What Are The Best MBA Colleges In India For Students Having Average Marks In SSC, HSC And Graduation

MBA Program
MBA Program

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When it comes to opting for a higher education program most students prefer an MBA program. Sadly, a large number of MBA aspirants are not aware of the importance of attaining really good grades at their major academic thresholds, until it is too late. As a result they fail to qualify even for the entry level tests for MBA programs offered by the top ranked colleges and institutes offering such programs in India.

 Thankfully, these students do not need to lose hope as they can still fulfill their dream of becoming a management professional by enrolling with some really good colleges and institutes that offer admission for MBA programs to students with average marks in SSC, HSC and graduation.

However, before learning more about such colleges, it is important to understand the accepted limit of average marks. In most cases, colleges would consider a grade of around 60% as average marks, which means that students with less that 60% have very little chance of making it to a good MBA college. Here it is also important to understand that most colleges might overlook the low scores in SSC and HSC, if the graduation scores are exceptionally good or the aspiring MBA candidates have a few years of work experience.

In the absence of either of these, the students need to be prepared to answer some very pointed questions during the interview round about why they should be considered for admission to the program despite their average grades. In fact, the interviewers might even ask the students to justify their average grades and their how they intend to complete the course successfully despite their poor academic history.

Contrary to what many students believe, a high GMAT/ CAT/ MAT score cannot compensate for the average academic grades. In fact the real struggle begins after attaining success in these entrance tests and clearing the interview rounds as the students have to face stiff competition from their peers who already posses the advantage of good grades. However, with hard work and determination it is possible even for students with average marks in their past academic career to complete an MBA program and become a successful management professional.

Listed below are the best colleges in India that give a minimum of 10% weightage to the past academic scores of students seeking admission in MBA programs offered by them.

  • XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi and Kolkata
  • NMIMS, Mumbai
  • Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

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