Business Standard’s 2016 ranking gives VignanaJyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad yet another high

With a phenomenal placement record with which VignanaJyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad closed the placement session for its Post Graduate Diploma in Management Class 2016, it is time for yet another laurel for the school to rejoice upon. The latest Business School Survey conducted by Business Standard rates VJIM, Hyderabad in the Super League A2- A5 and positions it among top B-schools in the A3 league.


Beating B-schools like VIT, Presidency College of Bangalore University, ITS Ghaziabad, AIMS School of Business, etc. far behind, VJIM Hyderabad scores an 80 in its Over-all Percentile section- keeping even IIM Ranchi behind. It goes a notch higher by scoring a stunning 85 on the Perception Percentile as well. This Hyderabad based Management School has been gradually evolving as a top rated Business School with a very updated, industry-centric curriculum delivered by top-notch academicians and practitioners.

Business Standard uses a very sound methodology to determine the top rated B-schools to help management aspirants make sound choice about their careers. It uses the combination of self-audit by the institutes and an external rating by industry. This year however, the module was audited bit further. The ranking has been arrived at a weighted composite score comprising the audit index and perception index. It has been done on six different parameters. Even alumni of individual schools and HR professionals participated in the audit.

Needless to say, the survey showcases some premium B-schools of the country and grades them in highly relevant categories to make things extremely transparent for aspirants.

VJIM Hyderabad’s PGDM practices a model that combines academics, in-depth case studies, management debates, talks from industry experts and a curriculum of the highest standards to create global leaders. In today’s competitive environment, a course that guarantees you quality, value and intellectual rigor is the need of the hour. With innovation in the daily approach of things, VJIM ensures its students to get industry-ready in every possible way.

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“Essentials of Investing in Financial Markets”- a seminar hosted for VJIM students to give them a glimpse into the world of Finance

July 23, 2016, Hyderabad:WhenAjay Sharma- General Manager, Titan Company Ltd. and AbhishekVaish- Area Manager, Aditya Birla Money came down to campus to interact with the VignanaJyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad students, it was one stimulating session of two hours. The talk was themed around the topic- “Essentials of Investing in Financial Markets”.


Ajay Sharma talked around the transformation of the Indian Stock Market. He started from the situation of mid 1980’s and elaborated how the market evolved gradually till the mid 90’s when the Economic reforms came to picture. SEBI & NSE’s establishment brought the giant leap and the much-awaited transformation.Ajay introduced the students with the common, yet important terms used in the Stock Market that include- Intraday, Long Buy, and Short Sale.He also talked about the calculation of SENSEX & NIFTY and how to go about studying them to make wise decisions and interpretations concerning the market. The talk got even more interesting when he focused on the importance of fundamental analysis that any Investor or trader, must stress upon to get higher returns, with minimum loss. He even mentioned the 6 basic principles of Investments that include:

  • Power of Compounding
  • Diversity in selection

Ajay’s talk was frequented with anecdotes andpersonal experiences, which made students, relate to the address and respond to it better. It helped them broadly understand the efficient ways of selecting stocks to invest on. Ajay further ended his speech with some amazing quotes of Warren Buffet.

AbhishekVaish, Area Manager, Aditya Birla Money introduced the idea of financial planning, its importance and a roadmap to meet life’s goals through the management of finances. He mentioned the different classification of assets that include debt, equity & commodities. Abhishekexplained about the things to be determined by an individual before deciding the investment that include-

  • Liquidity Preference
  • Risk appetite

The seminar at large helped students review their fundamentals and gather more knowledge about the Financial Markets and the current scope of Investment in India.

Student Life – Sports And Games Lead To Overall Grooming Of Management Students

B Schools are not only the training ground for future managers but they are platforms that give birth to future leaders too. A sign of a top management institute is that it grooms its students into well rounded personalities and professionals. And Student Life – Sports And Games, other activities it promotes is elementary to that.


That’s why as a management hopeful when you are looking for the best B School to enroll with, it’s an aspect you need to pay attention to as well. A renowned management institute like SCMS Cochin is a place that strives to create a holistic learning experience for its students. It means equal emphasis on the extracurricular that creates confident individuals.

Facilities to put your best step forward


SCMS Cochin is an institute based in Kerala, which is rightly known as God’s own country. The lush natural surroundings, sprawling campus and diverse classrooms help students engage, learn and grow every day in the best possible way.

The state of the art campus also has sporting facilities that encourage you to step on the grounds, either as an enthusiast or an avid sportsperson. Cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis are just some of the sporting avenues that students can make the most out of.

