Full Time PGDM Has Its Advantages For Those With Entrepreneurial Dreams

Full Time PGDM

An increasing number of aspirants from all over the country are today keen on pursuing their management programs from the best B Schools in the country. They realize that it’s the best platform they can get to launch their corporate careers. However there’s no reason to limit your aspirations to being employed by one of the top organizations. After all, your Full Time PGDM program can also prepare you to become an entrepreneur who can be the change maker in his or her respective industry. There are many illustrious names who have done that, especially in recent times and your name can be the next.

In fact, according to the experts the time is ripe for fresh minds in the country to go after their entrepreneurial goals. Indian economy is booming and the government seems to be taking the right measures to offer adequate support to budding entrepreneurs. By doing your PGDM In Kerala or anywhere else in the country, you can not only follow your entrepreneurial dreams but make a difference to the society by being a job maker. The trick lies in choosing the best management program from a reputed B School that can prepare you for the road ahead.

Top MBA Colleges Of India and how they train you for your entrepreneurial journeys:

Top MBA Colleges Of India
  • To begin with, some of the best colleges in Kerala and other parts of the country will have specially created programs that are in keeping with industry trends. Hence you will be equipped with skills to take on the challenges faced by organizations today.
  • These management institutes have access to faculty members with years of experience in the industry as well. Thus they can offer you much needed insight into how the industry functions and share their invaluable experience.
  • While classroom training is an integral part of these programs, you will also be prepared through different teaching means including case studies, discussions and presentations. Thus you will imbibe interpersonal skills, problem solving and decision making abilities that are integral to being an entrepreneur.
  • The top rated management institutes all over the country also offer industry interface sessions that have their advantages for students. Not only are they inspired by entrepreneurs, professionals who have been there, done that but get an opportunity to network with the big names as well.
  • B Schools today work closely with the industry and that means students get hands on training through visits, summer internships etc. This experience is valuable to all students who dream of starting their own companies or getting involved in a family business that they intend to take a step ahead.
  • Some of the best PGDM programs offered by B Schools today also lay emphasis on creating entrepreneurs of tomorrow. They have specially designed courses that students can opt for to build on their entrepreneurial goals. They can also benefit from different niche electives that are offered by these colleges.

That’s why if you aspire to turn entrepreneur in the future, choosing your PGDM program wisely is of great importance.


Important Evaluations While Picking Top Management Colleges in Pune

MBA Colleges in Pune

Choosing the right B School for your management degree  is probably going to be one of the most important decisions of your life – no two ways about it. That’s because it not only impacts your two crucial academic years, but your future career to a large extent, as well. But that doesn’t mean the task of picking the best college for your management dreams is a daunting one. You might want to choose between Top Management Colleges in Pune or any other buzzing education centre in the country, and there are a few important considerations that will help you make the right decision.

For starters, you don’t have to restrict your options to the IIMs or only the top B Schools in the country. There are several management institutes of high standing that have come up in cities all over the country. If you look at the List of MBA Colleges in Pune, you will find institutes that have an impeccable record. There are B Schools that are backed by big industrial houses in the country, too. Their support means the institute can offer you the best possible resources to ensure that you have a holistic learning experience.

Here are a few important evaluations that can help you choose the best B Schools in Pune

Best mba colleges in Pune
  • Right at the onset, you have to think about the program and the curriculum that is offered by the institute. Some of the renowned B Schools in the city offer programs that are highly recognized and given due importance by the industry. Opting for them can make a huge difference to your placement prospects. You should also think about the curriculum offered by the institute, which should be evolving based on industry standards.
  • You also have to realize that your management school shouldn’t just prepare you for a professional career. A reputable MBA College will aim towards creating future leaders and well-rounded personalities, too. It’s another important factor that has to be taken into consideration while evaluating B Schools in the city. Look at the different initiatives it takes and activities it encourages to offer you a holistic learning experience.
  • There are some who might think that a B School’s placement record shouldn’t be the only factor that you should look at. While there’s some truth to it, this is something that you should pay a great deal of attention to. That’s because, above all, the kind of recruiters an institute draws says a lot about its network with the industry. This is something that will be vital for your practical training through industry interface sessions, internships, etc.
  • MBA Colleges in Pune with Fee Structure that is suited to your needs is another important criterion for you. Many realize that management education in the country, especially in the top colleges is certainly not cheap. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find reputable colleges with fee structures that can make things easier for you.

