Kirloskar Institute Of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) –

Kirloskar Group Of Companies, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in India, has been growing and enriching lives for more than a century now.

KIAMS was conceived as a training institute and knowledge hub in 1991. It was envisioned as a learning centre where Kirloskar Group Managers shared their expertise, experience and kept up with the latest concepts and movements in Management.

In 1995, the training institute was opened to managers all over the country. See More Vedios…

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Tips for Finding The Right B- Schools In Delhi NCR

With the growing demand for trained business and marketing professionals, the rise in the number of B-schools in Delhi NCR is quite natural. However, not all such schools offer the quality of education or infrastructure that ensures better career opportunities and sustained professional success. Since enrolling in a B-school is a major investment for most students, it is extremely important for them to choose the right institute or college that enhances their future prospects through world class training and education.

A top B-school in Delhi

Fulfills almost all the expectations of the students enrolling there. However, for students who cannot get admission in such institutions, considering the following factors can help them choose the right B-school as per their needs and expectations.

Approval From AICTE:

Any B-school that is not approved by the All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE) should not even be considered for education. This is because the degrees awarded by such institutes are most likely not to be recognized and accepted by the industry.

Type Of Affiliation:

Most often a best B-School in Delhi is affiliated to a renowned University. However, in some cases a renowned institute might also be governed by an autonomous body.  Both these types of affiliations offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages that the trainees should learn about to make the right choice.

Curriculum Followed:

The effectiveness of a B-school education depends on the type of curriculum being offered. The B-school should regularly update its curriculum to meet the changing industry needs. This ensures that the students possess up to date knowledge and skills to face the industry challenges in a confident and efficient manner. Institutes offering a global exposure to students are at anytime a better choice than the ones that restrict their curriculum according to local or national markets.

Industry Linkage:

A good B-school offers its students ample opportunities to gain industry exposure and practical knowledge though live projects and internships designed to enhance the knowledge of students. Having the right industry links enables a B-school to offer such training to the students at renowned organizations, which can prove critical in improving their career prospects by helping   the students gain a realistic view of things.

Brand Value:

While this aspect of choosing a B-school might seem unimportant to some, it can play a critical role in enhancing the career prospects of the students after the completion of a course. In fact, many organizations prefer to hire student only from colleges and institutions well known in the industry, rather those that are relatively new and unknown.

Career Scope for Students Opting To Study Economics Honors in Delhi

Over the past decade, the prestige and value of studying in Delhi has increased by a specific margin. This is because the standard of education offered by Delhi colleges and institutes is considered to be one of the best across the country. This is proven by the fact that students seeking admission in the most reputed colleges in Delhi are required to get more than 90 % marks in their 12th standard. Even the best private colleges in Delhi seek accept only those students who score a high percentile score in their 12th standard.

While there are a wide range of courses and programs that students can choose from, the popularity and appeal of economics study has never diminished. That is why a large percentage of students apply to study economics at the various colleges in the national capital region. The high utility and demand of this subject has even led many colleges and institutes to introduce the special course of Economic Honors into their curriculum. In addition to the local students, there is also a huge rush of students from parts of the country seeking admission in colleges for Economic Honors in Delhi.

One of the biggest reasons behind the evergreen popularity of economics is its high demand in the job market. Ever since the introduction of economic reforms in India, the demand for professionally trained economists has been on a constant rise. Business organizations have come to rely on the knowledge and skills of these professionals to survive in the rapidly globalizing economic scenario. In fact, proficient economic graduate is most likely to get hired much faster than an IT or Engineering professional. Most organizations hire them for the posts of analysts, researchers and consultants, who help the organizations, understand the changing market trends and plan their business strategies accordingly.

Economics graduates can take up a career in both public and private sector in a variety of fields including banking, MNC’s, BPO’s, Newspapers and even Business journals. In case the students choose to pursue higher education after their economics degree, can opt for other successful career options depending on their choice of field. In addition to the significant job opportunities, students completing an economics education also stand a better chance of professional growth. In most cases the candidates enjoy great job satisfaction, along with social prestige and financial stability.

In view of the above facts, it is safe to say that opting for Economics degree programs at the undergraduate level is a good decision for students who want to enjoy a successful and satisfying career.

KIAMS announces admissions open for the PGDM 2016-18 batch

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) has opened admissions for its PGDM program for the year 2016. Admissions are open for both Pune and Harihar campuses of the institute and interested candidates can fill in the application forms that are now available online. KIAMS offers a two-year, fully residential program on its Pune and Harihar campuses that create the perfect learning environment for students.