Culture Clubs and fests

One of the important elements of studying at a B School is becoming aware of different cultures and transforming into a global professional. Events held on SCMS campus celebrate different cultures. The institute is also home to various clubs that offer exciting opportunities for students to showcase their talents and come into their own.


Humane and Finesse are just some of the events organized at the institute for students from different specializations. Shikhar, the annual management fest on the other hand is a huge draw amongst students from all over the country. Together these Annual Cultural Programs encourage students to perform, organize and thereby gain in confidence.

Grooming socially conscious managers


SCMS Cochin has always strived to create leaders and managers, who are aware of their responsibilities towards the society. It tries to do that through initiatives like Parivarthana that reach out to thousands of school children in the area. Future managers take on various responsibilities that teach them the importance of giving back to the society.

Thus through a thriving student life and a flurry of activities, the institute ensures that its future managers are well rounded individuals too.

SCMS Cochin Faculty Team Pillars Of Its Strength

There are a few hallmark features of renowned B Schools in the country. Of course the curriculum of their PGDM program matters because it makes students ready for the challenges of the industry. But at the end of the day the curriculum has to be delivered by faculty members, who keep things relatable for students. SCMS Cochin Faculty team is the backbone of the institute and adds immensely to the learning experience for students.


SCMS Cochin is often the top choice for management aspirants who are looking to pursue their PGDM program in Kerala. The institute has gained its reputation on the back of its consistent record, which has drawn students from all over the country to it. But another major attraction for management hopefuls is the strong faculty team that has vast experience in academia and the industry as well.

The strong full time faculty team

Over the course of last 16 years, SCMS Cochin has managed to attract experienced academics, industry experts and others from the intellectual community to the institute. Today it has a strong 95 member full time faculty team that is not only known for its teaching skills but contributions to the world of management education as well. These faculty members are dedicated to the cause of imparting sound knowledge of management concepts and more to students.


In fact, many of SCMS Cochin faculty team have several renowned research papers under their belt. Under the mentorship of these experts, students of the institute develop a research bent of mind, which is crucial to their future growth. Several of the faculty members are sought after when it comes to organizing MDPs. They share their varied experiences with students and remain accessible to them. Overall they inspire and encourage students to think out of the box and become future leaders.

Guest faculty and esteemed speakers

SCMS Cochin remains aware of the fact that to offer students insight into the real life corporate world, one needs to widen the resource base. That’s why it brings industry experts, entrepreneurs and professionals to the campus on a regular basis. These industry interface sessions offer an eye-opening experience to students. Some of the big names that have made their presence felt on the campus include Mr. Praveen Kamath, Global Head, WIPRO BPO Talent Transformation, Mr. Cherian Varghese, CEO Pristine Financial Services Pvt. Ltd, and Mr. T. P. Sreenivasan, Former Ambassador of India.


International faculty members

Over the years the B School has also managed to foster relationships with academics, professionals and institutions from all over the world. It leverages these relationships by bringing top International faculty members to the campus to help its students get a global learning experience. Some of the names included in this esteemed list are Dr. Bijoy. K. Sahoo, Dean, School Of Business North Carolina Central University, USA and Dr. Beat Hulliger, Professor, University of Applied Science, Northwestern Switzerland.

Together these faculty members ensure that students of SCMS Cochin get a holistic learning experience, which sets them apart.

Part Time PGDM Program To Take Your Career To The Next Level

There is no right time to get an education that not only helps you learn, but enhances your career prospects as well. It’s particularly true in terms of management programs that can open new doors for you in your career. If you are a working professional who wants to give your corporate dreams wings, then Part Time PGDM program might be the way to go.

There are more management aspirants, who opt for part time programs than you might think. For some it might be a way of getting additional qualification while keeping up with their professional responsibilities. Others thrive on the challenge of managing tight schedules as they leverage their work experience to their advantage.

Part Time PGDM Program To Take Your Career To The Next Level image

Highlights of reputed part time programs

  • Some of the renowned B Schools in the country like SCMS Cochin for example, will offer PGDM Part Time along with their flagship full time programs. These part time programs are designed to help working professionals, entrepreneurs, executives boost their future prospects.
  • The program will be delivered by experienced names in the world of academia, who have industry experience to boot. They use modern teaching techniques to help students understand management concepts that they can then relate to experiences in the professional sphere.
  • One of the highlights of the program offered by SCMS Cochin is that it is held on Sundays and holidays. Thus though it emphasizes on academic rigour, things don’t get extremely hectic for students who also have to manage their professional responsibilities.

