Top 5 MBA Colleges In Kerala And How They Impact The Placement Season

Top 5 MBA Colleges In Kerala

An increasing number of management aspirants in the country are heading to Kerala to pursue their dreams. God’s own country, as the state is often referred to, has become a popular educational hub given that several top run management institutes have come up here in a short span of time. Moreover studying in the state means students can learn in a lush environment, which is conducive to their studies. They can also make the most out of the lifestyle several of the cities here have to offer. Above all Top 5 MBA Colleges In Kerala can set your career off on a rousing note.


There are several B Schools in the state that offer cutting edge PGDM programs, which put their students in advantageous positions. It’s true not only for the overall learning experience but when it comes to the final Placements as well. There are many industries that are making the state their home and different financial organizations have their offices here. At the same time it’s well known that the state has strong ties with the Middle East region and that presents another exciting opportunity for students who come to study here.

Here’s what Top 5 MBA Colleges In Cochin can do for your future dreams

Top 5 MBA Colleges In Cochin
  • To begin with, you will have a platform to study with the best management minds from all over the country. As a result you will learn in a dynamic classroom environment, which will be an enriching experience in itself.
  • Colleges in the state tend to attract academics with years of experience in the field. Many of them have industry experience to go with it as well and that can make a huge difference to what students learn in the classroom.
  • You will also find that B Schools in the state have carefully chalked out curriculums that are in keeping with the changes in the industry. They will also employ new age teaching pedagogy that involves emphasis on case studies to ensure that students have a practical learning experience.
  • Cochin has become a major industrial hub in the state. That works to the advantage of management students as they have access to experts in the field who visit the campus for guest lectures, seminars, workshops etc. It also allows them an opportunity to network with industry professionals.
  • The proximity to industries and MNCs ensures that students have plenty to opportunities as far as internships are concerned. Moreover it can also translate to a large number of recruiters who come to the campus during the placement season.
  • If International Placements are on your mind then studying at some of the best colleges in the state also makes sense. There are recruiters not only from the Middle East region but different parts of the world who come to the state to hire industry ready professionals.

Studying at the best colleges in the state can give your career a push in the right direction.


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