5 Ways to Make the most out of a Brainstorming Session

“It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.” – Edward de Bono

Brainstorming is done exactly for this purpose that is to have a lot of ideas on the plate even though some of them are not even worth listening. Brainstorming is the most important team method that we teach in our pg diploma courses.


If you are willing to do a pg diploma in business management, then you would sincerely would want to excel in this field. Here are five ways to ensure a successful Brainstorming Session :

Using it at the Right Occasions

Brainstorming is a long drawn process that needs planning and careful implementation. Using these sessions for small and pity issues would not be worth. Use brainstorming when new ideas are required or there is a need to generate a large list of possibilities to a particular problem. It is also useful when the problem is inflexible and needs lateral thinking.

Formulation of Brainstorming Teams

Creating large groups with no background knowledge of the subject or the problem can be a big risk. The team should be formulated in such a manner that all the people concerned with different parts of the problem should be included. The prior brainstorming session performance can also be taken into consideration if there are two equally good candidates from a particular field.

Listing Down the Guidelines before each Session

Brainstorming sessions can be extremely overwhelming with people yelling at each other and turning down each other’s ideas out of mere jealousy. This could be easily avoided by laying certain ground rules that needs to be followed at any cost possible.

Postpone the Criticism of Ideas

This hinders the generation of new ideas as other people might get conscious and do not say something. It can also discourage the concerned individual from giving ideas in future. The immediate goal should be to jot down as many ideas as possible and then considering them one by one chucking the inappropriate ones.

Open the gates of Wild Imagination

Any workable and sober idea can not come up just like that. You need to be wild in your imagination and then building upon that eliminating all the unrealistic possibilities can help generate a perfectly workable solution. Rather than criticizing and taming the ideas in the initial stage, it would be better if we evaluate them and edit them eventually. This would make the process more engaging and everyone would feel a sense of being a part of the idea even though it was not theirs in the beginning.


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