Tips for Finding The Right B- Schools In Delhi NCR

With the growing demand for trained business and marketing professionals, the rise in the number of B-schools in Delhi NCR is quite natural. However, not all such schools offer the quality of education or infrastructure that ensures better career opportunities and sustained professional success. Since enrolling in a B-school is a major investment for most students, it is extremely important for them to choose the right institute or college that enhances their future prospects through world class training and education.

A top B-school in Delhi

Fulfills almost all the expectations of the students enrolling there. However, for students who cannot get admission in such institutions, considering the following factors can help them choose the right B-school as per their needs and expectations.

Approval From AICTE:

Any B-school that is not approved by the All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE) should not even be considered for education. This is because the degrees awarded by such institutes are most likely not to be recognized and accepted by the industry.

Type Of Affiliation:

Most often a best B-School in Delhi is affiliated to a renowned University. However, in some cases a renowned institute might also be governed by an autonomous body.  Both these types of affiliations offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages that the trainees should learn about to make the right choice.

Curriculum Followed:

The effectiveness of a B-school education depends on the type of curriculum being offered. The B-school should regularly update its curriculum to meet the changing industry needs. This ensures that the students possess up to date knowledge and skills to face the industry challenges in a confident and efficient manner. Institutes offering a global exposure to students are at anytime a better choice than the ones that restrict their curriculum according to local or national markets.

Industry Linkage:

A good B-school offers its students ample opportunities to gain industry exposure and practical knowledge though live projects and internships designed to enhance the knowledge of students. Having the right industry links enables a B-school to offer such training to the students at renowned organizations, which can prove critical in improving their career prospects by helping   the students gain a realistic view of things.

Brand Value:

While this aspect of choosing a B-school might seem unimportant to some, it can play a critical role in enhancing the career prospects of the students after the completion of a course. In fact, many organizations prefer to hire student only from colleges and institutions well known in the industry, rather those that are relatively new and unknown.


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