Career opportunities while pursuing a Diploma in Financial Management

While it has often be said that knowledge must be pursued without an intent towards financial expectations but in todays times, an education without a proper thought of a career would be a grave error. While institutes like Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Deccan school of Management, Hyderabad Business School and ICBM School of Business Excellence offer diploma courses in Financial Management, what path could it eventually lead you to? What career prospects await you?


  1. Investment Banking – Although, strictly speaking, Investment Banking does not require a diploma in Financial Management but if you are a student, it certainly tips the scale indoor favour. It gives you that added advantage that the others who do not have this degree wouldn’t grasp the principals of finance as well as you do. You gain an edge over others in matters of technical skills, crunching numbers and basic comprehension.
  2. Commercial/Retail Banking/Insurance – A lot of work regarding these requires lengthy explanations to your clients so a thorough knowledge of Finance Management goes a long way. The better equipped you are about concepts, the easier and more seamless the process of dealing day to day is, be it clients or your superiors. This is a really lucrative job despite being highly demanding on you.

  1. Planning/Budgeting – This is a job that essentially requires you to dwell on your technical knowledge that you gathered while attending the endless lectures. All what you learn during the day can come to fruition at your job. If you manage to get an opportunity to work where your planning and budgeting skills are honed while you are studying, it will be a double advantage since the work skills can be applied in academics and academic skills can help you shine at work.

  1. Finance Writing – Express yourself while you are not pouring over those notebooks and textbooks and make an extra buck. While you pursue a diploma in Financial management you can go on to write for a lot of financial publication on and off the web. All it takes is a flair of language and some determination to gear up to it.

Overall, Financial management gives you a set of skills to view the world of Finance under a different light and work experience to be had which might eventually to comprehend and enhance the economy.


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