How Do I Answer This Question: Why MBA And Why Should I Choose You?

In the modern times, everyone seems to be fascinated by the idea of getting an MBA in India. However, many times, candidates choose to pursue this degree without actually understanding how it will affect their career and future.  Such candidates often get stuck while answering the tricky question like why MBA and why should I choose you, which seems to be a favorite of most interviewers. Being a two part question it is best to answer this one part at a time.

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To answer the first part of the question, the candidates should highlight their expectations from the course and how it can help them achieve their career objectives in the long run. However, it is important for the candidates to stick to realistic facts that are relevant to their current skill set and base qualifications as otherwise their answers might seem dissatisfactory or worst mugged up and can even lead to their rejection by the interviewers. It is also important to highlight the benefits that this qualification is known to provide to both fresher and professionals having considerable work experience.

MBA in India

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The next part of the question, namely, why I should choose you, is generally intended to check the level of confidence and clarity of objectives of a candidate. As such it is important to answer the question in a manner that highlights how pursuing the degree can prove beneficial not only to the candidates but toe the society and country in the long run. Focusing on career objectives and aspirations to some extent may prove useful, but making them the center of attention for getting an MBA degree should be absolutely avoided.

It is important to highlight how getting an MBA qualification can help enhance the knowledge and perspective of the candidates and how they can put these new skills to best use. Providing value-based and well thought-out reasons enhances the chances of the candidates impressing the interviewers and gaining an entry into the program.


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