What Are Recruiters Looking For When They Ask Why MBA After B Tech?

Over the past couple of decades, it has become quite common for engineering professionals to opt for an MBA program. This has led to the interviewers frequently asking such students the reason for seeking an MBA after gaining education in a technical field. Sadly, a large percentage of engineers are unable to answer this question in a satisfactory manner as they are generally clueless about the how this degree would impact their career in the long run. The best way for engineering students to answer this question is to gain information about the following benefits of doing an MBA after their undergraduate studies.

MBA program

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It Adds To The Skill Set

While the engineering degree trains the candidates about the technical aspects of a business, the MBA degree equips them with the right knowledge and skills to handle the financial, marketing and other aspects of a venture. With this enhanced skill set an engineer’s chances of being recruited for top management post increase significantly.

Helps Gain A Practical View

During the course of an MBA program, the trainees get to face various real life challenges that helps them get a practical view of how things work in actual business organizations. This helps enhance their confidence and also enables them to put their knowledge and skills to test.  In fact an MBA program is the best option for engineering students to become market ready.

Provides A Global Perspective

 An MBA program educates the trainees about the impact of global aspects of managing the various aspects of a venture. This in turn makes the trainees capable of ensuring better growth and development for their organization by using their global perspective to formulate result oriented strategies and processes.

Improves The Market Value

There is no denying the fact that having an MBA degree improves the market value of the engineering candidates in a significant manner. This helps them achieve their career goals within a shorter time period and with minimal effort.


What Can Be A Good Answer To “Why MBA?” Being A Fresher?

Ensuring a successful and fulfilling career is becoming increasingly difficult for the younger generation having just an undergraduate qualification. That is why a large percentage of youngsters opt to get an MBA qualification immediately after completing their undergraduate program. Sadly these candidates are rarely prepared to answer the most common question asked by interviewers at renowned MBA colleges, namely why they want to go for MBA as a fresher.  In order to answer this question in the most satisfactory manner, the candidates should be aware of the following facts.

MBA Colleges

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  • The MBA aspirants should have a clear idea of the line of profession they would be choosing and in which industry. This helps them relate the need for MBA with their long term career goals and provide a satisfactory answer to the interviewers.
  • The candidates should have a thorough understanding of the skills they expect to acquire by pursuing the Masters in Business Administration. They should also be able to define in clear terms as to how these skills can help them bridge the gap between their current status and what they want to achieve in future.
  • Candidates should also avoid shying away from the fact that the MBA program will help them gain better career opportunities as fresher and even provide them with just the perfect launching pad for gaining an entry into the profession and field of their choice.
  • The candidates might also suggest to the interviewers that getting an MBA can help them understand the practical aspects of a working in a professional organization and also help gain the confidence to overcome the different challenges.
  • In case the candidates aspire to start a business in the future, they need to be aware of how getting an MBA can help them ensure the success and sustainability of their venture. They should also be able to explain how they intend to implement the concepts learned for improving the profitability of their venture.

How Do I Answer This Question: Why MBA And Why Should I Choose You?

In the modern times, everyone seems to be fascinated by the idea of getting an MBA in India. However, many times, candidates choose to pursue this degree without actually understanding how it will affect their career and future.  Such candidates often get stuck while answering the tricky question like why MBA and why should I choose you, which seems to be a favorite of most interviewers. Being a two part question it is best to answer this one part at a time.

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To answer the first part of the question, the candidates should highlight their expectations from the course and how it can help them achieve their career objectives in the long run. However, it is important for the candidates to stick to realistic facts that are relevant to their current skill set and base qualifications as otherwise their answers might seem dissatisfactory or worst mugged up and can even lead to their rejection by the interviewers. It is also important to highlight the benefits that this qualification is known to provide to both fresher and professionals having considerable work experience.

MBA in India

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The next part of the question, namely, why I should choose you, is generally intended to check the level of confidence and clarity of objectives of a candidate. As such it is important to answer the question in a manner that highlights how pursuing the degree can prove beneficial not only to the candidates but toe the society and country in the long run. Focusing on career objectives and aspirations to some extent may prove useful, but making them the center of attention for getting an MBA degree should be absolutely avoided.

It is important to highlight how getting an MBA qualification can help enhance the knowledge and perspective of the candidates and how they can put these new skills to best use. Providing value-based and well thought-out reasons enhances the chances of the candidates impressing the interviewers and gaining an entry into the program.

Why MBA Tuition cost is so high in USA Universities?

MBA Tuition Cost

After completing graduation, most of the students these days opt for MBA degree. This is because Masters in Business Administration helps students improve both, knowledge and skills. Not only students, but also professionals looking for better career opportunities opt for MBA. If you manage to get a good score that lands you up into good business schools, it is an icing on the cake! As many graduates today are interested in MBA, the MBA Tuition cost is something that worries most of the people.

