PG Diploma Courses- Preparing Management Aspirants For The Highly Competitive Business World

With the growing demand for trained management professionals, it is not surprising that the number of colleges and institutes offering different management programs has been on the rise. Contrary to what most people believe, the increase in the number of institutes has not affected the quality of management education as deeply as it was expected. Rather, they have provided a greater choice to aspiring candidates to get the requisite training for taking on the highly competitive business world after the completion of their PG diploma courses or MBA programs. In fact, the education space in India is so wide that the growth of b-schools has come as a boon for the candidates seeking a good education for a better career.


Only a decade ago, pursuing a management course from any institute other than an IIM was considered a waste of time and money. But this outlook has gradually changed as the industry is increasingly accepting candidates, who have completed a PG Diploma in business management from recognized private institutes. These autonomous institutes are known to make every effort to keep the level and quality of their education with the top ranked nationalized b-schools in India. Moreover, they pay special attention towards updating their course curriculum to meet the current business needs and trends. They maintain a close contact with the HR departments of various organizations to understand the qualities and skills sought in a prospective employee and then integrate the same in their curriculum.

It is due to these persistent efforts of renowned private institutions like VJIM, that management aspirants are market ready upon the completion of their programs. The institutions make it a mission to develop the inherent skills of the trainees in a manner that helps them overcome the various challenges in their chosen field of profession. The institutes use both theoretical education and practical demonstration to help the students gain a comprehensive understanding of the various concepts and topics that are a part of their curriculum. They make sure to hire the best faculty for imparting this education in the most effective and efficient manner.

Apart from focusing on enhancing the knowledge of the trainees, the institutes also help in developing their overall personality. This is because the institutes are well aware of the growing significance of soft skills and an impressive personality of a candidate for ensuring their career growth. In order to ensure the same, most private institutes hold special training sessions to improve the soft skills of the candidates and help them acquire and enhance good communication and leadership skills. This further improves the chances of the candidates gaining a successful entry into their chosen field and maintaining their career growth by showing a consistently high quality performance that is well beyond the expectations of their employees and is highly beneficial for the organization.


Additional Activities Students Should Take Part In While Pursuing PGDM

PGDM is one of the most popular choices amongst candidates seeking management education at the post graduate level. There are countless renowned institutions offering different types of post graduate diploma courses to aspiring candidates across the country. Although most such programs are designed according to the latest industry needs and expectations, students should make sure that they keep themselves involved in other activities that will help enhance the value of their studies. Some such activities are listed below.


  • Students should develop the habit of keeping track of the financial and economic events occurring across the globe and linking them with the local market trends. This will help them understand the impact of any changes in global economy in their everyday life which can prove helpful in their understanding of specific topics that are an integral part of their course.
  • While pursuing the PG courses in India, students should learn to build their professional networks, especially with their seniors. Not only can the older students help them by providing tips and tricks about making the most of their time spent at the institute, they can also help them with valuable suggestion based on their experience in the industry.
  • It is important for the students to try and not miss any of the business fests and other similar events held within their campus or even in other institutes. This will not only help enhance their knowledge, but also give them a better idea of where they stand in comparison with the other students pursuing post graduate diploma in business management.
  • Whenever possible, candidates pursuing PGDM programs should enroll for additional certifications that match their interest. There are countless options of short duration certification programs available to such students, which can help enhance the value of their studies even further.
  • Many times, some of the faculty members teaching the different subjects of post graduate diploma in management are working on one or another research papers. Students should take advantage of this opportunity and request such faculty members to provide them with an opportunity to assist them. The students can also try to present a couple of research papers of their own in some relevant competitions or online forums.
  • In order to keep themselves updated about the skills sought by the industry, students should go through the job advertisements of companies seeking professionals for posts related to their field of study. In case they feel that the necessary skills are not covered by their course, the candidates should seek other sources to update themselves in the same.

Finally, it is important for the students to spend some on recreational and entertainment activities. This is necessary to keep their minds refreshed and help them absorb the vast amounts of knowledge without feeling the pressure too much and also beating the stress of studies.

