VJIM’s beating 4 top teams and lifting the trophy of Yuva 2016

The professionalism is built on the concrete initiatives and practicality stemming out from the relevant textbook concepts. Reiterating this idea, the team from ViganaJyothiInstitute of Management, Hyderabad’s Salesforce made headlines just a few days back by winning the title of YUVA 2016. Ala Karthikeya, G SaiJanardhanRao, K Sai Vijay, and RamprasadVarun were the members onboard this team.


When asked about their strategy and the winning formula, they explained by saying “We made sure the team had a balance between people who actually were good at sales, ones who can relate the textbook concepts to the process and ones who could present well. There wasn’t any room for emotions here. It was completely professional. It was rather a co-incidence that we thought of each other’s names when the contest was announced.”

They explained the Yuva Challenge as a sales activity offering a first-hand experience to the management students from leading b-schools. They were given a task to sell a bundle of ITC products within three hours including the handing over of money to the employee of ITC present on the campus. And, this was just the beginning as more was to follow.

“After this, we had to make a PowerPoint presentation of the learning and experiences and send a soft copy of the same to the company. Based on the quality of Presentations, 4 Top teams were shortlisted and we had to face IPE-Hyderabad in the final presentation round on campus” told Ala Karthikeya from the VJIM team.

The products allotted to every group were almost similar so the competition was about planning a strategy that clicked on time and gave the winners an edge over the competitors. In this regard, VJIM students truly displayed an innovative streak that they learnt from their on-campus training. They opted for outbound sales. Although the sales at the end of the day were low, yet they leveraged their experience to present their achievements in a unique manner.

When asked about the most interesting part of this challenge, Karthikeya said “Being a 100% outbound sale, the challenge was to convince prospects whom we never met or interacted with. Not just for once, but make sure, he will get converted into a loyal ITC customer, nothing but the Basic rule of sales like communication and patience.”

Throughout this rigorous sales challenge, they shared some light moments as well. They credited the success of this challenge to their mentor Prof. K Suresh who guided them in preparing an excellent PowerPoint Presentation.

When asked about the takeaway of this activity, they unanimously shared their views by stating “We learnt the importance of good communication, making the right choices and presenting the learning in a unique way. In all these endeavors, what we learnt at VJIM truly paid off.”



Once you have set your mind to get a post graduate degree, the next very obvious steps to resolve are:

  • good b-schools providing the course and
  • the city that will house you for the next years

Over the last couple of years, Bschools located in Hyderabad have been drawing a lot of aspirants towards them. Especially those who are looking for PG diploma in Business Management and other various Post Graduate Diploma courses.


For more than one reason Hyderabad colleges win with a clear margin. The liveability of the city, availability of faculty, easy access to industries and top practitioners, good environment for start ups, solid infrastructure and governmental cooperation — all of those factors contribute significantly towards the rise of Hyderabad as city of amazing Business Schools.



Yes, Hyderabad is the house of some of the excellent Business schools. Looking at the top five, that is, Indian School of Business (ISB), Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management – VJIM, Osmania University College of Business Management, ICBM – School of Business Excellence, Siva Sivani Institute of Management – SSIM we can get a fair idea why is the aspirant student crowd looking at the newly minted capital city.

One of the bschools in the list that needs special mention and notice is Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management – VJIM, Hyderabad. Over the years, the school has been steadily rising under the guidance of an able leadership and a commendable infrastructure. The latest ranks and surveys are seeing this Hyderabad based school steadily making its way towards stunning placements and rise in average CTC of graduates. The b-school is knows for it’s

a) Personalized Student Mentoring System (PSMS) that keeps the aspirants in check through out the course,

b) industry oriented curriculum that grooms them in the right direction,

c) weekly institutional seminars that smoothen aspirants’ edges,

d) strong placements in reputed MNCs ensuring solid RoI

e) a strong alumni network that will support you for life professionally and in even after work

Another factor to consider is that colleges like Indian School of Business (ISB), Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management – VJIM, Osmania provide excellent career opportunities to its students right within the city when they are done. This is made particularly easy by the proximity of tech parks and a flock of giants like Infosys, Microsoft, CSC, Oracle, Wipro, Kanbay, GE, Value labs, ADP, Dell, Deloitte, iGATE, HSBC, Sum Total, Intergraph, Analog Devices, IBM, Keane, Satyam, Baan, InMage, SatNav Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, Amazon, Google, etc at hand’s distance.

