Career Scope for Students Opting To Study Economics Honors in Delhi

Over the past decade, the prestige and value of studying in Delhi has increased by a specific margin. This is because the standard of education offered by Delhi colleges and institutes is considered to be one of the best across the country. This is proven by the fact that students seeking admission in the most reputed colleges in Delhi are required to get more than 90 % marks in their 12th standard. Even the best private colleges in Delhi seek accept only those students who score a high percentile score in their 12th standard.

While there are a wide range of courses and programs that students can choose from, the popularity and appeal of economics study has never diminished. That is why a large percentage of students apply to study economics at the various colleges in the national capital region. The high utility and demand of this subject has even led many colleges and institutes to introduce the special course of Economic Honors into their curriculum. In addition to the local students, there is also a huge rush of students from parts of the country seeking admission in colleges for Economic Honors in Delhi.

One of the biggest reasons behind the evergreen popularity of economics is its high demand in the job market. Ever since the introduction of economic reforms in India, the demand for professionally trained economists has been on a constant rise. Business organizations have come to rely on the knowledge and skills of these professionals to survive in the rapidly globalizing economic scenario. In fact, proficient economic graduate is most likely to get hired much faster than an IT or Engineering professional. Most organizations hire them for the posts of analysts, researchers and consultants, who help the organizations, understand the changing market trends and plan their business strategies accordingly.

Economics graduates can take up a career in both public and private sector in a variety of fields including banking, MNC’s, BPO’s, Newspapers and even Business journals. In case the students choose to pursue higher education after their economics degree, can opt for other successful career options depending on their choice of field. In addition to the significant job opportunities, students completing an economics education also stand a better chance of professional growth. In most cases the candidates enjoy great job satisfaction, along with social prestige and financial stability.

In view of the above facts, it is safe to say that opting for Economics degree programs at the undergraduate level is a good decision for students who want to enjoy a successful and satisfying career.


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