What Are Recruiters Looking For When They Ask Why MBA After B Tech?

Over the past couple of decades, it has become quite common for engineering professionals to opt for an MBA program. This has led to the interviewers frequently asking such students the reason for seeking an MBA after gaining education in a technical field. Sadly, a large percentage of engineers are unable to answer this question in a satisfactory manner as they are generally clueless about the how this degree would impact their career in the long run. The best way for engineering students to answer this question is to gain information about the following benefits of doing an MBA after their undergraduate studies.

MBA program

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It Adds To The Skill Set

While the engineering degree trains the candidates about the technical aspects of a business, the MBA degree equips them with the right knowledge and skills to handle the financial, marketing and other aspects of a venture. With this enhanced skill set an engineer’s chances of being recruited for top management post increase significantly.

Helps Gain A Practical View

During the course of an MBA program, the trainees get to face various real life challenges that helps them get a practical view of how things work in actual business organizations. This helps enhance their confidence and also enables them to put their knowledge and skills to test.  In fact an MBA program is the best option for engineering students to become market ready.

Provides A Global Perspective

 An MBA program educates the trainees about the impact of global aspects of managing the various aspects of a venture. This in turn makes the trainees capable of ensuring better growth and development for their organization by using their global perspective to formulate result oriented strategies and processes.

Improves The Market Value

There is no denying the fact that having an MBA degree improves the market value of the engineering candidates in a significant manner. This helps them achieve their career goals within a shorter time period and with minimal effort.


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