MBA Preparation: Can I still get into top MBA colleges in India?

MBA Courses
MBA Courses

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The one question that bothers most MBA aspirants is how their 12th grade marks will affect their selection in top institutes in India?  Contrary to what most people feel, the 12th grade marks hold significant value in the process of selection of candidates for an MBA course in the best institutes across the country. So, for students who do not get really good grades in their 12th standard, getting admission in the top ranked institutes such as IIM’s is extremely difficult. This is true even if they might have scored exceptionally good grades in their 10th standard and graduation.

Thankfully, there are several renowned institutes that such students can apply to for ensuring a successful management career. Although these institutes do not feature in the best ranked list, they are renowned for offering high quality education that meets international education standards and current market needs. However, while these institutions might not worry much about the 12th grade score of a candidate they would definitely require a high CAT score to give admission to such students.

Another scenario where students might not have to worry so much about their 12th standard marks, is when they have ample work experience to make up for what they lack in academics. The work experience helps the students to not only develop the right attitude for undergoing management training but also gets them the required extra credits for enhancing their chances of being shortlisted for admission to some really good institutions. In fact many renowned institutes in India have work experience as pre-requisite for admission in an MBA program as  such candidates are likely to understand the management concepts better than those with no work experience.

Other than the above mentioned options, students graduating from a well known college and having completed some really good projects can also hope to gain admission in some of most prestigious MBA institutes across the country. This is true only in case the brand value of the college from where the students have graduated is powerful enough to bend even the most stringent rules of the best MBA institutes.  However, it is important to remember that even with such a strong brand value students without an exceptional 12th standard score need to have completed some really good internship programs and have exceptional academic record for all years of graduation.

Finally, it is important to understand that while the name of an MBA institute does make a difference, it is ultimately the hard work and the management skills of the candidates that define their level of success.


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