So, go ahead, Hyderabad is waiting for you!



A lot can be said about an institution based on it Management Development Programs (MDPs).  Management Development Programmes, as listed on various educational websites, are designed to provide working executives with state-of-art concepts and practices in management, provide insights into managerial concepts and techniques relevant for formulating and implementing strategies in various functional areas and to gain an overall perspective for decision making by integrating functional and general management approaches.


MDPs are a way an organization makes its employees stay updated with the new business practices.  These short programmes help working professionals stay on top of practical applications and effectiveness of various tools and techniques.

One top Hyderabad PGDM institute to reckon with when its comes to some meaningful MDPs would be Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management – VJIM, Hyderabad. Since years, the b-school has been greatly focusing on Management Development Programmes to contribute to the working industry. Management Development Programmes at VJIM is a joint collaboration of knowledge and experience. The practical experience that can only be gathered in the outside world is now becoming an integral part of the school’s way of operation.

About Management Development Programmes, Premchand Palety says that , “faculty should be measured in terms of cases developed, joint research projects undertaken, consultancy assignments and MDPs conducted. [And . . . ] As of now, most of the cases written by Indian B-school faculty are armchair efforts and not field cases. Institutes should constantly come up with new learning that can be gainfully adopted by industry. MDPs are meant to be a means to disseminate new learning created in institutes among professionals from industry.”

Seminars, workshops, guest lectures and hiring visiting faculty from industry only add on to students, faculty as well as the industry experts’ expertise and skills. When a school goes about conducting MDPs on its campus, the knowledge dissemination happens from faculty to professionals and vice-versa.

The back and forth learning process of the MDP affects the Postgraduate Program through case studies of situations in real time which results in leaders who not only possess with themselves the tools to build what future will be, but also have the expertise of the age that they work in. The B School offers programs that are customised to suit corporate executives as well as future postgraduates.

According to VJIM, Management Development Programmes (MDPs) offered at the school in recent past are listed as follows.

  1. On-Campus General Programs for Middle and entry level
  2. On-Campus Customized Programs for Middle level
  3. Certificate Programs (On Campus) for Middle level
  4. Off-Campus Programs (General and Customized, at the premises of the companies) for middle level.

*The Management Development Programmes offered can be checked out at http://vjim.edu.in/management-development-programme/ for more details.


Soon, very soon, aspirants will be queuing up for their entry to top b-schools with their entrance scores, picking out colleges that suit their need, apply, sit for the rounds of GD and PIs, brainstorm, analyze and finally seek admissions.  Over the years, thousands are flocking to the city of Hyderabad. The city over the years has been nurturing some of the reputed pvt. B-schools of the country. Those who are interested in PGDM courses can go through this list of premier b-schools of Hyderabad and research further.


                                                       Source : http://bit.ly/2cy2GPN

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY (IMT), Hyderabad: This particular institution was established in 2011 and is known for its PGDM in Marketing and Finance. It is AICTE approved and the campus has an impressive list of facilities hostels, a sports complex, housing for faculty, academic block, library building and dining hall. It has a record of getting its students placed in solid, well performing companies and provides a complete educational experience.

Vignana JyotHi Institute of Management, Hyderabad: With two decades of histry behind it, VJIM is synonymous to good quality Management education. Primarily a favorite of students looking for specializing in Marketing, VJIM Hyderabad anyday becomes a top choice because of its long established reputation of delivering top Management education. It was was founded in 1993 and has been approved by AICTE and accredited by NAAC, NBA and AIU. It boasts of great faculty, campus, alumni and resources — both academic and recreational. More than 2500+ alumni have graduated from the school and are now located all across the globe, heading major positions of leadership across sectors.