The jobs that you get on completion of your MBA offer you management roles, and the salary offered at higher level management is much high in comparison to the other roles. In addition, it makes the career flexible and opens up new avenues for the already employed or experienced people. As the degree helps you get better jobs, the MBA tuition cost is also high. This is why many believe that when it comes to the degree, no price is too high.

One thing to consider however is, the cost of the degree charged by an institute does not necessarily be in direct proportion to the quality of education being offered. This is the reason why you must perform your research well before you decide on the institute you want to join. By and large, the MBA tuition cost in the state universities is considerably lower than that charged by the private universities.

Due to the benefits offered by the program, many consider the MBA Tuition cost or the entire cost spent on the degree an investment. The cost includes expenses like the accommodation charges, expenditure on books, daily living cost, purchase of new laptops (as a pre-requisite by some of the institutions). Some programs also include domestic or international travel as a part of the course.

Why MBA? Research for interview purposes. What should I actually expect to learn during MBA?

Whether it is a fresh graduate looking for another degree or a person looking for a switch in job, MBA is the choice everyone these days is making. People are opting for MBA in India because of the many advantages it has to offer. However, there are very few who actually care about what exactly MBA has to offer in terms of learning and knowledge growth.

While what exactly you learn in terms of the course content depends on the field you select for your course, MBA also teaches you a life skill. When we grow stagnant in life, learning a new skill or getting out of our comfort zone can seem impossible. MBA in India teaches you to deal with the issues by applying the latest technique and skill and believing in continual learning and growth. This is something you carry on with yourself and it pushes you to improve yourself continuously.

MBA in India
MBA in India

During the first year of MBA in India, the basic concepts are taught and the business fundamentals are made strong. Topics like Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Business ethics, Organizational behavior etc are taught in the first year. Students can also select elective subjects based on what interests them.

Specialized subjects based on the student’s choice are taught in the second year of MBA. Case studies are also introduced in the second year. Students are also required to do projects. Students are required to take up internship in the industry where they have to work with or for the organizations. The duration for which may be of about 7-8 weeks.

MBA in India is not only an academic subject, but it is also applied. Furthermore MBA is an education that keeps on evolving over time with the introduction of new subject and practices of teaching in the institutes.

Why MBA course fees are too high comparing to others?

When it comes to post graduation, a few students go for Masters Courses in their own fields. They take up the subject they loved during graduation. Many look for a change or a want a more flexible career and go for courses that help them enhance their skills in other fields. There are many reasons that will help you understand why MBA Course Fees is considerably higher in comparison to other courses.

While doing post graduation in a field might improve the skills and expertise in that particular field, it limits one’s career growth. On the contrary, doing an MBA can open the doors of opportunities for many. This is the reason why the most popular post graduation program is MBA. It is despite the fact that the MBA Course Fee is too high for most of the students to afford.

There are so many courses available other than MBA like MComm for commerce students, Masters in Management, Masters of Technology, Masters of Finance, and Masters of Science in information Technology etc. All these courses can be an alternative to MBA based on the previous education background of the candidate. Another thing to consider is that the fee of most of these courses is considerably lower than the MBA Course fee. However, many students still opt for MBA making it the most popular choice and thus, an expensive one.

As the number of students applying for MBA increases every year, the MBA Course Fees is also increased by most of the institutions. Institutes do this in order to reduce the number of entries received. What’s more, success and happiness these days is linked directly to the amount of salary a person gets. MBA Courses help students grab better paying jobs in comparison to other courses. This factor justifies higher MBA Course Fee.

Why an MBA? How will an MBA program help me in entrepreneurship?


In addition to the curriculum, a lot of things are taught at the business schools. A MBA course is an investment you make on yourself. You learn to understand your interests, passions, weaknesses, strengths, targets and opportunities. You can make use of this knowledge and apply it in life especially if entrepreneurship is what you are looking for in life.

The soft skills one learns during the MBA can be of help during entrepreneurship. The negotiation skills you learn will certainly be used by you in your business. MBA students also learn the selling process of both products and services that can be helpful for small or large businesses. Time management is another skill one learns to implement during the MBA. During the course, students also take part in role plays where they learn how to communicate better and resolve conflicts.

Being a student, one also learns business fundamentals that are all businesses require like accounting, marketing, behavior, operations etc. In business school you also meet students from across the world learning different subjects. Interaction with these students helps aid innovation. In addition, the difficult problems you solve help improve your creativity. Thus, this aids in entrepreneurship.

