A lot can be said about an institution based on it Management Development Programs (MDPs).  Management Development Programmes, as listed on various educational websites, are designed to provide working executives with state-of-art concepts and practices in management, provide insights into managerial concepts and techniques relevant for formulating and implementing strategies in various functional areas and to gain an overall perspective for decision making by integrating functional and general management approaches.


MDPs are a way an organization makes its employees stay updated with the new business practices.  These short programmes help working professionals stay on top of practical applications and effectiveness of various tools and techniques.

One top Hyderabad PGDM institute to reckon with when its comes to some meaningful MDPs would be Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management – VJIM, Hyderabad. Since years, the b-school has been greatly focusing on Management Development Programmes to contribute to the working industry. Management Development Programmes at VJIM is a joint collaboration of knowledge and experience. The practical experience that can only be gathered in the outside world is now becoming an integral part of the school’s way of operation.

About Management Development Programmes, Premchand Palety says that , “faculty should be measured in terms of cases developed, joint research projects undertaken, consultancy assignments and MDPs conducted. [And . . . ] As of now, most of the cases written by Indian B-school faculty are armchair efforts and not field cases. Institutes should constantly come up with new learning that can be gainfully adopted by industry. MDPs are meant to be a means to disseminate new learning created in institutes among professionals from industry.”

Seminars, workshops, guest lectures and hiring visiting faculty from industry only add on to students, faculty as well as the industry experts’ expertise and skills. When a school goes about conducting MDPs on its campus, the knowledge dissemination happens from faculty to professionals and vice-versa.

The back and forth learning process of the MDP affects the Postgraduate Program through case studies of situations in real time which results in leaders who not only possess with themselves the tools to build what future will be, but also have the expertise of the age that they work in. The B School offers programs that are customised to suit corporate executives as well as future postgraduates.

According to VJIM, Management Development Programmes (MDPs) offered at the school in recent past are listed as follows.

  1. On-Campus General Programs for Middle and entry level
  2. On-Campus Customized Programs for Middle level
  3. Certificate Programs (On Campus) for Middle level
  4. Off-Campus Programs (General and Customized, at the premises of the companies) for middle level.

*The Management Development Programmes offered can be checked out at for more details.


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