What Can Be A Good Answer To “Why MBA?” Being A Fresher?

Ensuring a successful and fulfilling career is becoming increasingly difficult for the younger generation having just an undergraduate qualification. That is why a large percentage of youngsters opt to get an MBA qualification immediately after completing their undergraduate program. Sadly these candidates are rarely prepared to answer the most common question asked by interviewers at renowned MBA colleges, namely why they want to go for MBA as a fresher.  In order to answer this question in the most satisfactory manner, the candidates should be aware of the following facts.

MBA Colleges

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  • The MBA aspirants should have a clear idea of the line of profession they would be choosing and in which industry. This helps them relate the need for MBA with their long term career goals and provide a satisfactory answer to the interviewers.
  • The candidates should have a thorough understanding of the skills they expect to acquire by pursuing the Masters in Business Administration. They should also be able to define in clear terms as to how these skills can help them bridge the gap between their current status and what they want to achieve in future.
  • Candidates should also avoid shying away from the fact that the MBA program will help them gain better career opportunities as fresher and even provide them with just the perfect launching pad for gaining an entry into the profession and field of their choice.
  • The candidates might also suggest to the interviewers that getting an MBA can help them understand the practical aspects of a working in a professional organization and also help gain the confidence to overcome the different challenges.
  • In case the candidates aspire to start a business in the future, they need to be aware of how getting an MBA can help them ensure the success and sustainability of their venture. They should also be able to explain how they intend to implement the concepts learned for improving the profitability of their venture.

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