The environment of business school encourages you to be creative and also experiment the new ideas. In case you fail or your idea does not work out as expected, the stakes are not too high. Thus they offer the required platform to the entrepreneurs.

Another thing you build up during your MBA is the network of people. There are experienced people studying in the colleges and also you get to interact with different organizations as a part of your training or project during MBA. These can be of great help in things like raising capital or getting the right talent for the new business during entrepreneurship.

How can I best answer the question “Why MBA”?

MBA in India

One of the most important and confusing questions that you are likely to face during the interview round. The primary objective of the interviewer behind asking this question is to understand the level of clarity you have about your career objectives. So, before answering the question it is important to take a moment to think about how you expect to benefit by pursuing MBA in India. You also need to take your current profile and experience into consideration while answering this extremely important question.

In order to ensure that you answer this question it is important to prepare for the same during interview preparations. However, you should avoid committing the common mistake of repeating mugged up answers provided by other candidates in their own interviews. Rather you should try to formulate the answer on your own based on the kind of professional growth path you might have chartered for yourself. Also consider the ways in which you expect the MBA degree to help enhance your knowledge and ability to overcome real life professional challenges.

If you are opting for MBA in a specific field, you should add the ways in which your education can help you find new opportunities in the field. You should also include a frank opinion on why getting the degree from the specific school might prove significantly more beneficial in the long term. This might include the established brand value, the teaching methodology or even the placement record of the institute in question.

Getting an MBA is not just about getting a higher education certification but also about creating new and better opportunities for a fulfilling career and life. So answering this basic question in a honest manner is the best way to avoid messing up the chances of gaining admission in a good institute. While you can go through the answers of other candidates to gain some ideas about how to best answer the question of “Why MBA”, it is advisable to do so minimally!

Why MBA is so important now?

Why MBA is so important now

Getting an MBA is considered by many to be a trend that most youngsters today follow without actually being aware of its benefits. However, this is not entirely true as most people pursuing a Master in Business Administration Program, have to fulfill rigorous entry requirements besides completing a highly demanding and expensive course to get this qualification. Given below are some reasons that make MBA so important for aspiring professionals in the modern times.

Better Brand Value

MBA degree

Having an MBA degree ensures a better brand value for the trainees which enhance their chances of getting better career opportunities. MBA graduates are more likely to get a high ranking management job than other professionals even, if they possess years of experience.

Improved Professional Networking

Professionals having an MBA degree are most likely to have access to a better network of professionals with wider experience. This helps them to not only learn from shared experience but also steer their career in the right direction. This can prove especially helpful in the economically tough times of today when finding good jobs is not that easy.

Rounding Off An Education

An MBA degree is often considered the perfect way to complete an individual’s academic education. This can surely help in filing any gaps that might hinder the career growth of individuals and even help the professionals to update their skills to meet the new and future challenges in their specific field of work.

Basic Job Requirement

For professionals aspiring to kick start their career at high management levels, an MBA qualification might just be a pre-requisite. This is because the MBA professionals acquire the most essential management and leadership skills required for such positions. This brings down the training time and cost that companies require to invest in training the new recruits for such positions.

Getting A Holistic Perspective

An MBA degree helps the aspiring professionals to gain a holistic view of the world economy and this in turn enhances their professional performance within their chosen industry.

Best MBA College in Kochi

Many of us want to get admission into the top MBA colleges in Kochi but only few of us know that best college is one that imparts quality and professional education that matches with best in the world; best college if one that gives their student an environment in which they will flourish. So, before we take admission in any college we should know what they are known for and then we can take a step ahead.

Listed are some of the Best MBA institutes of Kochi:

  1. Amrita School of Business – Department of Management Studies, Kochi

Amrita School of Business
Amrita School of Business

One of the best B-school in Kochi, it was also rates as 7th best private B-school in South India in year  2011 and since then they are trying to do better in academics and placement services. MBA aspirants seek this B-school for best experience.

  1. Amity Global Business School, Kochi

Amity Global Business School

Another reputed business school of Kochi is Amity, here you will find state-of-art infrastructure with highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The college has shown excellent placement record in last academic year. Some of the top recruiting companies are Accenture, Airtel, Axis Bank, HCL, etc.

  1. SCM Hub Institute of Management, Kochi

SCM Hub Institute of Management
SCM Hub Institute of Management

MBA aspirants seeks SCM as one of the favorable institute as it is authorized IATA training centre and offers wide range of logistics and retail programs. The program they offer are job oriented and curriculum is industry-relevant so that students don’t face any difficulty in future.

  1. Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies (RCBS)

Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies
Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies

RCBS was ranked 42nd in B-school survey 2014 by Business Today. This B-school also has collaboration with foreign universities and conducts guests lecture and seminar for their students so that they can get corporate experience while studying. They also give 100% placement assistance and have strong network of alumni.