If you evaluate B Schools based on these factors, you can find the right one to fulfill your management dreams.

Top Management Colleges In Kerala For Specializations That Boost Your Career

Top 10 Management Colleges In Kerala

While management education can still catapult aspirants into high profile careers in the corporate world, one has to understand that the competition is intense today. There are candidates from all over the country who try to get through the top colleges in the country to make sure that they have the best platform for their future careers. It’s also true of the Top Management Colleges In Kerala because the southern state has become a much talked about education centre in the country in recent times.

Management Colleges In Kerala
Management Colleges In Kerala

However according to the experts in the world of management education it’s not enough to choose the best B School to pursue your program from. It’s the actual nature of the program, the curriculum you are offered and of course the specializations that you can opt for, that can make a whole lot of difference to your prospects. That’s the reason when you are going through the List Of MBA Colleges In Cochin or other parts of the state, you have to look at these important factors that can give you the cutting edge advantage.

  • Without a doubt recruiters don’t only look at your degree but the college where you studied from as well. Hence the reputation of the B School is of great importance. It also makes a lot of sense from the placement point of view because some of the top colleges in the state have their network and relationships with the big players in the market. It will bear results during the placement season as recruiters come to the campus.
  • The curriculum, which is offered by a B School in the state, is also something you should pay attention to. Some of the reputed colleges here create the curriculum by taking inputs of industry experts as well. That makes a big difference to the overall learning experience at the institute because you are trained keeping the industry requirements in mind and are ready for the challenges in your career.
  • Of course you have to opt for different specializations based on your own interests. You will have to see whether the Top 10 Management Colleges In Kerala offer general management programs or in regular streams like Finance, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources etc. There are colleges that will offer you specializations in up and coming streams like Systems and Operations, IT etc, which have their advantages for you too.
  • There are many management aspirants who have done the best thing for their future careers by choosing programs that offer them dual specializations. Some of the colleges in the state also have interesting courses like supply chain management etc that can be picked up by students as their electives. They can thus enhance their employability prospects and work towards being well rounded management professionals of tomorrow.

That’s why taking program specializations into account is important for aspirants as they choose management colleges that can offer them the best learning experience.

How to Get into Top Management Colleges in Pune

Best mba colleges in pune
Best MBA Colleges in Pune

There’s no denying that many all over the country consider management to be a lucrative and rewarding career option. That’s why several professionals, even after gaining technical expertise in their field, choose to enter PGDM programs and take their careers to a whole new level. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a working professional, one thing is certain: you will be competing with several aspirants for a spot in the top B Schools in the country. It’s also true of the Top Management Colleges in Pune that have been in the spotlight for some time now because of the results they have consistently produced.

In fact, Pune has quickly become one of the major education hubs in the country. Its attraction, however, is wide ranging and also has to do with the student lifestyle it offers to students who come here from far-off destinations. However, despite the different hometowns, there is one thing that all of them have in common: the dream in their eyes to make it big in the corporate world. If you browse the List of MBA Colleges in Pune, and have set a goal in coming here, then you will need to know how to put your best foot forward to secure your admission.

  • The top B Schools in the city will have their set criteria for admissions and you will have to live up to it. Your academic record is taken into account, but your CAT/MAT score is vital, which is something you should focus on during your preparations. It’s also true that candidates with work experience can also leverage it to their advantage when it comes to admissions with some of the reputable colleges.
  • If you want to make it to the Top 5 MBA Colleges in Pune, then you will also have to showcase your potential in the group discussions and interview rounds. The best B Schools give a lot of importance to these stages of the selection criteria and this is where you have an opportunity to shine, irrespective of your academic past.
  • You also have to remember that your preparations should include your research about various colleges in the city. After all, you want to study at a place that creates the ideal platform for your career. That’s why you should look at the curriculum, amenities, faculty team and, of course, the training initiatives taken by the institute before making your decision.
  • You also need to realize that some B Schools, not only in the city but all over the country, are known for certain specializations that they offer. It’s something you have to focus on,  because at the end of the day, you should pick a specialization that you have an interest in. You can also find management institutes that offer dual specializations, which can work to your advantage as well.

