What Drove Your Decision to Study in India?

India is rapidly emerging as a preferred destination for attaining higher education, especially management training. There are several factors that are fuelling this trend that is making students seek admission in some of the top ranked MBA colleges in India. The most important of these are listed below.

What Drove Your Decision to Study in India

  • India is known for its focus on quality education even at the post graduate level. This ensures that the MBA programs offered by the best colleges and universities here are at par with the courses offered by some of the most renowned universities across the globe.
  • The top ranked MBA colleges such as VJIM, are known to offer a great learning environment with world class infrastructure and outstanding faculty. The students are ensured of overall personal and mental growth in a motivating environment.
  • The method of education is based on imparting a greater practical knowledge to the students to help develop their thinking like a management professional. Industrial visits and guest lecturers from leading CEO’s and management guru’s form an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Indian offers a diverse business environment which makes it possible for the students to learn about the different challenges they are likely to face in real life. The MBA programs are also designed to help the students develop a flexible attitude towards problem solving in accordance with specific work environments.
  • Indian is one of the fastest growing economies across the globe, which means that students graduating here are likely to get better career opportunities than in any other part of the globe.
  • Most importantly, the cost of MBA education is India is significantly lesser than other major global destinations. In addition, the students are able to seek financial aid for completing their education in a easy and stress free manner.

Given the above facts, it is not surprising that over the past few years, there has been a significant reduction in the number of students going overseas to obtain management training.


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