What parameters you must consider while selecting PGDM colleges in Hyderabad?

Studying PGDM in Hyderabad is equivalent to an investment of a great amount of money, time and energy. Hence, it becomes of prime importance to pick the right business school, which can meet the needs as well as aspirations of the candidates. Before selecting any PGDM college in Hyderabad make sure to visit the campus in order to judge the ambience of the college, whether it is fit for you or not. There are certain parameters that one must consider while selecting a college for pursuing PGDM. Here are the parameters:

PGDM in Hyderabad

1.Student network
Class size plays a big role in the overall process of learning while pursuing PGDM. The number of students always vary from one institution to another. The check on the professional experience and cultural background of the students is mandatory in order to judge the learning process of the institute. One should also check the alumnus status of the institute.

2.Faculty of the college
The faculties associated with the college play a key role in shaping up the career. Their qualifications, knowledge and achievement will not only add to the institutional value, but also to the career goals an aspirant aspires to achieve. The faculties at reputed colleges usually possess at least 5 years of industrial experience so that they can provide a valuable insight about the practical world. The narrative instances can aid in better learning.

3.College’s reputation
Reputed colleges need not call companies for the purpose of recruitment, instead they are visited by big companies for the purpose of placements. If a good number of companies, visit the institute for a period of more than 5 years and every year hires the similar number of students, then one can judge that the reputation of the institute in terms of the industrial reputation is good. Get in touch with the alumni of the institute to know more about the college’s reputation in the industry.

4.Return on Investment
The term of Return on Investment (ROI) is not alien to any of you reading this post. The main purpose of doing PGDM is to enhance the ROI, which can be calculated by comparing the placement package achieved after completing the degree to the fees and other charges paid to pursue the course and the opportunity cost of completing this course. Before selecting any college, make sure that the ROI turns out to be a positive figure. For instance, if you spend 15 lacs for your studies at a particular college, the placement should be so good that ROI turns out to be at least 0.8.


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