The city of Nizams, as it is known is now soon shaping up to a great educational hub while it maintains and preserves its charm of the days gone by and some great food culture. So, when you have Financial Management on your mind, why should you head to the capital of the newly minted state of Telangana?

  1. The Culture: When you aren’t busy crunching numbers or pouring over your course material, you can explore the city that offers a thousand delights — be it culinary, visual or literary. The city never ceases to delight. So, institutes like Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management or ICFAI or IILM will put you smack in the middle of the metropolis and history to give you an experience along with your education.


Source : http://bit.ly/28OjZ2k

  1. Diaspora : The city of Hyderabad is full of vibrance which shines through its people and the way of life there. For students of Hyderabad, there is a mingling of cultures within and beyond the campus. Within, you interact with an inflow of students coming in from all over the country carrying with them pieces of the places they belong to and just outside the gates, awaits you the Nizami opulence and tehzeeb. To see a pvt. B-school in Hyderabad with maximum number of diversity within the classroom, you may check ISB Hyderabad and VJIM, Hyderabad.
  1. The Metropolis: Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management is an institute located in Kukatpally which is a major residential and commercial suburb that ensures access to every modern amenity that you would need or desire while you spend your time acquiring your management degree. Similarly, an institute like ISB is located in an equally strategic location like Gachibowli.Needless to say, with so many brilliant institutions around, you have a chance to let yourself experience a growth in academic and interpersonal relationships. There is a fair proximity to markets and tech parks.
  1. Work While You Study and After: The good business schools in Hyderabad are located in the tech hub which provides you an opportunity to get your work experience while you are still studying. A work experience while you study will look really impressive on a resume as you build toward your career.

The other advantage of being located in a state capital that thrives on its work culture is the possibility of finding work right outside your college gates. Maybe, the city that you grew so fond of over the period of time will provide you not only your education but eventually employment. What better than to stay on in the city that symbolises modernity and heritage, all at once? Yes to Hyderabad?


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