KIAMS has always been renowned for offering industry-relevant education. KIAMS has consistently been Ranked A++ by Business India and amongst the top 50 B Schools in the country by Career Connect. The curriculum of the program is created keeping in mind the latest developments and needs of the industry. In fact the institute received a prestigious National Education Award of “B-School with Industry Related Curriculum in Market”. This stems from the fact that the institute is backed by Kirloskars, one of the leading industrial groups in the country. KIAMS draws on the group’s professional support and expertise to offer a dynamic learning experience to its students. Through various conclaves and seminars it offers vital industry exposure and platforms to interact with professionals from the corporate world. See More Vedios…

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BBA or B.Com – Making The Right Education Choice

Best BBA College in Delhi
Best BBA College in Delhi

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In the highly competitive modern times, having the right kind of education that matches the inherent skills and temperament of individuals is the key to ensuring their personal and professional success. However, many times students tend to get confused between courses that might seem similar and end up making the wrong choice. One such set of courses that students feel confused about is BBA and B.Com, both of which are considered to be similar in various respects. However, they also have considerable differences which play a critical role in defining the career path of the students opting for either.

Similarities Between BBA and B.Com

  • Both the programs are offered at the undergraduate level.
  • Both are of duration of three years.
  • Both require the students to have some basic commerce background.
  • Both qualify as a preferred entry level education for MBA and other management programs.

Differences Between BBA and B.Com

  • While BBA is the best choice for individuals who intend to make a career in management field, B.Com is preferable for students who seek a career in finance, taxation and accountancy.
  • BBA focuses more on imparting comprehensive knowledge and skills about various aspects of business management and entrepreneurship. on the other hand educates students about general business principles, accounting, economic structures and finance etc.
  • Students interested in pursuing higher education after BBA can opt for an MBA program with a specialization of their choice. B.Com graduates can opt for an MBA or M.Com or even a course of Chartered Accountancy.

Career Opportunities Available

Graduating from one of the best BBA College in Delhi NCR can provide a wide range of career options to the students. They can be employed as management trainees in the sales and finance departments of renowned business organizations in both public and private sectors. Alternately they can launch their own ventures with better chances of success thanks to their greater understanding and knowledge of the diverse business aspects. B.Com graduates tend to have similar career opportunities in both private and public sector undertakings.

Which Course Is The Best

While both BBA and B.Com have their own advantages, the choice of the right course to pursue depends largely on the career objectives and personal preferences of the students. The students need to access their existing skills, areas of interest in addition to gaining detailed information about the merits and de-merits of each course before making their final choice. It is important to understand that the time spent in making the choice of the right program is a great investment.

Dr. Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School, @ NDTV Prime

Dr. Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School, @ NDTV Prime participating in a discussion on India’s Higher Education and expectation from the same. Read More…

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What is the scope of MBA colleges other than the top 20 MBA colleges in India?

The growing focus on MBA education in India, has led a large percentage of aspiring young professionals to seek admission in the top 20 colleges and institutes offering these programs. However, given the limited number of seats that the best colleges have to offer, most students have to settle for institutes that are not a part of this elite group. This in turn has led to the debate about the scope of MBA colleges that are not included in the list of top 20 institutes offering such education.

For accessing the value of education being offered by the colleges that do not fall in the category of to 20 institutes, it is important to consider various parameters. Some of these parameters are discussed below.

General Standing Of The Institute:

There are several colleges and institutes that are renowned for the quality and style of education despite not being included in the top 20 list. As such it is important to take the general standing of the institute into consideration rather while evaluating its scope, which put simply can also indicate the deviation of the institute or the college from the bottom of the list.

Placement Record:

The most important factor to consider while accessing the scope of any educational institution is the job prospects it offers to the students. An institute with a good placement record definitely qualifies as one offering its alumni a great career scope as getting a well paying and satisfactory job is surely one of the key reasons for individuals to pursue an MBA program.

Focus On Overall Growth:

Any institute that not only focuses on imparting quality education to its students, but also ensuring their overall growth and development is worth considering. After all management training is not just about understanding facts and figures but also about creating a good team through better communication and confidence building.

Affordability For Students:  

Management education is a costly affair and especially when it is carried out at one of the top 20 institutions. Although most such courses are covered by education loans and other such financial assistance, considering the affordability of the students is also important while accessing the scope of the institute.

Innovative ways of teaching by Prof. Vikram Tyagi, JK Business School

In this video Prof. Vikram Tyagi sharing some Innovative methods that he use in his class at JK Business School. See More Vedios…

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