  1. Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi

Cochin University of Science and Technology
Cochin University of Science and Technology

Cochin University is spread over 180 acres of land and have state-of-art infrastructure with all amenities which any student aspires for. Another reason for which it is looked for is that it is collaborated with TCS for teacher student training, internships, research and project work. They also help their students in seeking best job in their industry.

  1. SCMS Cochin School of Business (SCMS Cochin)

SCMS Cochin School of Business
SCMS Cochin School of Business

This institute is autonomous institute and provides every little facility to each of its students. It also provides placement assistance and promotes student exchange program so that they grow by themselves. SCMS also have good contacts with international universities therefore they also call international faculty and industry experts for lectures and seminars.

  1. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME)

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship
Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

This college has excellent placement records and was also ranked 12th best B-School in India in a worldwide study by Ed Universal, Paris in year 2014. Another best thing about this institute is that it promotes scholarship to meritorious students. They also conduct various seminar and case study projects to promote student’s growth.

  1. Bhavans Royal Institute of Management (BRIM) Kochi

Bhavans Royal Institute of Management
Bhavans Royal Institute of Management

BRIM is known for its excellence in studies and placements. This B-school has constantly placed all of its students in reputed corporate. They have separate placement cell that works day and night to get their student placed. Faculty members, coordinators and students pool their talents and achieve 100% placements every year.

  1. De Paul Institute of Science and Technology, Kochi

De Paul Institute of Science and Technology
De Paul Institute of Science and Technology

It was established in year 2002, it’s a professional college run by Vincentian Congregation (Marymatha province). It is one of the endeavors of the management which has long heritage and excellence in academics. This B-school is located in an eco-friendly environment so that students can concentrate better. The faculty is experienced and also holds corporate experience.

  1. Rajgiri Business School, Kochi

Rajgiri Business School
Rajgiri Business School

Rajgiri Business School is another great business school that has dedicated placement cell to provide better opportunities to their students. They have strong alumni contacts and they also help college in placements. The campus and infrastructure is really nice and has all updated facilities like wifi, labs, library, etc. Apart from studies, they also provide sports facilities.

  1. Jai Bharath School of Management Studies, Kochi

Jai Bharath School of Management Studies

It was established in 2002 with a vision to groom world class managers for total problem solutions and since then the management, administrators and faculty members have put all their effort so that the pass-outs of this college see themselves as better being and benefits regional, national and international community.

  1. SCMS School of Technology and Management (SSTM)

SCMS School of Technology and Management
SCMS School of Technology and Management

SSTM is AICTE approved and affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. All the teachers and faculty holds a good exposure in corporate world and are pass-outs of reputed college like IIM, IIT, etc. It has state-of-art-infrastructure with dedicated placement cell. Placement cell arranges regular seminars, workshops, summer internship and final placements.

  1. FISAT Business School, Kochi

FISAT Business School
FISAT Business School

When FISAT was established, their vision was to create a world class management institute which focuses on excellence, shaping committed and global managers so as to meet business and industry demands and as we can see now FISAT has grown so much in every aspect. This is one of the favorable institutes for all MBA aspirants. Here, you get best placement in the industry!

  1. International Graduate School of Management, Kochi

International Graduate School of Management
International Graduate School of Management

It is one of the leading management institutes in Kochi. The infrastructure and teaching facilities are world class and aim their student to become world class leaders. It is one institute in Kochi that assures 100% placement record each year. They have a network of highly qualified and experienced people that helps students to learn as much as they can.

  1. Albertian Institute of Management (AIM), Kochi

Albertian Institute of Management
Albertian Institute of Management

AIM is AICTE approved institute and also affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. In Kochi, this B-school is considered as one of the best MBA colleges and students gets really keen to get admission here. And also because of the reason that it provides 100% placement assistance in highly reputed companies like ICICI, Reliance communication, TATA reality and Infrastructure limited, etc.

  1. Bharat Mata College, Kochi

Bharat Mata College
Bharat Mata College

It was founded in year 1965 by late Cardinal Joseph Parecattil. It is also AICTE approved institute and has also received “A” grade by NAAC Accreditation. It has state of art infrastructure and facilities like Auditorium, centralized library, labs, computer centre and every little facility that modern teaching need. Even the faculty members are highly qualified and experienced.

  1. Bharata Mata Institute of Management, Kochi

Bharata Mata Institute of Management
Bharata Mata Institute of Management

It was established in 2005 and till now it has already created a space for itself in this competitive market. MBA aspirants look here to get admission as it has become almost like a temple of management education both in India and internationally! The college provides best ambience to their student to nourish entrepreneurial spirit.