The world today is neither satisfied nor completely taken in with your bachelor’s degree. Now that you have a bachelor’s degree, what comes next? A postgraduate degree or a diploma? How do you pick? Where do you go?

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To make your job easier, we cherry-picked five most trending diplomas courses for you.

This equips and hones you in the art of decision making and a keen understating of the more minute nuances of business. It is a two year programme which relies for the job market with extremely bright prospects. To really make the most your PGDM in India understanding the present economy, consider B-schools around Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi.


For people want to take up technical writing, this course is a tailor made fit. Clocking a total of 150 hrs, spread over time, this fine tunes your writing skills and helps you become better versed in the language you use anywhere. Buffer is an online site that offers this course. Check it out today!


A specialization in Marketing during your PGDM/ MBA years gives you an edge over the others in the field of Marketing because it helps you learn about markets, market monitoring and product development. This course gives you an effective one up on usual management degrees. As you pursue a better career, it is wise to pick a great B-school from Hyderabad or Bangalore currently. Reason being- these two cities are presently hot spots of Marketing opportunities.


You can challenge the creative individual in you by taking this course that is offered by Pearl Academy. Here you don’t just learn about fashion but get an added advantage since you taught skills pertaining to Design Process, Visualisation, Presentation and an understanding of the market behaves and responds to different things differently.The duration of this course is two years- four semesters.


This one/ two years’ diploma makes you an Entrepreneur with confidence and with an ability to gauge market, to understand it and run a business more efficiently. Mostly, the curriculum deals with managing a business with more efficiency than those who don’t have the advantage of this particular diploma.


Career opportunities while pursuing a Diploma in Financial Management

While it has often be said that knowledge must be pursued without an intent towards financial expectations but in todays times, an education without a proper thought of a career would be a grave error. While institutes like Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Deccan school of Management, Hyderabad Business School and ICBM School of Business Excellence offer diploma courses in Financial Management, what path could it eventually lead you to? What career prospects await you?


  1. Investment Banking – Although, strictly speaking, Investment Banking does not require a diploma in Financial Management but if you are a student, it certainly tips the scale indoor favour. It gives you that added advantage that the others who do not have this degree wouldn’t grasp the principals of finance as well as you do. You gain an edge over others in matters of technical skills, crunching numbers and basic comprehension.
  2. Commercial/Retail Banking/Insurance – A lot of work regarding these requires lengthy explanations to your clients so a thorough knowledge of Finance Management goes a long way. The better equipped you are about concepts, the easier and more seamless the process of dealing day to day is, be it clients or your superiors. This is a really lucrative job despite being highly demanding on you.

  1. Planning/Budgeting – This is a job that essentially requires you to dwell on your technical knowledge that you gathered while attending the endless lectures. All what you learn during the day can come to fruition at your job. If you manage to get an opportunity to work where your planning and budgeting skills are honed while you are studying, it will be a double advantage since the work skills can be applied in academics and academic skills can help you shine at work.

  1. Finance Writing – Express yourself while you are not pouring over those notebooks and textbooks and make an extra buck. While you pursue a diploma in Financial management you can go on to write for a lot of financial publication on and off the web. All it takes is a flair of language and some determination to gear up to it.

Overall, Financial management gives you a set of skills to view the world of Finance under a different light and work experience to be had which might eventually to comprehend and enhance the economy.


The city of Nizams, as it is known is now soon shaping up to a great educational hub while it maintains and preserves its charm of the days gone by and some great food culture. So, when you have Financial Management on your mind, why should you head to the capital of the newly minted state of Telangana?

  1. The Culture: When you aren’t busy crunching numbers or pouring over your course material, you can explore the city that offers a thousand delights — be it culinary, visual or literary. The city never ceases to delight. So, institutes like Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management or ICFAI or IILM will put you smack in the middle of the metropolis and history to give you an experience along with your education.


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  1. Diaspora : The city of Hyderabad is full of vibrance which shines through its people and the way of life there. For students of Hyderabad, there is a mingling of cultures within and beyond the campus. Within, you interact with an inflow of students coming in from all over the country carrying with them pieces of the places they belong to and just outside the gates, awaits you the Nizami opulence and tehzeeb. To see a pvt. B-school in Hyderabad with maximum number of diversity within the classroom, you may check ISB Hyderabad and VJIM, Hyderabad.
  1. The Metropolis: Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management is an institute located in Kukatpally which is a major residential and commercial suburb that ensures access to every modern amenity that you would need or desire while you spend your time acquiring your management degree. Similarly, an institute like ISB is located in an equally strategic location like Gachibowli.Needless to say, with so many brilliant institutions around, you have a chance to let yourself experience a growth in academic and interpersonal relationships. There is a fair proximity to markets and tech parks.
  1. Work While You Study and After: The good business schools in Hyderabad are located in the tech hub which provides you an opportunity to get your work experience while you are still studying. A work experience while you study will look really impressive on a resume as you build toward your career.

The other advantage of being located in a state capital that thrives on its work culture is the possibility of finding work right outside your college gates. Maybe, the city that you grew so fond of over the period of time will provide you not only your education but eventually employment. What better than to stay on in the city that symbolises modernity and heritage, all at once? Yes to Hyderabad?


“People are all there is to an organization,” Gary Hamel and rightly so. Like wood, fossil fuels, water and air, we are resources too; reservoirs of physical and mental capabilities. But like unpolished diamond needs a grind, so do we. Who steps in to do that? Human Resources.

 Group of People Discussing about Human Resources Concept

A PGDM in HR is all you need to equip yourself to be able to shape, groom and manage people. However, the possibility of your skill utilisation hardly begins and ends there. Your PGDM in HR will grant you innumerable opportunities to excel at countless jobs. This field in particular, stretches father than your eyes can see.