Following these steps, you can ensure that you get through some of the best B schools in this exciting city for students.

Colleges For Eco Hons In Delhi NCR To Enhance Your Career Prospects

Colleges For Eco Hons In Delhi NCR To Enhance Your Career Prospects
Colleges For Eco Hons In Delhi NCR

There was a time not long ago when students with their bachelor’s degrees seemed to have limited options in front of them and they would often opt for a career in academics. But things have changed rapidly in the past few years, especially with Indian economy seeing a massive boom. There is a growing need for highly skilled professionals from different fields to ensure that organizations, big and small, function smoothly. That’s the reason Colleges For Eco Hons In Delhi NCR  have come into prominence and students from all over the country are looking at them closely.

Eco Hons program
Eco Hons program

But right at the onset youngsters need to know how a Bachelor’s degree in Economics can further their careers. Of course they have the option of making their presence felt in the world of academics. But that’s not all; they can also position themselves as experts in the field and get lapped up by the industry. The same is true for commerce graduates with specific specializations. That’s why whether you are looking for the Best Commerce College In Gurgaon or one for your Eco Hons program, your decision has to be spot on.

Getting the best learning experience for your future

  • It all begins with your Bachelors program, which is not only a stepping stone towards your higher education but future career as well. Hence you have to be very careful about picking the college you are going to do your B. A Economics from. While the reputation of the college is important, you need to look at the accreditation it has too. Colleges that constantly update their curriculum based on industry requirements should be given preference to.
  • A degree in Economics might seem geared towards a career in academics or something in a rather technical field. But that’s not the case at all and the industry is looking for expert professionals in the field. This is where the industry experience that your college offers you will come into the picture. Hence you should look for colleges that offer you hands on training in the form of various initiatives including industry visits. It will help you immensely in your future careers.
  • One advantage several top colleges in Delhi NCR have is that they attract top faculty members who have experience not only in academics but the industry as well. As a result students learn from the best and can relate the Economics concepts to the actual goings on in the industry. It gives them the cutting edge advantage as far as professional challenges are concerned.
  • Finally, it’s not uncommon to see students with Bachelor’s degrees in Economics going on to pursue their management dreams with a PGDM. If that’s something you are keen on as well then you can look at colleges in the area that offer these programs too. You will already be familiar with the campus and learning environment, which will be of great importance during your post graduate program.

If you choose your college for Eco Hons wisely, it can have a huge positive impact on your long term future.

Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore under MAT if You Don’t Qualify for IIMs

Best MBA Colleges
Best MBA Colleges

Today, management aspirants understand that earning a PDGM is not enough to boost their career prospects. Things are extremely competitive in the job market, which is why recruiters pay a lot of attention to the college you get your management degree from. The IIMs all over the country have traditionally been the power centres of management education for our students. You hear of IIM graduates being placed with top organizations, not only in India, but all over the world. But the fact remains that not all management aspirants can work their way through the respected IIMs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best management education to pursue your dreams exactly the way you want. That’s because you can find the Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore and other cities in the country that consider your MAT Scores and offer you a high-quality education, even if you don’t get through your IIMs.

Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore
Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore

The key lies in finding these colleges and understanding how they can offer you a quality learning experience to enhance your future prospects. Whether you are looking for the Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore, a part-time or full-time PGDM program, there are certain hallmarks that are worth considering to ensure that you are making the best decision for yourself and your future goals:

  • Right at the onset it’s important to know more about the reputation of a B School. Some of the top institutes in Bangalore, or the surrounding areas, will have been around for years and they have the experience of catering to students’ requirements based on their individual talents. Moreover, they understand what the industry looks for from future management professionals and mould their students accordingly.
  • It’s not just about the bustling city of Bangalore either. You will find top B Schools in serene places like Harihar, for example, which are not in remote destinations. They offer you the perks of enjoying the student lifestyle you want while setting the ambience for a healthy learning environment. These institutes also draw students from all over the country, which creates an exciting classroom environment, too.
  • Whoever said that only the IIMs draw some of the best faculty members in the country can think again! Some of the best B Schools in Bangalore and the surrounding areas will have a top faculty pool with solid industry experience as well. It can make a huge difference in your learning at the institute and ensure that you make the most out of the resources at your disposal.
  • When it comes to B Schools besides IIMs, there is another factor that should be given a lot of importance. If you find a management institute that is backed by a renowned industrial house, it should be given due credence. That’s because the institute can draw from the vast resources of the industrial house, which can also lead to networking possibilities for future managers.

