Why an MBA? How will an MBA program help me in entrepreneurship?


In addition to the curriculum, a lot of things are taught at the business schools. A MBA course is an investment you make on yourself. You learn to understand your interests, passions, weaknesses, strengths, targets and opportunities. You can make use of this knowledge and apply it in life especially if entrepreneurship is what you are looking for in life.

The soft skills one learns during the MBA can be of help during entrepreneurship. The negotiation skills you learn will certainly be used by you in your business. MBA students also learn the selling process of both products and services that can be helpful for small or large businesses. Time management is another skill one learns to implement during the MBA. During the course, students also take part in role plays where they learn how to communicate better and resolve conflicts.

Being a student, one also learns business fundamentals that are all businesses require like accounting, marketing, behavior, operations etc. In business school you also meet students from across the world learning different subjects. Interaction with these students helps aid innovation. In addition, the difficult problems you solve help improve your creativity. Thus, this aids in entrepreneurship.

The environment of business school encourages you to be creative and also experiment the new ideas. In case you fail or your idea does not work out as expected, the stakes are not too high. Thus they offer the required platform to the entrepreneurs.

Another thing you build up during your MBA is the network of people. There are experienced people studying in the colleges and also you get to interact with different organizations as a part of your training or project during MBA. These can be of great help in things like raising capital or getting the right talent for the new business during entrepreneurship.


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