Institute of public enterprise : This Hyderabad business school offers AICTE approved PGDM in Retail & Marketing, Banking, Insurance & Finance, International Business and Human Resource Management. Established in 1964 they were pioneers and offered its management programs as early as 1981. It has a lush green campus, a gym, playground, Shuttle, wifi campus, industrial and foreign tours, library and computer centre for students.

Siva Sivani Institute of Management : The institution has been offering management courses since 1991.  The offered PGDMs are: AICTE PGDM (Triple Specialization), Banking, Finance & Insurance, Marketing Dual, Human Resource Management PGDM (Triple Specialization), PGDM – Banking, Finance & Insurance, PGDM – Global Business. Along with this, Siva Sivani is a residential institution with good amenities, faculty and a lot of centres for recreation. Companies that recruit are good and reputed.

Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and MANAGEMENT: They have been offering PGDM courses since the year 1998. All offered courses are AICTE approved PGDMs and college is affiliated to the prestigious Osmania University. It has a great faculty, provides course delivery through business simulation and is residential.

Management Development Program – The Key To Ensuring A Successful Managerial Career

Managers play a key role within an organization in terms of directing and inspiring their team towards the achievement of common organizational objectives. In addition, they also help in strengthening the bond of trust and belonging amongst the employees. However, in order for the managers to fulfill all the above responsibilities in a successful manner, it is extremely essential for them to not only possess the right leadership skills but also an in depth expertise in operational excellence and analysis along with a thorough knowledge of the domain they are working in. For people seeking a way to acquire such skills, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management is definitely the best choice.



A PGDBM program undertaken from a renowned college or institute helps in providing the relevant training to managerial aspirants about overcoming the challenges they might face in a real world environment. The focus of these programs is on helping the candidates to become better policy and decision makers while also improvising the management control systems. These programs make use of the relevant theoretical knowledge, practical sessions, on-site visits, guest lectures and other educational tools to help the trainees to gradually turn into prospective managers. They groom the candidates to take up their roles and responsibilities within the managerial capacity in an extremely smooth and hassle free manner.

Benefits Of PGDBM 

Most PGDBM programs offered by the best colleges and institutes are of two years duration. During these two years, the students get to learn about the various aspects of being a part of an organization in the capacity of a manager. In addition they get the following benefits, which can help them in their career growth long after they have completed the program.

  • It helps enhance their inherent leadership qualities and skills and teaches them to use these in the most effective manner and time.
  • The candidates become aware of the importance of managing people rather than managing assets for greater organizational success.
  • They develop an attitude towards taking positive decisions that prove beneficial for the company as well as the team members.
  • They learn the importance of keeping themselves updated about the concurrent changes within their specific working niche to prove a competitive advantage to the company.
  • It teaches them the skill of networking and its importance in the modern workplaces to help build strong and efficient teams that are focused on overall organizational growth.


PGDM Course Options

With most B-schools offering at least on PGDBM program, there are quite few options for the candidates to choose from. They can either opt for a general PGDBM program or they can choose a Post Graduate Diploma Course in HR, Finance, Marketing or any other specific field of their interest.  Irrespective of which program they opt for, the candidates can be sure that upon completing the course they will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure a great entry within their chosen field of career. The program will provide them with the most appropriate guidance to handle their various roles and responsibilities as a successful manager in the most confident and satisfying manner.

Post Graduate Diploma Courses – Helping People Give A Boost To Their Career

There has been a considerable change in the work environment of modern organizations as compared to how such organizations used to operate only a few decades back. The opening up of the Indian economy and the growing trend of MNC work culture influencing even small organizations in a big way, must businesses today seek employees, who are capable of handling the challenges and responsibilities of working in such an environment. While, this is not such a difficult task for people who have some management training and skill, it can be a major road bump in the career growth of ones with no such training. Thankfully, with numerous colleges offering Post Graduate Diploma courses in India, overcoming this road bump has become relatively easier.