There’s no reason to be disheartened if you can’t get through the IIMs. This is because the best colleges in Bangalore offer you a smart alternative.

Best Full Time PGDM Programs For Aspirants With Average Academic Grades

Full time PGDM
Full time PGDM

An increasing number of students from all the country are keen on pursuing management programs because they want to make a career for themselves in the lucrative corporate world. However they understand that the B School they get their degrees from makes a huge difference to their future careers. There’s a general perception that you need to have the best grades in your academics to gain an entry into these top colleges. But that’s not the case at all, according to some of the experts in the field who suggest rewarding Full Time PGDM programs for students with average academic grades.

MBA in Cochin
MBA in Cochin

To begin with, one has to realize that there are several top rated B Schools in the country that don’t only look at aspirants’ academic scores during the all important admission process. For example, if you intend to do your MBA In Cochin, it’s possible to find renowned B Schools that can create the best platform for your careers. Importantly your average academic scores are not likely to be a hindrance for you. That’s because these institutes look at overall potential of candidates and take into account their performance in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. They then go on to mould them into managers and leaders of tomorrow.

Here’s how PGDM In Kerala can boost your career prospects irrespective of your academic background:

SCMS Cochin
  • The state, especially Cochin, has become a major education centre in recent years and you can find a reputed B School that offers you nothing but the best. You have to understand that students from any educational stream can apply for the PGDM program and their average scores will not drastically affect their admission prospects.
  • These renowned institutes are known for their constantly evolving curriculum, which is designed in keeping with the latest trends and demands of the industry. As a result they go on to produce industry ready professionals, who have the much needed edge in the competitive job market today.
  • Studying in a state like Kerala has its own advantages. For starters students get to learn in a serene environment that is conducive to learning. Moreover the state attracts students from all over the country today. Studying with bright minds from diverse backgrounds only adds to the learning experience.
  • Cochin in particular has become an industrial hub as well. There are many top companies, financial institutions that have set up base here. It helps students when it comes to industry experience students have during their PGDM programs. They also have exciting opportunities for their SIPs and placements.
  • A top rated B School in the state will also work towards overall development of students. Those with average academic scores can not only equip themselves with management education on par with the best, but also find various platforms to showcase their different talents and be groomed as well rounded personalities.

Your average academic scores shouldn’t come in your way of getting the best management education, which can have a long term impact on your professional journey.

All You Need To Know About The Best BBA College In Delhi

Best BBA College In Delhi
Best BBA College In Delhi

An increasing number of students all over the country are today doing their BBA programs before their post graduate studies in management and with good reason too. These Bachelors programs in many ways have been designed to ensure that they prepare students for the challenges ahead. Not only do they find themselves in a better position to pursue their PGDM or MBA degrees but they can also make inroads into the corporate world. That’s because the Best BBA College In Delhi or other important education centres in the country can give students the professional experience to stand out in the competitive market out there.

BBA College

In fact Delhi NCR region has become the place of choice for management hopefuls all over the country. If you are looking for Advanced Management Education With Certified BBA Course then you will find options that offer you experiential learning at its best. Right from a constantly evolving curriculum based on industry trends to experienced faculty members; there’s a lot in store for students who can give themselves the competitive edge.

Things you should know about top BBA colleges in Delhi

Best BBA College In Delhi ncr
Best BBA College In Delhi ncr
  • Right at the onset you will have to keep an eye on the eligibility criteria for any of these institutes. Your 10+2 score is taken into consideration while offering you admissions, which is of course preceded by a personal interview. Hence if you have made up your mind to do your BBA from a particular institute then it is a good idea to prepare for its selection process as well.
  • BBA programs offered by institutes in the country are three year full time with a comprehensive curriculum that is in keeping with the requirements of the industry. The program will be geared towards imparting knowledge, skills and management abilities amongst students so that they go on to become professionals and future leaders of the industry.
  • One of the reasons why several students pursue their BBA programs is that they want to do their PGDM or MBA in the future. Hence it’s important to know whether the BBA program you opt for is affiliated with a renowned industry. You will also find several colleges in Delhi NCR that also offer their own PGDM programs and they should be given precedence to when you make up your mind.
  • Remember your BBA program is not just about classroom learning and has to be supplemented by industry visits, live projects, interaction sessions with experts etc. You should also consider B Schools that offer electives and specializations in not only the regular streams like Marketing, Finance and HR but supply chain management, logistics etc as well. It will help in making you a well rounded professional.

