The time is just right for women MBA aspirants!

MBA in India
MBA in India

For decades, top management campuses have been a male bastion, not only in India but the world over

The trend, however, is changing. Several Ivy League institutes have achieved the magic number of 50% in gender equality. While the efforts have included initiatives like more marks for women candidates, the environment has itself corrected this gender disparity with emerging facts like:

  • Female managers have higher levels of personal engagement at work. Women are more emotionally committed to an organization, and are therefore more motivated and more productive. They eventually contribute more to an organization’s success. More importantly, a committed manager motivates the team she leads towards a better performance.
  • Women managers are more likely to encourage team development, which can lead to a more committed and motivated employee.
  • Female managers are also better at communication and are more likely to build feedback in their regular interactions with employees, helping them achieve their developmental goals.
  • Women managers are also more inclined towards recognizing an employee for a job well done. This achieves the dual goal of motivating the employee and creating a healthy competition within the team.

Women managers are proving themselves better than their male counterparts in terms of interpersonal communication, employee development and motivation, and maintaining a positive environment. More and more organizations are hiring women today, and the glass ceiling to the upper echelons is crumbling.


Management programs

Today are sensitive to gender inequality. On one hand, women are being encouraged to opt for a management education; on the other hand, every effort is being made to ensure that women enrolled for the program not only equip themselves with the managerial competencies but also with the confidence and attitude to break through the hitherto primarily male domain. Women should look at an MBA degree as more than a qualification – today, it is fast becoming a preparatory exercise in forging their way in the world of business. Some of the changes a woman management aspirant may look forward to are:

  • The fiercely competitive business school environment teaches a woman to speak up, defend her position and, most importantly, how to handle pressure when challenged.
  • Women are naturally inclined and reared to take fewer risks. A business school education helps a woman understand how to mitigate risk; this is important because risk is essential to the growth and success of a business.
  • Perhaps the most important change in attitude a woman undergoes at business school is moving away from an obsession for small details and, instead, constantly keeping the big picture, overall quality and deliverables in mind. It helps the woman become quicker and more agile, prioritizing the deliverables and therefore improving decision-making skills.
  • MBA education most definitely makes women number savvy, which is a trait that has contributed to a touch of nervousness in the workplace for women.

Every woman should consider an MBA

Since it will prepare her to bank on herself. Studies also suggest that most women achieved a 55-60% increase in their salaries after an MBA degree. Gender diversity is a top priority for all MBA institutes, making it perhaps a great opportunity for women to consider a management education today. It is an opportunity that should be leveraged in time to take those strides towards women empowerment where it matters the most – in the world of business and money!


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