Does Full Time PGDM Have An Edge Over MBA?


There was a time when management aspirants would opt for their MBA degree and not look beyond it in a bid to realize their dreams. PGDM programs were not considered to be on par with MBA programs offered by different universities. But things have changed dramatically over the years and today a Full Time PGDM is not only on par with reputed MBA degrees but in several cases has an edge over it too. So what is it that has tilted the balance in the favour of PGDM programs is the all important question?

Top MBA Colleges of India

Today when candidates are looking at Top MBA Colleges of India they are also focusing on the PGDM programs offered by these institutes. That’s because these programs are as reputed as these B Schools themselves and are known to give students the cutting edge advantage. But as an aspirant yourself with big dreams for your future, you need to know why and how a PGDM can help you set your career in the right direction.

PGDM programs
PGDM programs
  • For starters, you need to know that while MBA programs are offered by different universities, some of the top B Schools in the country have their own PGDM programs. The key lies in going for a program offered by an institute, which has a strong reputation and adequate accreditation.
  • You can do your PGDM In Kerala or anywhere else in the country, you will be pleased to find that the institute you opt for will be in charge of the curriculum it offers. That makes of lot of sense for management aspirants because today B Schools are known to evolve their curriculums on a regular basis and in keeping with industry demands and trends.
PGDM In Kerala
PGDM In Kerala
  • B Schools offering PGDM programs also tend to attract experienced faculty members who have gained industry experience as well. Hence as a management student you get an opportunity to learn from the best minds and have exposure to the industry.
  • In fact several of these management institutes will have their own strong networks with the corporate world. Through initiatives like seminars, industry visits and live projects you will get hands on experience in your academic years. As you get a peek into the real world corporate life you are prepared for the challenges ahead.
  • Today PGDM programs attract students from all over the country from diverse backgrounds. Thus you get to interact with bright minds from different cultures and that’s conducive to healthy exchange of ideas. Moreover it adds to the dynamism of the classroom, which is already versatile given the new age teaching pedagogy employed by these B Schools.
  • Lastly, after completing your PGDM from any of the top institutes in the country, you are eligible for further studies like doing your PhD in your chosen subject. In fact several B Schools also promote research during their programs and that can be of great advantage to you.

These are just some of the reasons why today a PGDM is sought after, in many instances over an MBA.


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