If you follow these pointers your BBA program can be the crucial stepping stone in your highly rewarding career.

How Does The Best Business School In India Mould Your Future Career

MBA in delhi ncr
MBA in Delhi NCR

There are literally hundreds of thousands of candidates who aspire to get through B Schools in the country to pursue their dream. After all a management career is not only enriching but challenging as well. With the Indian economy booming in recent times there’s a growing emphasis on managers of tomorrow. B Schools in the country have picked up the gauntlet and aim to create industry ready professionals. However unfortunately, not all of them make the grade. That’s why finding the Best Business School In India and knowing what it can do for your future career is the first step in the right direction.

Whether you are looking for the Best B School In Delhi or anywhere else in the country, your search has to be based around what kind of learning experience it strives to offer you. Of course there are some big name institutes that are known for the quality of management education they offer. But the problem is that not all students can get through them. The good news is that there are several newer organizations of repute that have come into being in the last few years and they are on par if not better than some of the tried and tested options.

Here’s what a Top B School In Delhi might be able to do for you

MBA in delhi
MBA in Delhi
  • The educational institute might not have decades of experience in the field but it could well be backed by an industrial house worth its salt. Given the reputation it has to keep you will find that these relatively newer B Schools have taken the education level a notch higher and that’s something young hopefuls can benefit from.
  • These B Schools will also more often than not attract some of the top faculty members in different streams. Many of them also have industry experience, which is quite handy for students and the learning experience they get. These faculty members understand what the industry is looking for and offer them insight accordingly.
  • If a B School is backed by a reputed business house then in all likelihood it’s going to have state of the art amenities, which are a must for management education. These institutes also draw from the resources of their organization and ensure that students get nothing but the best every step of the way.
  • Your B School could be in Delhi or in the NCR region, the fact remains that you will have access to some of the biggest organizations in the world. There are several public sector organizations that also offer exciting career opportunities for young management hopefuls. Moreover you also learn from the experience of experts who you will have access to during your academic stint.

As a result you will be moulded as a future manager and can start your career on the right note.


Today there are hundred’s of business management institutes in the capital city. But only few are the best ones where students die to get admissions. Delhi and NCR is considered as the hub of educational institutes especially when MBA is concerned. If you get passed out from best MBA College in Delhi NCR, then you are considered as lucky few and you get placed in best industry with a good package offcourse!

For any managerial position in any reputed organisation, attaining MBA degree is essential. So, if you are looking for various college options, here’s the list of top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR which can help you take decision and prepare yourself for the new life:

  1. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)

Faculty of Management Studies

One of the best colleges in India and on top of the list in Delhi is FMS. It was established in 1954 as the first institute that offered management training to professionals. Its teaching application is built on practical training rather than theoretical. Students get privileged when they pass out from FMS as all leading companies of the world look out for their students. Last year average package was 16 Lacs and there were many students who started their own businesses and are very successful. If you are seeking for admissions here then prepare yourself and give more than 100% and this college will give you a lot more!

  1. Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

Management Development  Institute
Management Development Institute

MDI, ranked among top 5 business school all over India. It was the first Indian institute accredited by AMBA. Established in 1973, have strong reputation even in international market. Top-notch companies come here for placements and MDI has a record of 100% placement every year. Even the faculty here are from technical background and have in-depth knowledge of their subject. Students can also avail the facility of hostel here. Last year average international package was Rs 32 Lacs. With every year new recruiters are coming here for hiring. In 2013, there were almost 80+ new recruiters that came for placements.

  1. International Management Institute, Delhi

International Management Institute
International Management Institute

Another best MBA college in Delhi is International Management Institute, it was ranked among top 10 in 2013 (Business Today, October) and have link with international bodies like World Bank, UNDP, etc. It also got accredited by AMBA and works on the basis of international standard curriculum. The faculty is the strength of this institute as they all are qualified from best colleges and have years of experience in this field. The placement cell work day and night to get best recruiters from all over the world. Last year highest package offered was Rs.22 Lacs and total 85 companies participated in that drive.

