Some Common Myths About MBA In India – Busted

For a large percentage of the Indian masses today, getting an MBA has become an ultimate education objective that needs to be achieved at all costs. This is evident from the fact that countless MBA coaching centers and thousands of colleges selling the dream of this coveted degree have opened up across the country in the past decade. Sadly, the aspirations associated with getting an MBA in India are based on some well propagated myths the truth of which is revealed below.

It Ensures Career Success

One of the most common myths associated with this degree is that it will bring guaranteed career success. However, the dreamy eyed graduates walking out the gates of the MBA colleges in Pune are surely disappointed, when they realize that their MBA degree is not going to work any magic unless they are willing to work hard and compete to get their dream job.

It Will Guarantee Fat Paychecks

Most professionals opt for an MBA degree believing that they can get demand better pay when they are better qualifies. However, while the principle woks for people with the right kind of attitude and skills, even they need to prove that they are worth the pay they are demanding, before they can actually get it. An MBA can simply enhance the chances of success by improving the professional and personal skills of people.

It Is Essential For Setting Up Own Business

Most graduates studying at the various MBA colleges in Bangalore believe that their degree will make them capable of setting up a successful venture of their own. However, they tend to forget the simple fact that more than the degree it is the business acumen of the entrepreneur that ensures the growth and profitability of any venture.

It is important for candidates aspiring for an MBA to understand that the degree can only help enhance their inherent skills and knowledge and their proper implementation by the candidates is the key to ensuring professional success.


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