PGDM Programs – Helping Students Attain A Cumulative Career Growth

Given the cut-throat competition in the corporate world today, candidates intending to make a successful career, need to plan their approach and objectives well in advance. As a part f this strategy most candidates start planning their professional growth path from the time when they are still pursuing their high school education. Based on their capabilities and interests, most such students seek information about the various post-graduate programs that they might pursue. While MBA is the primary choice of most students, they are also not averse to the idea of pursuing PGDM in Hyderabad and other renowned education hubs across the country.

VJIM PGDM Programs


Unlike the earlier times, students today are aware of the fact that there is a thin line of difference between an MBA and PDGM program. In fact, 90% of the prominent business schools across India are offering PGDM courses, which make it an easy choice for candidates aspiring to make a career in management. Given below are some facts about the PGDM courses that can help to further assure candidates about the relevance of this program.

  • Just like the MBA programs, gaining admission into the PGDM colleges in Hyderabad and other parts of the country requires the candidates to go through a stringent admission process. They are required to not only pass a qualifying exam, but also to fulfill other requirements including good academic scores, and passing group discussion and interview rounds.
  • Candidates opting to pursue a PGDM program need to develop the habit of being constantly aware of the social, economic and political happening across the globe. This is because analyzing the effect of these happenings on the local as well as the global economy is an integral part of their studies besides which it makes them market ready.
  • Following the example of the best MBA colleges in Hyderabad, the renowned institutes offering PGDM programs, focus on enhancing the interpersonal skill of the candidates. This is done with the objective of preparing the candidates for a modern day work environment where these skills play and equally important role as their education and knowledge.
  • Given that the PGDM programs are offered by autonomous institutes, upgrading their curriculum is a lot easier as compared to MBA programs. This means that candidates pursuing a PGDM program generally have the advantage of learning the most industry-relevant and up-to-date curriculum as compared to the candidates pursuing MBA.
  • Finally, contrary to the popular belief, both MBA and PGDM offer a similar career growth as it depends more on the performance of the candidates rather than the degree they possess. The PGDM programs place the candidates at par with their MBA possessing counterparts in terms of gaining an entry into the industry of their choice.

VJIM is one of the finest institutes offering PGDM programs to aspiring candidates desirous of building a successful career in the field of management.


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