  1. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)


Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

IIFT is the most reputed B-school in India which gives you certification of MBA in International Business. The exam required to get admission here is GMAT or IIFT entrance exam. IIFT is on list of top 10 colleges of India and is most preferred college if you want to pursue international business program. Top recruiting companies in IIFT are Wipro, HCL, L&T Infotech, Cipla, etc. The average package is Rs. 10 Lacs for starters and for experienced professional it goes up till Rs. 15 Lacs. The course is so extensive that it covers all important areas and discipline related to International business activities.

  1. Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (DMS, IIT)

Department of Management Studies
Department of Management Studies

DMS, IIT is one of the premier institutes of India imparting MBA degree programme. In order to get admissions here, one should attain at least 98.04 percentile in CAT followed by group discussion and personal interview. DMS, IIT is autonomous institute which runs 2 year full time MBA program. The quality of education is at par with world’s best institutes and lot of companies also rely on this institute for placements. Students from all over the country get equal treatment and study in healthy and supportive environment. Last year average package was 12.52 Lacs and highest went till Rs 18 Lacs.

  1. Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida

Birla Institute of Management Technology
Birla Institute of Management Technology

One of the best MBA Institute in NCR, located in heart of Knowledge Park 2, Greater Noida. Many students aspire to do their post graduation from this reputed college as it provides all facilities to their students. In any field – professional, corporate exposure or sports Birla institute excels! Placements are also decent, last year average package offered was Rs.10 Lacs p.a. and average was 5.5 Lacs. The infrastructure of this college is really good, they also provide hostel facility to its students and classrooms are quite comfortable. Faculty is qualified and years of corporate experience.

  1. Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management

Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management

It was established in year 1995 by Lal Bahadur Shastri Educational trust and since then it has emerged as one of the top B-school in Delhi and by a research conducted it was declared that this institute was ranked among top 20 B-school in the country. The infrastructure is beyond words and the campus is fully air-conditioned! Students can also avail hostel facility along with that college also provides gymnasium and also supports sports activities. The placement cell in involved in every little activity and try to groom their students in every manner by taking in campus interviews.

  1. Amity Business School, Noida

Amity Business School
Amity Business School

Amity is one of the best institutes in Delhi NCR. It was established in 1999 and a part of Amity University. Students can get admission by giving entrance exam CAT, MAT, GMAT or XAT with a good percentile. The location of college is superb with a huge campus area, and fully air conditioned classrooms. The faculty is experienced and most of them have corporate exposure which makes students grow. Even the curriculum and course is designed in such a manner that students come out with their own idea. Even placements are good; more than 5000 students have placed themselves in reputed organisation.

  1. JK Business School, Gurgaon (JKBS)

JK Business School
JK Business School

JK Business School was established in year 2006 and till today it has grown so much that in a research it was found as one of the best B-school in Delhi. JK Business School is promoted by JK group and they provide world class education to its students. Most of the faculty are pass-outs from IIT and IIM and have decent exposure in corporate as well. Placement cell works throughout the year to make sure that no stones are unturned in student’s progress and they also help them to get best placements globally. Since three years JK Business School has shown 100 percent placement record.

  1. IILM Institute for Higher Education

IILM Institute for Higher Education
IILM Institute for Higher Education

IILM is one of the top MBA institute in Delhi. It is AICTE approved, SAQs accredited and in collaboration with international universities. The placement cell ensures that no student is left without any placements. Even for their internship, IILM ensures that they get best exposure in their interest field. They call many new recruiters as well for placements and also use alumni network for same. IILM has state-of-art-infrastructure with all air-conditioned classroom, wi-fi facility and projector. They also take care of sports activity and promote it during their first two semesters.

  1. NIILM Centre for Management Studies, Greater Noida

NIILM Centre for Management Studies
NIILM Centre for Management Studies

NIILM was awarded as Best MBA College in North India (2012) and was positioned 2nd among the top 20 emerging B-schools of Delhi NCR. In 1996, the director of NIILM thought to build a business school that scales new heights and give best quality education to its students and today NIILM has succeeded it as it is ranked among top MBA colleges of country. The MBA program is approved by AICTE and HRD ministry, GOI. Till date there are almost 1500 NIILM alumni members who are working at responsible managerial positions in best organisations throughout the world.