Important details about the program

  • SCMS Cochin offers a much talked about part time management program that is a good mix of classroom learning and hands on experience. Students who attend the program with their specific goals are equipped to meet them at the end of it.
  • Another advantage of opting for the program at the institute is that it has class strength of 30. It brings together students from different walks of life. It not only creates an enriching learning environment but each one of the students gets due attention.
  • Applicants for the program need to have at least two years of work experience. You should also have scored 50 % aggregate marks for your degree exams. Rs. 75,000 is the per semester fee for the program.

Part Time PGDM program is convenient, cost effective and hugely beneficial for your long term career goals.

Why PGDM In Kerala Has Its Advantages?

Gone are the days when management aspirants had to stick to the few old education centers to boost their career prospects. Today there are many new destinations all over the country that are making their presence felt with colleges and programs that tick the right boxes for management hopefuls. Kerala, God’s own country, is definitely one of them and has a lot in store for students from all over India. If you harbor management dreams then PGDM In Kerala can just be the right platform to see them soar.


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The southern state has undoubtedly been a glorious tourism ambassador for the country as it attracts travelers from all over the world. But what does it have for management hopefuls? That is the question you might want to ask. The state and its B Schools have produced some of the finest names in different industries, global leaders, entrepreneurs and renowned professionals in recent years. Clearly a lot can happen for students who opt for PGDM In Cochin or anywhere else in Kerala for that matter.

A chance to study in a stunning in scenic settings

Now students from various parts of the country have an opportunity to study on lush campuses that are a hallmark of Kerala B Schools. They make the perfect home away from home for students who revel in the natural surroundings that give them a breather from their hectic schedules. Since these B Schools also attract students from diverse cultures it creates a dynamic and enriching campus and classroom environment.

An opportunity to learn from the best

Kerala has become home to some of the noted corporates, academics and experts from different fields. Many of them have vast corporate experience and they are keen to share that with students in management schools in the state. They add further value to the industry-focused curriculums of the B Schools and do their best to bring the best out of students.

Industry interactions at their best

Kerala, especially Cochin, has become a buzzing industrial center. With several top organizations in the vicinity students have access to leading professionals who visit B School campuses for industry interface sessions. From industry visits to summer internships and networking opportunities for placement prospects, students thus get the cutting edge advantage by being at the heart of things.

The right platform for overall growth

From the highly ranked SCMS Cochin to B Schools like Amity Global Business School, Cochin institutes in the state offer students various platforms and initiatives to display their talents. Sports and extracurricular activities, college fests and more, help students transform into well-rounded professionals.

Hence it’s not surprising that Kerala has become a sought after destination for management aspirants. They head to the state to pursue PGDM programs at top institutes and bolster their future prospects.


Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, is also now an education hub. Every year, thousands flock this city to gain knowledge, work experience and pursue courses of their choice. Those interested in PGDM courses can breathe easy as this heritage city has a number of premier institutions that will give you an opportunity to study what you aspire for.


  • Vignana JyotHi Institute of Management

One of the premier management institutions in Hyderabad, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management was founded in 1993. It is AICTE approved and accredited by NAAC, NBA and AIU. It boasts of great faculty, campus, alumni and resources — both academic and recreational.

It offers two PGDM courses : PGDM Marketing and PGDM General Management which you are free to choose.

VJIM has also managed to place its students in good positions and provided them a future to look forward to.


This institution offers AICTE approved PGDM in Finance and Marketing. The campus boasts of an academic block, library building, dining halls, hostels, a sports complex and housing for faculty.

Established in 2011, it has very rapidly made a name for itself as institution offering a holistic educational experience and a good placement record for its students.

  • Institute of public enterprise :

Situated in Hyderabad, this institute offers AICTE approved PGDM in Retail & Marketing, Banking, Insurance & Finance, International Business and Human Resource Management. The institution was established in 1964 and offered its management programs as early as 1981.

Apart from the courses and curriculum, it has a sprawling green campus and offers a gym, playground, Shuttle, wifi campus, industrial and foreign tours, library and computer centre.

  • Siva Sivani Institute of Management

The institution has been offering management courses since 1991 and offers a varied number PGDMs such as AICTE PGDM (Triple Specialization), Banking, Finance & Insurance, Marketing Dual, Human Resource Management PGDM (Triple Specialization), PGDM – Banking, Finance & Insurance, PGDM – Global Business.

Along with this, it a residential institution with good amenities, faculty and recreational centres. Upon completing studies students have been placed with good, reputed companies.

  • Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management

VVISM started offering PGDM courses since the year 1998. It offers AICTE approved PGDMs and is affiliated to the prestigious Osmania University.

Along with a great teaching faculty it provides course delivery through business simulation. It has a hostel, Wifi campus, industrial tours, library and a computer lab.