If Hyderabad and an MBA are things weighing on your mind, then below are few colleges you might want to consider while trying to give your future a good foundation. We combed through the finest institutions in the city and picked what we felt are the right fit for you provided you have good score to back the application up. Have a look at the top five!


  1. Indian School of Business (ISB) – This a private organisation and was founded by two senior executives of McKinsey & Company. This institution strives for excellence and has been ranked 29th in the world in the 2016 Financial Times Global MBA Rankings. Apart from MBA the popular courses on offer consist of Post-Graduate Programme in Management , Post-Graduate Programme in Management for senior executives, ISB Biocon Certificate Programme for Business Analytics, Management Programme for Family Business and many more. It even offers scholarship to ten national/international students.      vjim
  2. Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management – VJIM – It is a private institution in the heart of Hyderabad and makes sure to provide you opportunities that will give you a brilliant future. Their website lists intensive induction and orientation, Personalized Student Mentoring System, industry oriented curriculum, weekly institutional seminars, good placements in reputed MNCs and a strong alumni network.


  1. Osmania University College of Business Management – A part of the Osmania legacy, the college of Business Management is a good institution to opt for an MBA at. It is a public state university and was founded in 1918. University College of Commerce & Business Management that deals with students aspiring to get an MBA, is ranked at the 46th place among the business schools in India by Outlook.


  1. ICBM – School of Business Excellence This business school in Hyderabad is turning 25 this year and for that last 25 years, it has delivered on the promises of great curriculum, followed by great teachers and in general, brilliant infrastructure. If it is the city nizams that calls you for your MBA, you might want to give this a shot. It is the first B-School in Hyderabad and 3rd in India to get ACBSP, USA accreditation which makes ICBM-SBE globally recognised and praised. It also offers great alumni support and placements at great MNCs.


  1. Siva Sivani Institute of Management – SSIM – The Siva Sivani Institute of Management was established in 1992. It is an AICTE approved institution. Its sits on the AICTE approved Autonomous Business Schools in India with ease and offers a great deal of full time management programs and excellent placements to students.

Faculty Development – An Integral Aspect Of Ensuring Expert Guidance To Students

Today, with most such colleges and institutes offering a global exposure to the MBA aspirants, it has become essential for the faculty members to adapt a similar outlook and approach towards training. This not only increases the level of engagement of the students but also ensures better interaction between the faculty members and students resulting in an enhanced learning experience.

It the awareness of this basic fact the makes the top ranked MBA colleges and institutes to invest in Faculty development programs for their teaching staff. In fact, leading institutes such as VJIM, which boast of having the best PGDM faculty in Hyderabad, are known for regularly organizing Faculty development programs to help the professors and teachers take benefit from the expert advice provided by the resource persons conducting the program. In most cases, these programs are aimed to help the faculty members overcome the various challenges that they face in their everyday life due to the rapidly changing face of the education system and environment. Some of the key issues that these programs teach the faculty members to deal with are as follows.


Moving Out Of Traditional Teaching Roles

One of the biggest challenges faced by faculties today is to go beyond their traditional roles of classroom teaching. Modern day faculties need to possess not only excellent teaching skills, but also the ability to conduct online courses, use the different educational tools in a manner most beneficial to the students and in many cases, even engage in tasks that are not a part of their discipline. The Faculty development programs provide the professional trainers with the most appropriate solutions and methods to not only acquire these essential skills but also enhance their technical knowledge to make them capable of organizing their courses and learning material in an efficient manner.

Balancing Work And Other Responsibilities 

Most faculty members find it extremely difficult to create a perfect balance between the different roles they play on a college campus. As they juggle to manage the responsibilities of a teacher, a scholar, a guide and even a colleague, most educationists feel frustrated and even depressed. The situation is even worse in case of female faculty members, who often need handle the roles of being a housewife and mother in addition to the above responsibilities. The faculty development programs offer education about time management in addition to suggesting the best ways to handle work and family issues in a balanced manner, without losing focus of teaching and learning.

Ensuring Enhanced Interaction And Engagement Of Students

In the modern education scenario, it has become increasingly important for the faculty members to ensure better interaction and engagement of the students. The faculty development programs train the professionals about the various aspects of ensuring increased student involvement. They make the professors aware of the importance of making every lesson interesting with the help of different educational tools. This not only ensures helps in generating a sense of curiosity amongst the students but makes them participate actively in discussions related to the topic. Consequently, the level of engagement and interaction between the faculty and the students rises automatically ensuring better performance and results.

Details Of The Admission Process At VJIM, The Leading Management Institute In Hyderabad

Pursuing a management course from a highly renowned institute can make a huge difference in ensuring a successful career for a management professional. That is why most management aspirants work hard to gain admission in the bet and top ranked colleges across the country. However, in order to succeed in their endeavors, the aspiring candidates need to be well aware of the admission process followed by different institutes. Sadly, most candidates tend to focus only on obtaining an excellent score in the various qualifying exams. However, even though the test scores play a vital role in the admission process, they are not the only criteria considered by the institutes for offering admission to the deserving candidates.