  1. Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS)

Jagan Institute of Management Studies
Jagan Institute of Management Studies

JIMS – one of the leading B-school in north India. It was established in 1993 under aegis of Jagan Nath Gupta Memorial Education Society. With times changed, JIMS have always reworked on its syllabus and curriculum. Today they emphasis more on practical training and not on books and theoretical knowledge, for this they take their students to field work, internships quite often. Many leading brands are associated with JIMS for placement services like RBS, snapdeal Louis Vuitton, Wills, Axiz bank, etc. Placement cell try to give all kinds of assistance to their students and prepare them to grow as an individual.

  1. Indian Institute of Finance, Greater Noida (IIF)

Indian Institute of Finance
Indian Institute of Finance

It was established in 1987 with an aim to foster creativity, innovativeness and analytical ability though personality development. IIF is considered as one of the best MBA College especially in the field of finance. It is AICTE approved and has state-of-art-infrastructure. Most of the faculty members have PHD degree and years of experience in their field. IIF was ranked A+++ category B-School by just careers and later was ranked A++ by Business India. In recent years, IIF has shown 100% placement record and most of them get placed themselves in reputed companies even before their 4th semester.

  1. Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad (IMS)

Institute of Management Studies
Institute of Management Studies

It was commenced in 1990 and since then IMS has promoted entrepreneurship, technological innovations among its students so that when they pass out, they become future leaders of corporate world. IMS was ranked A+ by AIMA in 2013 and was also rated as premier institute by education post. IMS has a separate placement cell which is solely responsible for guest lectures, seminars and consultancy for executive development program. Last year the highest package offered was RS 14 Lacs and minimum was Rs 3.2 Lacs with 100% placement record. Some of the top recruiting companies are NIIT, HCL, Wipro and Microsoft.

  1. Department of Financial Studies, University of Delhi (DFS)

Department of Financial Studies
Department of Financial Studies

DFS is affiliated with Delhi University and also in collaboration with foreign universities. It has great state-of-art-infrastructure and the faculty are well qualified and experienced. It was created with an aim to give best education to its students and make them qualified professionals especially in the field of finance. It runs 2 years full time Master of Finance and Control programme (MFC), and gives their students blend of theoretical plus practical inputs. Moreover most if the faculty are doctorate in their field. Over the last few years, DFS has seen 100 percent placement record wherein the highest package offered was Rs. 15 Lacs.

  1. School of Business Studies, Sharda University, Greater Noida

Sharda University
Sharda University

Recognised by UGC, School of Business studies is one of the leading B-schools of North India. It is spread over 63 acres and well equipped with all world class facilities. The MBA program here is judicious blend of best practices in industry and theory. It also has a separate placement cell which works on student’s personality enhancement and also has pre-placement talks so that the student can take part in their respective field with full confidence. Sharda University has a well laid out and systematic procedures for internships and final placements. Highest package was Rs 15 Lacs last year and minimum was Rs 3 Lacs.

  1. Jagannath International Management School (JIMS)

Jagannath International Management School
Jagannath International Management School

It was established in 1997 and was honoured with A+++ category institute in All India B-School rankings.  From the beginning only, JIMS had a vision to give highest academic learning to its students and it has met their commitment. Today JIMS is totally committed in giving excellence to its students both at technical as well as managerial areas. It also provides scholarship to its meritorious students. The placements are also up to the mark as from last five years, JIMS has seen 100% placement record. More than 132 companies visit their campus for placement services.


  1. Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (IMT)

Institute of Management Technology
Institute of Management Technology

It is one of the best MBA institute across India. IMT is recognized as a centre of excellence in management education. CRISIL rated IMT by A*** ratings. IMT is known for its excellence as they provide best infrastructure and well qualified and trained faculty members. The strength if this B-School lies in its academic course and its quality. IMT aims at promoting excellence in management and technology education and prepare their students to become future leaders. 130 companies participate in placement drives and in 2014 highest package offered were Rs. 23 Lacs and average was 12.30 Lacs.