PGDM Programs – Helping Students Attain A Cumulative Career Growth

Given the cut-throat competition in the corporate world today, candidates intending to make a successful career, need to plan their approach and objectives well in advance. As a part f this strategy most candidates start planning their professional growth path from the time when they are still pursuing their high school education. Based on their capabilities and interests, most such students seek information about the various post-graduate programs that they might pursue. While MBA is the primary choice of most students, they are also not averse to the idea of pursuing PGDM in Hyderabad and other renowned education hubs across the country.

VJIM PGDM Programs


Unlike the earlier times, students today are aware of the fact that there is a thin line of difference between an MBA and PDGM program. In fact, 90% of the prominent business schools across India are offering PGDM courses, which make it an easy choice for candidates aspiring to make a career in management. Given below are some facts about the PGDM courses that can help to further assure candidates about the relevance of this program.

  • Just like the MBA programs, gaining admission into the PGDM colleges in Hyderabad and other parts of the country requires the candidates to go through a stringent admission process. They are required to not only pass a qualifying exam, but also to fulfill other requirements including good academic scores, and passing group discussion and interview rounds.
  • Candidates opting to pursue a PGDM program need to develop the habit of being constantly aware of the social, economic and political happening across the globe. This is because analyzing the effect of these happenings on the local as well as the global economy is an integral part of their studies besides which it makes them market ready.
  • Following the example of the best MBA colleges in Hyderabad, the renowned institutes offering PGDM programs, focus on enhancing the interpersonal skill of the candidates. This is done with the objective of preparing the candidates for a modern day work environment where these skills play and equally important role as their education and knowledge.
  • Given that the PGDM programs are offered by autonomous institutes, upgrading their curriculum is a lot easier as compared to MBA programs. This means that candidates pursuing a PGDM program generally have the advantage of learning the most industry-relevant and up-to-date curriculum as compared to the candidates pursuing MBA.
  • Finally, contrary to the popular belief, both MBA and PGDM offer a similar career growth as it depends more on the performance of the candidates rather than the degree they possess. The PGDM programs place the candidates at par with their MBA possessing counterparts in terms of gaining an entry into the industry of their choice.

VJIM is one of the finest institutes offering PGDM programs to aspiring candidates desirous of building a successful career in the field of management.

5 Ways to Make the most out of a Brainstorming Session

“It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.” – Edward de Bono

Brainstorming is done exactly for this purpose that is to have a lot of ideas on the plate even though some of them are not even worth listening. Brainstorming is the most important team method that we teach in our pg diploma courses.


If you are willing to do a pg diploma in business management, then you would sincerely would want to excel in this field. Here are five ways to ensure a successful Brainstorming Session :

Using it at the Right Occasions

Brainstorming is a long drawn process that needs planning and careful implementation. Using these sessions for small and pity issues would not be worth. Use brainstorming when new ideas are required or there is a need to generate a large list of possibilities to a particular problem. It is also useful when the problem is inflexible and needs lateral thinking.

Formulation of Brainstorming Teams

Creating large groups with no background knowledge of the subject or the problem can be a big risk. The team should be formulated in such a manner that all the people concerned with different parts of the problem should be included. The prior brainstorming session performance can also be taken into consideration if there are two equally good candidates from a particular field.

Listing Down the Guidelines before each Session

Brainstorming sessions can be extremely overwhelming with people yelling at each other and turning down each other’s ideas out of mere jealousy. This could be easily avoided by laying certain ground rules that needs to be followed at any cost possible.

Postpone the Criticism of Ideas

This hinders the generation of new ideas as other people might get conscious and do not say something. It can also discourage the concerned individual from giving ideas in future. The immediate goal should be to jot down as many ideas as possible and then considering them one by one chucking the inappropriate ones.

Open the gates of Wild Imagination

Any workable and sober idea can not come up just like that. You need to be wild in your imagination and then building upon that eliminating all the unrealistic possibilities can help generate a perfectly workable solution. Rather than criticizing and taming the ideas in the initial stage, it would be better if we evaluate them and edit them eventually. This would make the process more engaging and everyone would feel a sense of being a part of the idea even though it was not theirs in the beginning.

