How can I best answer the question “Why MBA”?

MBA in India

One of the most important and confusing questions that you are likely to face during the interview round. The primary objective of the interviewer behind asking this question is to understand the level of clarity you have about your career objectives. So, before answering the question it is important to take a moment to think about how you expect to benefit by pursuing MBA in India. You also need to take your current profile and experience into consideration while answering this extremely important question.

In order to ensure that you answer this question it is important to prepare for the same during interview preparations. However, you should avoid committing the common mistake of repeating mugged up answers provided by other candidates in their own interviews. Rather you should try to formulate the answer on your own based on the kind of professional growth path you might have chartered for yourself. Also consider the ways in which you expect the MBA degree to help enhance your knowledge and ability to overcome real life professional challenges.

If you are opting for MBA in a specific field, you should add the ways in which your education can help you find new opportunities in the field. You should also include a frank opinion on why getting the degree from the specific school might prove significantly more beneficial in the long term. This might include the established brand value, the teaching methodology or even the placement record of the institute in question.

Getting an MBA is not just about getting a higher education certification but also about creating new and better opportunities for a fulfilling career and life. So answering this basic question in a honest manner is the best way to avoid messing up the chances of gaining admission in a good institute. While you can go through the answers of other candidates to gain some ideas about how to best answer the question of “Why MBA”, it is advisable to do so minimally!


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