each day or having a study free day at least once every fortnight. These breaks help in making the students feel relaxed and refreshed and take up their next study schedule with greater enthusiasm.Image result for Be Focused And Attentive

Be Focused And Attentive

One of the best ways devised by students studying in top PGDM colleges in Hyderabad to reduce their stress levels is to maintain their focus and attention. These students have found that being attentive during their lectures helps makes the entire learning process easier for them. In addition, being attentive also helps the students to stay focused, which proves beneficial to the students in the long run and helps them attain a better career perspective.

6 Mistakes Every Leader Should Avoid While Managing Their Teams

A key understanding to leadership is that the people hire people, who hire people, who hire people and somewhere within those three generations of hiring, there are leaders who have to handle these people. There will be a lot of things you will learn from one of the Top 10 MBA Colleges in Hyderabad, but today we have come up with a list of mistakes you need to avoid making while managing your team:

  1. My Way Or The Highway (MWOH) : Everyone has something useful to offer in terms of thoughts, ideas and suggestions. MWOH is fueled by the insecurity of a leader who wants to create an environment of control. Ideas do not always have to flow from you because you are only one person and you can’t think of everything. By listening to your team, not only will you create a feeling of involvement but will also improve the overall performance of the team by encouraging a sense of  ownership.

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  1. All About The Numbers : In simpler terms, if it is  not making dollars, it doesn’t make sense. But numbers only become a problem when you lay too much focus on them and forgetting the team of people who are making those numbers happen. In your race to put numbers on the chart, you may lose sight of the “how.” So always keep people supreme and focus on creating a healthy team.

  1. Talk But Don’t Listen : This is one of the major mistake, leaders make. They only talk and they don’t take the opinions of others. Studies have shown that if people are not heard, they will cease to say the things that matter.

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  1. Change Things Just For The Sake Of It : Change is the law of nature but it should not be forced just to prove that you support change. It is a universal fact that any change that happens is difficult not only on leaders but on every single employee in the organisation. A good leader surveys the impact, timing and necessity of change before even planning to bring the change.

  1. They Just Don’t Care : This is one of the most common mistake a leader makes. Handling a team is no easy task. There would be always a temptation to stop caring about the team and just do what you think is right without taking into account the needs and wants of the team. Such mistake can go a long way in destroying your team and your leadership as a whole.  I’ll close with the words of John Maxwell, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

  1. Unwilling To Receive Candid Feedback : “I am a leader and I am perfect.” This is an ultimate ingredient to disaster of your leadership career. As a leader, if you are not open to a feedback from your employee, you are going in an extremely wrong direction. We all learn throughout our life and our resistance towards feedback hampers our ability to grow and further succeed in life. As a leader, if you really want to keep improving, be open to a positive feedback and try to lead your team with open mind.

How To Stand Out In A Meeting?

Meetings are part and parcel of a workplace. As a student of one of the Top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad, you might already be aware of the importance of meetings. In order to establish yourself as an emerging leader or the leader of the future, you need to stand out in important meetings. Such meetings can help you create a lasting impression and thus can help you move up the career leader. Standing out in a meeting helps you create your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Once you have completed your MBA in one of the Best MBA Colleges in Hyderabad, the below tips will be very useful:

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  1. Know Your Agenda

The worst mistake one can make while attending a meeting is going unprepared. Doing your homework before entering into the meeting, not only will establish that you are serious about your work but it will also pose you as a responsible leader who respects his and other people’s time.

  1. Know The Purpose Of The Meeting

A business meeting can be called due to any reason. Some of the purposes can be:

  1. To make a decision.
  2. To brainstorm over something.
  3. To make an announcement.
  4. To test out a presentation.
  5. To create a process.

Know the reason before entering into the meeting as it will help you prepare yourself accordingly. Knowing the purpose of the meeting beforehand would help you keep the discussion to the point making it more effective and meaningful.

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  1. Identify Your Significance In The Meeting

This is extremely important as it will help you make your presence felt in the meeting in a much better way. For example, if the meeting is about brainstorming ideas on how to boost sale, you can use your experience in your department and come up with innovative ideas before entering into the meeting. A meeting  where you think you won’t be able to contribute in a significant manner, it is better not to attend or attend as a concluder who will listen to everyone, make notes and conclude at the end. This is a great way in making your presence felt even though you had nothing significant to contribute in the meeting.

  1. Prepare Yourself Well

This is the key to outshine in a meeting. The goal should always be to contribute to the meeting in a way that reinforces your own agenda. Do a thorough research of the topics that will be discussed.

