Why MBA? Research for interview purposes. What should I actually expect to learn during MBA?

Whether it is a fresh graduate looking for another degree or a person looking for a switch in job, MBA is the choice everyone these days is making. People are opting for MBA in India because of the many advantages it has to offer. However, there are very few who actually care about what exactly MBA has to offer in terms of learning and knowledge growth.

While what exactly you learn in terms of the course content depends on the field you select for your course, MBA also teaches you a life skill. When we grow stagnant in life, learning a new skill or getting out of our comfort zone can seem impossible. MBA in India teaches you to deal with the issues by applying the latest technique and skill and believing in continual learning and growth. This is something you carry on with yourself and it pushes you to improve yourself continuously.

MBA in India
MBA in India

During the first year of MBA in India, the basic concepts are taught and the business fundamentals are made strong. Topics like Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Business ethics, Organizational behavior etc are taught in the first year. Students can also select elective subjects based on what interests them.

Specialized subjects based on the student’s choice are taught in the second year of MBA. Case studies are also introduced in the second year. Students are also required to do projects. Students are required to take up internship in the industry where they have to work with or for the organizations. The duration for which may be of about 7-8 weeks.

MBA in India is not only an academic subject, but it is also applied. Furthermore MBA is an education that keeps on evolving over time with the introduction of new subject and practices of teaching in the institutes.


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