Is It Beneficial to Do MBA Without Any Work Experience?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the first choice of many individuals as it offers higher salary and a chance of working for leading business enterprises. However, when it comes to pursuing an MBA in India, people get confused that they should do an MBA with work experience or without work experience.

It does not matter for those, who want initial placement after completion of their master degree. There are many students in India, who do MBA without any work experience. Of-course they get good jobs, but enough knowledge. To answer the question, it is not beneficial to do MBA without any work experience.

People do MBA to learn the best way of managing resources like employees, finance, and clients to meet business demands. You can consider it as a finishing degree that offers detailed knowledge about managing and running a business. Hence, it is about managing a firm, its comprehensive resources; you should go for MBA in IIMS after at least three years of working experience. During your studies, you will find that everything you are learning in MBA can improve your services, and you can perform the job right according to the requirements of your company.

People from different work backgrounds like law, science and arts do MBA in India. The work experience, they had in the past, improves their understanding about the market. They know the ground realities and what it takes to promote and manage a business. That is why they concentrate better than a fresher that has no work experience, no idea about how valuable the lessons are. Also, the business organizations also prefer hiring MBA graduates, who invested their time in working for a company because they want experienced people to promote their business ahead.

The work experience offers better career opportunities in the future, and it also offers better mindset to learn new things. MBA is an expensive degree, and you should consider it as an investment in the future to get better management skills. Get a job and invest at least next three years in that job to get work experience, if you are a fresher. Then go for MBA in India and you will have better work opportunities with a higher payout.

Some experts may say that fresher candidates should also do an MBA degree because they can get instant placement in sales and marketing firms and other business organizations. However, they will not tell you that you will minimize the chances of growth in your career and won’t get a handsome salary for your services. So consider above given factors before you decide to do an MBA in IIMS without work experience.


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