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  1. Gather Your Ideas

Gather your ideas before entering into the meeting and as the meeting progresses, take notes. Constantly look for the areas of discussion where you can add value, burnish your reputation, or push your own agenda.

  1. Read The Room, Then Contribute

The last and most effective trick to contributing to a meeting is to make your remarks toward the end of that part of the discussion. Speak confidently while expressing your views and in complete sentences. Take a sense of how everyone is reacting to your points and then act accordingly.

How to Drive Employee Motivation by Encouraging Ownership

One of the most important lesson you will learn in your PG Diploma in Business Management is how motivation can help you achieve the desired level of efficiency and performance in your employees. As a business leader, you are already responsible for a lot of things. You have to perform certain tasks as an important asset of the company at the same time keep your talented team motivated and upbeat on a daily basis.

You will come across a lot of management theories while pursuing your diploma from one of the Top PGDM Colleges in Hyderabad that will teach you how to keep your employees motivated at the same time urging them to work up to their maximum potential. While there are a lot of techniques of instilling motivation in your employees, one of the most effective technique is  encouraging ownership. Studies have shown that when employees have more autonomy at work, they are more satisfied with what they are doing and therefore they put in their 100% effort in the work resulting into increased productivity and a better performance.

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So What Exactly Is Autonomy?

Joan F. Cheverie, manager of professional development programs at the higher education and IT nonprofit EDUCAUSE, writes “Autonomy is people’s need to perceive that they have choices, that what they are doing is of their own volition, and that they are the source of their own actions.”

In simpler words, it is a basic human nature not to obey orders. Every human has a tendency to rebel and thereby prefer to work in their own sweet way. Therefore a good manager is the one who allows his team to work whatever way they like as long as the work is getting done up to the mark and on time. This means letting go of  the control and make your team in charge of certain things. “Autonomy, in other words, is the antithesis of micromanagement.”

Cheverie says “Instead of focusing on the minute details, you now need to direct your focus to the goals and strategic objectives for each staff member. Let them take care of the minor details of meeting those expectations. If you are able to create autonomy while holding people accountable for stated goals and objectives, you’ll find that the details get done without your having to worry about them.”

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You can encourage autonomy by doing the following.

  1. Start With The Why – Why the work your doing is crucial for the company? The answer to this instills the employee with a sense of responsibility that if the work is not done due to any reason, the company is going to suffer and so will their future in it.
  2. Allow Them To Speak Up – A good manager is the one who encourages a two way communication. Only then would you be able to achieve the sense of ownership in the employees as they would feel that they have been part of the work since the very beginning and that the work is not being imposed on them.

  1. Leave The How To The Employee – Let them decide how will they achieve the task with an assurance in the background that you are there to assist them or support them if anything at all goes wrong. This sense of assurance creates a level of confidence that encourages the employees to take risk and work without fear.

4 Ways To Make Yourself Indispensable To Your Organisation

The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people”. Kamil Toume, Writer & Thought Leader

Freshly out of your PGDM college, it is time for you to enter into the organisation world and make your mark. Where hard work and knowledge gained from PG Diploma courses are crucial, one thing that will help you and your company succeed is working towards constant self-growth and making yourself an important asset of your company. Here is a list of 4 ways to make yourself indispensable to your organisation:

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  1. The Power Of Relationships

Man is a social animal and life is all about making meaningful relationships. People make or break companies. People hire and fire people. Companies don’t perform these actions. It is important to work hard and be a competent and irreplaceable employee but you also need to be constantly likeable and try to fit in with the corporate culture. Maintaining a good relationship with the people who you work with, will increase your chances to get chosen for leadership roles or be part of groups within the workplace.

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  1. Over Deliver

In an organization, doing a tiny bit more than what is expected out of you will help you go a LONG way in the overall perception of your performance and would further increase your value. Even if he is not your direct manager, being proactive can help you make your way back to your superiors and create an impression that will last for a long time. Over-delivering or going that extra mile would help you establish yourself a thought leader and a responsible person that other people could look up to.

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  1. Expand Your Responsibilities

Expanding the second point further, it’s important to gradually expand your responsibilities as soon as the opportunity presents itself. There could be a new project coming up in the organisation or someone might be leaving the organisation and their role needs to be split up for the time being. Such opportunities are a great way to demonstrate your potential and establish yourself as a great leader. Volunteering to take on some of the additional work will position you as a team player, and will also make you a valuable and indispensable asset of the company.

