MBA Program

Why I Went From Engineering in Undergrad to an MBA

Why I Went From Engineering in Undergrad to an MBA?


MBA Program

Over the past several years there has been a rise in the trend of engineering students opting for an MBA program. This often surprises many people as both the fields are considered to be completely different. While engineering is an out and out technical area, management is more about the dealing with various people and situations in an efficient and confident manner. In fact, many people even believe that students who opt for a management degree after doing B. Tech. waste both money and time.

However, this is not entirely true as getting MBA education after a B. Tech. program actually proves beneficial to the candidates in the following ways.

  • It helps the engineering graduates to gain a better understanding of the various business processes within an organization. The students become aware of the need to follow the different business process and their own role in ensuring their smooth execution.
  • An MBA program equips the engineering students with the knowledge of how the decisions are made within an organization and who makes these decisions. This information also proves helpful for the students to understand how a decision influences the overall working of the organization and the way in which it affects the clients.
  • There is no better way to understand the working of the business world than enrolling for an MBA program. This proves really helpful for students who intend to start their own venture sometime in the future. Having in-depth knowledge about both the technical and managerial aspects will surely help the engineering students monitor the growth and progress of their business in a more efficient manner.
  • Most importantly, becoming a qualified MBA professional after completing an engineering program is sure to open up the doors of better opportunities and possibilities for the candidates. Their combined knowledge in both the fields makes such candidates the preferred choice for most business organizations. The candidates also benefit by being able to attain their professional goals rapidly.

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