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“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”

— Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince (1532)

Any leader can not be called as a true leader if he has not participated in the change process of a corporate company. Going everything by the book is what a manager does, but a leader is the one who stands in forefront and try to change things for the betterment of the company and its employees.


In our post graduate diploma courses, we try to bring the leader in everyone by giving them various activities and challenge. However, a diploma in business management or any other post graduate diploma in management can not teach you, how to be a true leader as that is something comes from within. But to help you become a pro, here are 5 ways to become a Successful Change Leader.

5 Ways to become a Successful Change Leader

  1. Set Definitive Goals

Now that you are bringing a change in the company, it can be a small skill change or the way things are being managed. You need to set goals that are definite, easy to explain and easy to understand. You need to explain your team members why this change is a necessity. Only then you will be able to make the transition smoothly.

  1. Be direct in response

Whenever a change is introduced, you need to become more vigilant clearing each and every doubt of your team member by giving a verbal or written explanation. One of the Change theory says, that any change is most adaptable when it seems to emerge from within the team rather than dictated upon them. So rather than telling them what to do you need to convince them towards it that is, this is something good for them.

  1. Go beyond mere helping your team to adapt

It can be finding difficulty in acquiring a new skill set, or to new work environment or anything at all. Be empathetic towards them. Providing all the facilities they need is not enough. You need to be with them in order to make the transition as resistance free as possible.

  1. Be open to multiple solutions

Again, do not impose the change rather be open to alternative solutions. Arrange regular brainstorming sessions so that a more acceptable and collective way to adapt to a change can be found.

  1. Believe in the Change you want to bring

You need to believe in what you are proposing 100%. Only then others will believe in you or you will be able to convince them that this is the right thing to do.

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5 Tips to lead Cross Border Teams

“Don’t Aspire to be best on the Team, Aspire to be best for the team.”

In the current global economy, whether you have done diploma in financial management or in human resource management, there are bright chances you are dependent on remote teams & remote communication for getting your work done. Now is an exciting time for cross-border work & if you are a post graduate with no idea how to handle a remote team, then you are doomed for sure.


As a provider of one of the best Post graduate diploma courses in India, here are 5 tips that will help our future managers to manage a cross border team more efficiently and productively :

Tip 1 : Understanding Cultural Differences

A team consists of people from different cultural background. Handling such a team remotely & that too when you are in a different country becomes a much difficult task. In such case, the foremost step should be keenly observe the cultural differences in the team members by means of Video Calls individually as well as collectively. The next step should be to make each other understanding towards other people & culture & a readiness to adapt to it.

Tip 2 : Making the transformation as Painless as possible

In such multi cultural scenarios, it is almost impossible to achieve 100% adaptability. Hence, there must arise the characteristics or work practices that needs to be changed. Such change cannot be ensured overnight & hence the transition should be as smooth as possible making sure everyone is satisfied & comfortable with it.

Tip 3 : Local Ownership

You are far away from your team & hence it is very difficult for you to take responsibility for every act performed by your team. However, you would be solely responsible if anything goes wrong. In such scenarios, it is always best to identify local expertise in your team & then dispersing off the roles & responsibilities at the local level. This would ensure feeling of oneness & ownership & hence more productivity.

Tip 4 : Multiple Communication Channels

No communication then a face to face discussion or a brainstorming round. However, when you are handling your team remotely, it becomes rather impossible to do that. In such case, the team should have multiple communication channels to reach you anytime. Daily meetings should be there. “Minutes of Meetings” should be a must practice in order to eliminate even a tiniest chance of miscommunication. A manager should be available through calls, mail as well as visual communication whenever his team feel stuck up.

Tip 5 : Creating a Positive Outlook

This can be done by creating an environment where every team member can represent his/her own opinion even though it clashes with that of yours. This would create a sense of positivity that their vice is being heard & just because their manager is far off, he doesn’t understand the ground difficulties.