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  1. Establish Your Expertise

This is an extremely important point that will not only make you an irreplaceable asset of the company but will also help you build your brand across the company. Becoming an expert at something would help you become an important part of the organization and will further make you an invaluable resource. In order to establish your expertise, participate in industry events, write articles for third-party publications, volunteer to carry out training programs and extend help to anyone who asks for it. A selfless help never goes unrewarded, especially in the workplace. It will help you become an expert leader and would create your brand in the company.

Why Networking Is Vital For Your Career Growth?

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

That is the power of networking and it is an art that is going to help you build your career once you are out of your PGDM College in Hyderabad. For those pursuing their PGDM in Hyderabad, networking is beneficial to your careers. It is often mistaken to be useful while you are job hunting, but connecting with other professionals can help you succeed in every aspect of your career.

There are a lot of benefits that comes with networking and proves that Networking is not an option but an essential element in your career growth. Here is a list of few of those benefits:

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  1. Makes You Visible

As we move up the career ladder, the opportunities get skewed and a fight for visibility and standing apart begins. Making yourself more visible in the workplace is both skill and hard work. One of the major benefit that comes with networking is that you become more visible thus helping you make better connections with clients, associates etc.

  1. Opens Doors To New Opportunities

Second most important benefit of networking is that it opens new doors of opportunities for you wherein you get approached by recruiters as well as the people who would like to work with you on a freelance basis. Networking makes sure that an opportunity to advance your career will present itself and that too real soon. These opportunities would not only be coming from outside but would also present itself from inside the company wherein the boss of your boss notices you and see the potential you have to achieve bigger things in life and therefore would help you move up the career ladder.

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  1. Expands Your Support Network

Having strong networking skills help you build a strong support network that can assist you at every stage of your career. In other words, with a large interwoven network that is spreading across various departments, it would not be difficult for you to get any work done. This would not only help you achieve greater results in your present work but would also make you an ultimate go to person for any accountable work.

  1. Gets You Promoted

So who do you think is going to promote you in your job. Obviously someone who knows someone who in turn knows someone else. The art of networking would help you be present in the eyes of those who are looking for potential leaders within the company. People who are ready to move up the career ladder and do bigger things for themselves as well as the organisation as a whole. Getting your point across all by yourself is difficult and is even futile at times but having a reliable source sending your message to the higher authorities can gain you a lot of credibility and thus open up brand new career prospects for you.

5 Tips For The Leaders To Manage Change

“Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” – John F. Kennedy

Quoted correctly here, this theory holds good for organisations as well. You can never see your company at a better position than yesterday till the time you are not adaptive enough towards the change that is happening around. One of the most challenging time to lead a team is when there is a transitional phase going on in the company. It is rightly said that change is the only constant thing in the world but sadly the resistance to change would always be there. People do not like to come out of their comfort zone and do something differently.

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The other aspect of introducing change is that an environment of uncertainty is created amongst the employees which in turn creates an atmosphere of fear, low morale, and brings out the worst in people in terms of efficiency and productivity.  After completing your MBA from one of the top 10 MBA Colleges in Hyderabad, you can be faced with a similar situation. As a thoughtful leader if you can successfully address organizational change tactfully and immediately, not only will it minimize its negative effects on the organisation but would also create an environment of high productivity.

A guide by one of the MBA Colleges in Hyderabad, here is a list of 5 Tips that can help you manage the change in a better way:

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1.Be Transparent

Keep your employees informed of each step and phase of the change in advance. This would eliminate the element of surprise thus giving you a buffer to mitigate the effects of change to a greater level. Keeping your team informed would make them feel a part of change and thus would increase the acceptability towards the change as well.

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  1. Be Excited

Change is good for both employees and companies and that is why it is introduced at the first place. Give your employees an assurance of security and also explain it to them how they fit into the picture. This would make them feel involved in the whole process and therefore would provide encouragement and positive vibes to them about the whole change. Asking them for their inputs in advance and collecting and inculcating regular feedback from your employees would make them feel a part of the entire process and hence would make them adapt to the change in the initial stage only.

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  1. Handle The Negative Aspects Smartly

Change can be harsh for some people and you need to be cautious while making them aware of it. Deliver all the hard news diplomatically and tactfully. Pick you timing and approach them smartly. Focus on the entire communication process and keep them informed of every update regarding the change.

  1.  Set Expectations Beforehand

Defining expected results would create a level of expectation amongst the employees regarding what would be the end result of the change. Although this could not be definitive but would at least give time to your employees to adjust to whatever would be the outcome of the change.

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  1. Make Your Employees Feel Valued

Change is hard and those who were involved in any way in this change management, they need to applauded and recognised. This would make them feel valued during a tough transition and would keep them contented and satisfied.

