MBA professionals

What Was Your Criteria for Short-listing Business Schools?



MBA professionals
MBA professionals

When it comes to enrolling for a management program, students often look at a variety of factors. While the brand value of the B-school plays an important role in making it appealing to prospective MBA candidates, the other factors that are often considered are discussed below.

Quality Of Students

The quality of students, who are offered admission in a B-school is one of the most important criteria for short-listing it. This is especially true in case of students having more than a few years of prior work experience. Such candidates often seek an institute that offers a rich and diverse environment and is capable of helping them exploit the benefit of their extensive experience. Students tend to prefer a peer group that offers a better learning experience and also helps them to analyze the situations from different perspectives.

Connectivity With Industry

Another major criterion that MBA aspirants consider while short listing the B-schools is the type of industry connectivity they enjoy. Top MBA institutes such as VJIM are preferred by students as they offer the benefit of a good alumni network as well as a network of professionals from different industries. This not only helps in enhancing the practical outlook of the students but also provides them with several opportunities to create a strong support system to enhance their career growth in the future. In addition the students also get to learn from the experiences of the industry experts through direct interactions as well as guest lectures.

Assurance Of Global Reach

With the world becoming smaller, MBA professionals need to develop an attitude of working in a global market. This is possible only when they choose to study at a management institute like SCMS that enjoys global recognition and reach. Such instates prepare the students to handle the challenges within a multicultural and multinational work environment, thus turning them into true global citizens. The focus is on developing the management and leadership skills of the students through an internationally recognized curriculum.


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