Unlike the earlier times, hard work is not just the primary criteria considered for the career growth of low level managers in the modern time. Even though it is still considered to be one of the most vital traits of successful professionals, it needs to be backed up by other skills and qualities that will prove beneficial for the individual and the organization in the long run. These primarily include leadership skills, interpersonal skills, effective communication skills and most importantly an in depth knowledge about the various aspects of the niche they work in. For example a junior level manager working in the HR department of an organization can enhance his prospects of career growth in a significant manner by opting for a Post Graduate Diploma course in Human Resource from a reputed institute.

An increasing number of companies are now willing to invest in capable managers, who can handle the responsibilities of the divisions assigned to them in an efficient and productive manner. This has naturally created a lot of possibilities for candidates who can prove their skills and efficiency to the top management and provide them an in-house solution helping them save both time and money. A PGDM course certification is surely one of the easiest ways to ensure that the top management does not overlook the talent of in-house managers and seek candidates from outside to fill up the required positions. This will not only breed dissent amidst the workforce but will also cause the management to lose the trust and confidence of its most loyal employees.

Depending upon their career objectives and the time they can spare to complete the PGDM program, candidates can opt for a full time or part time course. However, it is important for the candidates to verify whether or not the institute they choose offers a part time Post Graduate Diploma course in Financial Management. Although opting for a part time program might restrict the choice of institutes and colleges for the candidates, it will ensure that they are able to actually start testing the concepts they learn, in their workplace almost immediately. This helps them to not only better understand the effectiveness of the concepts but also their relevance within the specific industry. Accordingly they can provide a feedback to their instructors as well as institutions so as to get an improved learning experience for themselves as their colleagues.

Benefits Of Enrolling With A Top MBA College In Hyderabad

Pursuing an MBA program is more about enhancing the value of your basic education and gaining the skills and the knowledge that will ensure a spectacular career growth in the future. Hyderabad is one of the several cities in India, which are a popular choice for candidates aspiring to earn an MBA degree and enhance their skill level. With the growing demand for this program of higher education, there has also been a significant rise in the number of colleges claiming to offer high quality management courses. However, in order to truly reap the benefits of an MBA program, it is essential for the aspiring candidates to try and get enrolled with one of the best MBA colleges in Hyderabad.

Enrolling with a top ranking b-school has several obvious benefits, including access to latest tools of education, great faculty and infrastructure and even the support of a well established and respected name. Apart from these obvious benefits, the candidates can also gain in multiple ways through the following lesser known advantages.


Source : http://bit.ly/2cnZZWg

Exposure To A Global Learning Environment: In general, a top MBA college in Hyderabad will prepare its students for a global markets rather than just the domestic ones. In keeping with the same, the colleges tend to focus on offering a global learning environment so that the candidates do not feel out of place when they encounter similar situations during their real world job experiences. Since they have already been introduced to the ways in which business operate in an international marketplace, they find it relatively easy to adapt to the necessary changes within an extremely short time period.

Greater Focus On Practical Problem Solving: One of the major causes for MBA graduates coming from average B-schools, not attainting too much success in their career is their lack of practical knowledge. Most top ranked MBA colleges in Hyderabad understand the importance of exposing the trainees to real world business challenges and asking them to find solutions to the given problems. That is why they include multiple sessions of this nature in the course curriculum, which not only enhances the analytical skills of the candidates but also helps them to take confident decisions based on their unique understanding of the problems. Moreover, it helps the candidates extensively during their careers as they are well aware of the various challenges that can hinder the decision making process and also understand the best solutions to solve the problem in the most satisfactory manner.

Get The Benefit Of Overall Personality Development: Unlike the average B-schools in Hyderabad, the top colleges do not focus only on imparting management education. Rather they believe in ensuring the complete physical and mental development and grooming of the trainees so that when they are ready to move out into the world they not only possess goo education but a great personality as well. In order to ensure the same, the best colleges pay great attention towards identifying the skills that individual candidates might be lacking and conduct special sessions to help enhance the same. In fact, personality development is an integral part of the entire curriculum for any program offered by the leading management colleges in Hyderabad.