What Is Stepladder Technique And How It Can Affect The Group Decision Making In The Company?

Decision making is a difficult process and is even more challenging when made in a group. The probability of conflict in a group decision making is very high as the everyone’s approach to a problem can be different. Some people may fight for recognition thereby overshadowing others in the process whereas a few might become over-critical or disruptive. Yet another category could be the ones who go into complete silence thereby leading to a loss in terms of idea generation.

You will find yourself in similar situations many a times once you have completed a degree from one of the top PGDM Colleges in Hyderabad. Dealing with such a situation can be a good learning experience. In your PG Diploma in Business Management, there would be a lot of projects that you would be doing in a group and hence you might come face to face with such a situation. Dealing with it in the right way can actually work wonders for you.  The Stepladder Technique is a useful method for ensuring a seamless group decision making.

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What Is The Stepladder Technique?

It is a simple tool that was Developed by Steven Rogelberg, Janet Barnes-Farrell and Charles Lowe in 1992. It manages how various members enter the decision-making group and encourages all members to contribute to the decision making process on an individual level before they get influenced by anyone else. This technique helps in creating a wider variety of ideas and prevents people from “hiding” within the group. It also protects people from being “stepped on” by other louder members of the group.

The Stepladder Technique has five basic steps.

Step 1 : Before starting the group decision making activity, present the problem to each member individually. Give them sufficient amount of time to think of the possible solutions to the problem in hand.

Step 2 : Form a small or core group of two or three members and have them discuss the problem.

Step 3 : Add an additional group member to this core group and let him present the ideas to the former group. Let them discuss all the options before coming to a common solution.

Step 4 : Add on another member and let them come to a common solution. Repeat this process till the time you have covered all the members in the group.

Step 5 : Come to a final decision only when all the members have gotten a chance to present  their ideas.

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The Stepladder Technique is a step-by-step approach that ensures equal participation where even the most shy and quiet members of the group also get a chance to present their ideas. It helps you ensure that all the members of a group are heard and no potential idea got left out. In this approach all the possible solution are put on the table and discussed and weighed without any bias.

4 Tips For Effectively Using Linkedin

Finding a job once you have completed your MBA from one of the Top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad is easier and faster when you exploit the full potential of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network that has revolutionised the way people used to find jobs as well as the way companies used to find the right candidates.

LinkedIn is the most ideal social media platform for all professionals, but it is especially relevant and suitable for students doing MBA from one of the Best MBA Colleges in Hyderabad. Many big companies are frequently using the search tools provided by LinkedIn in order to identify the list of potential candidates having an MBA degree. Studies have shown that if you are found through LinkedIn, you are more likely to land an interview as compared to any other platform present online.

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LinkedIn offers a lot of features that can help MBA students to find the companies who are seeking for the candidates matching their profile. So what exactly is the best way to use the features offered by LinkedIn in order to land your dream job. Here is a list of 4 tips that can help you maximise the appeal of your LinkedIn profile:

  1. A Complete Profile

A complete profile ensures attention to detail thereby offering companies an opportunity to run a global assessment of all the potential candidates. In order to have a catchy profile, you need to develop an all-star profile. Look for examples and see which is the most sought-after profile by companies. The first and foremost thing to do in your profile is to upload a business-oriented profile photo, with all the relevant details of your skills. Clearly mention your educational background, as well as work experience in terms of roles and achievements. Summarise each role in clear job titles.

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  1. First Impressions Are Important!

Your LinkedIn profile is more or less like a formal introduction of yourself to the outside world.  In other words, it is the first impression that any company is going to have of you. Your profile  should open with a snapshot of your professional skills and personality. The summary/introduction section should clearly highlight your candidate’s strengths, using  clear and compelling communication style. This would not only help  capture the curiosity of recruiters but would also persuade them to continue reading and act on it.

  1. Be Visible!

That is probably the first and the most basic rule of social media. Be visible. After all what is the point of having a good profile if it not being seen by people around.LinkedIn is a great way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert by writing on current topics in your industry and also contributing to other people’s posts in the form of comments. Companies often use Google to check out the list of potential candidates, so a search on your name should yield professional results. One perfect strategy in order to be found on Google search is to personalise your LinkedIn page URL with your name and surname.

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  1. Create A Network With MBA Alumni

Alumni is one of the best strategy to explore opportunities in the industry. LinkedIn is a great tool to find people from your college and connect with them. It would help you in two ways. Firstly it would help you connect with the oldest of the members of your college. Secondly it would open the doors of endless opportunities for you as you can approach various companies through referrals.