The two years that you spend learning what to do in the real world while you get your Postgraduate diploma will give you a hint of what is to come. Since it is shorter than an MBA and generates better prospects at time, it is worth giving a shot.


After a PGDM in HR, you can be hired to look after the administration, organisation and the smooth functioning of the firm/company. Although, as you grow within the workplace, better opportunities will come to you. This is an expansive, yet not completely saturated feels and holds a ton of promise.



Gradually as you climb the workplace ladder, the sheer possibilities will enthral you. Senior HR managers get to call shots about recruitment, hiring, even decision making in boardrooms. So, actually, as you grow older in the workplace, this degree will enhance your chances of being given challenging work and being compensated handsomely can increase drastically.


If you feel tired or disenchanted by the corporate rat race, you can opt out and start indecent with a firm or partner up. With around ten years worth of experience, you will be well equipped with the art of comprehending the field and be an authority on managing ‘Human Resource’.

Along with this, you can mentor and train those who come under your wings right out of their classrooms.

COMPREHENSIVELY speaking, this is one of the best courses to get a major start in your professional life and what follows will amaze you. If you stay dedicated, remember Dr. Seuss’s words, “…and you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go… Oh, The places you’ll go!

Get The Advantage Of World Class Education By Opting To Pursue A PGDM Program At VJIM

There is no denying the fact that completing a post graduate diploma program in management can help enhance the career prospects of the trainees in a significant manner. However, in order to get the best benefits, it is important for the aspiring trainees to pursue the course from a reputed institute. In this respect VJIM is a top PGDM college that offers world class education in this specific niche to students selected after a stringent admission procedure.


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The college is located in the technology hub of Hyderabad and is managed by a non-profit organization which in turn is funded by a group of industrialists. The institute aims to promote social, cultural, educational, and scientific and research activities amongst its students. The institute offers one of the best PGDM programs in India that is designed in accordance with the programs offered by the best B-Schools in India. In addition, the course is reviewed annually to ensure that they are relevant to industry standards and helps the graduates to easily merge into the industry.

The focus of the program is to ensure that the students become industry ready by the time they enter the actual corporate world. They are trained in sound business ethics and imparted knowledge that ensures strong conceptual orientation. In addition, the institute also focuses on enhancing the most essential life skills within the students to help them become successful managers in their chosen fields.

 Even though the institute does not offer a specialization in HR, it forms a core functional are covered in the curriculum. This ensures that the students completing the course are not completely ignorant of this core area, like trainees from other institutes that do not offer a program for post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management. In addition to HR, the other core functional areas covered as a part of the curriculum include General Management, Marketing, Operations and Finance. The curriculum commences with pre-term courses wherein students are familiarized with the subjects that they might not have studied before.

The curriculum uses real life situations to train the students and inculcate a strong sense of confidence and positive attitude within them. The highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty further ensures that the management aspirants are able to realize their career objective through deep understanding of concepts as well as the different aspects of business administration. The faculty is supported in its efforts by the world class infrastructure set up by the institute to provide an international standard learning experience to the trainees.

It is the various features of the program and the facilities offered by the institute that place it amongst the top PGDM college in India. Students completing the management program from VJIM are sure to get a better start in life than their contemporaries form other management colleges across the country. This is because the institute is respected within the corporate sector as well for offering the most relevant education to students that enables them to overcome the challenges of real world work environment and meet industry expectations. The students are capable of making critical decisions and handling core issues from the very first day.

Helpful Tips For Management Aspirants To Choose The Best Management College In Hyderabad

With countless management colleges mushrooming in almost every major city and town across South India, finding the best college to pursue this higher education program is not that easy. At the same time, the growing competition in the field makes it imperative for the management aspirants to gain education from a well known and reliable institute that is endorsed by the industry. Given below are some practical tips that can help management aspirants planning to pursue an course of their choice in this field, select the best management colleges in Hyderabad in a relatively stress free manner.


Type Of Management Program

The first thing that students should consider is the type of management program they intend to pursue. This generally requires them to select between an MBA degree program and a postgraduate diploma course. Although, both the programs offer similar knowledge and information about various management aspects, they generally differ in terms of teaching methodology and focus on specializations. In addition, while the MBA programs are recognized by UGC, the diploma courses are recognized by AICTE.

Specialization Or General

Having decided about the type of management program, the aspiring students should consider whether they want to pursue a general course or opt for specialization in a specific niche.  Most top colleges in Hyderabad will offer both general and specialized management programs although they might limit the choice of specializations being offered. However, some top ranked institutes offer only a general management program. For example VJIM, which is considered to be one of the best management colleges in Hyderabad, offers a world class post graduate diploma course without any specialization, but which is known to open great career opportunities for the students.

On or Off Campus

Another important thing to consider while selecting a management college in Hyderabad is whether the students want to pursue the course on campus or off campus. In case, the students cannot attend regular classes at the institute they might opt for an of campus program, if the college offers the same. However, not many good management institutes might provide this option, which is why the aspiring students should seek detailed information about this aspect while short-listing the institutes of their choice.

Industry Accreditation of Curriculum

The constantly changing business needs require the management colleges to update their curriculum every few years. However, many top institutes wait for the curriculum to be accredited by the AICTE before implementing it while there are others that keep updating their course to ensure that it is always at par with the current industry standards. These institutes give greater importance to  industry accreditation of their curriculum so that their students do not face any difficulty in meeting their job expectations.

Infrastructure And Other Facilities

The infrastructure and other facilities offered by an institute should also be taken into consideration as they play a vital role in ensuring a better learning experience for the students. That is why most top ranking institutes spend a large part of their budget on establishing proper infrastructure and providing the best learning facilities for students. A well developed infrastructure also offers great support to the faculty to help impart better training.