Getting Familiar With Factors That Affect The Rankings Of Best MBA Colleges

One of the most decisive factors about choosing a college to pursue an MBA program, is the ranking enjoyed by the school. It is quite natural for management aspirants to try and gain an entry into one of the best MBA colleges in Hyderabad to help boost their career even further. However, not many candidates understand that the factors considered by renowned publications for ranking the institutes might not exactly match the ones considered by the industry experts for the same tasks.


Having ample information about factors considered by the latter can help the candidates make the right choice in terms of choosing the best institute to complete their MBA programs, which will prove most beneficial for them in the long run. The most important of these are discussed as follows.

Selection Process: Most industry experts rank the various MBA colleges in Hyderabad on the basis of the selection process they follow. Colleges that follow a stringent selection process to choose only the most suitable candidates tend to hold a higher ranking as compared to the ones that have a relatively relaxed selection process.

Number And Types Of Companies Hiring The Candidates: This is perhaps the most surprising factor to be considered for ranking an MBA college. However, most top MBA colleges in Hyderabad enjoy a higher ranking simply because the companies visiting them during campus interviews are quite well known and successful.  On the other hand colleges that receive a greater number of local and lesser known companies during campus interviews are ranked lower.


Background Of MBA Students: The general background of MBA students studying in an institute also plays a vital role in deciding its ranking. It is quite common for industry experts to conduct discreet surveys to understand the significance of an MBA degree for the candidates pursuing the course at the various institutes including the top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad. The background details that are considered for such survey’s include average GPA and GMAT score of the candidates, the type and extent of work experience held by them as well as the actual number of graduates able to get a job upon course completion.

Actual Course Content: The actual topics and concepts taught to the candidates as a part of the MBA program offered by the institutes are also taken into consideration for ranking them. In addition, the manner in which these concepts are rendered and the focus on integrating enough practical education into the course are also taken into consideration. In some cases, the industry experts might also consider the inclusion of overall personality development programs by the institutes in their MBA program for ranking purposes.

Having learned about the factors that influence the industrial ranking of institutes offering MBA programs, it becomes easier for the candidates to choose a course and institute that best matches their career objectives.


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