VJIM, rated as one of the best management institutes in Hyderabad, has been following a well established admission procedure to help its management select the most deriving candidates. The institute, which was established in 1983, has emerged as one of the best business schools offering world class education to management aspirants. The institute offers three different PGDM programs with dual specialization, marketing and a general program. Each of these courses is of 2 years full time duration and are approved by AICTE and accredited by NAAC. For students seeking admission in this course considered to be at par with an MBA program, given below are the details of the admission process for PGDM 2016.

  • The students need to apply for a program of their choice by downloading the application form from the institute’s website at http://vjim.edu.in/application-form/. The properly filled application form is then to be submitted to the institute along with a DD of Rs. 1000/- drawn in favor of “Vignana Jyoti Institute Of Management” at Hyderabad.
  • Only candidates who have completed their undergraduate program from a recognized university, or are appearing in their final year exams are eligible to apply. Those who apply after completing the undergraduate program should have obtained a minimum of 50% aggregate marks to be considered eligible for admission.
  • VJIM recognizes the various all India test scores, which include GMAT, CAT, XAT, MAT, ATMA, CMAT and ICET. The test scores are give 30% weight age and a MAT score of 100 is considered equivalent to the CAT score of 40, C-MAT score of 100, ATMA score of 120 and GMAT score of 60.
  • The overall evaluation system for the admission process is based on the weight age system that includes the test scores for classes X and XII, degree program, all India test score, work experience, group discussion and personal interview. The weight age for each of the above is 5%, 5%, 10%, 30%, 5%, 10% and 30% respectively.
  • Only the candidates, who meet the entire basic educational test score criteria, are called for GD and PI. Their overall performance in these two areas determines their success or failure in gaining admission at VJIM. Unlike other institutes, candidates without any relevant work experience will not be considered eligible for admission to the institute.
  • Once the candidates receive the admission offer, they are provided a maximum period of seven working days to accept the offer and pay the registration fee.

Student Life – Sports And Games Lead To Overall Grooming Of Management Students

B Schools are not only the training ground for future managers but they are platforms that give birth to future leaders too. A sign of a top management institute is that it grooms its students into well rounded personalities and professionals. And Student Life – Sports And Games, other activities it promotes is elementary to that.


That’s why as a management hopeful when you are looking for the best B School to enroll with, it’s an aspect you need to pay attention to as well. A renowned management institute like SCMS Cochin is a place that strives to create a holistic learning experience for its students. It means equal emphasis on the extracurricular that creates confident individuals.

Facilities to put your best step forward


SCMS Cochin is an institute based in Kerala, which is rightly known as God’s own country. The lush natural surroundings, sprawling campus and diverse classrooms help students engage, learn and grow every day in the best possible way.

The state of the art campus also has sporting facilities that encourage you to step on the grounds, either as an enthusiast or an avid sportsperson. Cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis are just some of the sporting avenues that students can make the most out of.

Culture Clubs and fests

One of the important elements of studying at a B School is becoming aware of different cultures and transforming into a global professional. Events held on SCMS campus celebrate different cultures. The institute is also home to various clubs that offer exciting opportunities for students to showcase their talents and come into their own.


Humane and Finesse are just some of the events organized at the institute for students from different specializations. Shikhar, the annual management fest on the other hand is a huge draw amongst students from all over the country. Together these Annual Cultural Programs encourage students to perform, organize and thereby gain in confidence.

Grooming socially conscious managers


SCMS Cochin has always strived to create leaders and managers, who are aware of their responsibilities towards the society. It tries to do that through initiatives like Parivarthana that reach out to thousands of school children in the area. Future managers take on various responsibilities that teach them the importance of giving back to the society.

Thus through a thriving student life and a flurry of activities, the institute ensures that its future managers are well rounded individuals too.

Why PGDM In Kerala Has Its Advantages?

Gone are the days when management aspirants had to stick to the few old education centers to boost their career prospects. Today there are many new destinations all over the country that are making their presence felt with colleges and programs that tick the right boxes for management hopefuls. Kerala, God’s own country, is definitely one of them and has a lot in store for students from all over India. If you harbor management dreams then PGDM In Kerala can just be the right platform to see them soar.


Source : http://bit.ly/29k3eMj

The southern state has undoubtedly been a glorious tourism ambassador for the country as it attracts travelers from all over the world. But what does it have for management hopefuls? That is the question you might want to ask. The state and its B Schools have produced some of the finest names in different industries, global leaders, entrepreneurs and renowned professionals in recent years. Clearly a lot can happen for students who opt for PGDM In Cochin or anywhere else in Kerala for that matter.

A chance to study in a stunning in scenic settings

Now students from various parts of the country have an opportunity to study on lush campuses that are a hallmark of Kerala B Schools. They make the perfect home away from home for students who revel in the natural surroundings that give them a breather from their hectic schedules. Since these B Schools also attract students from diverse cultures it creates a dynamic and enriching campus and classroom environment.

An opportunity to learn from the best

Kerala has become home to some of the noted corporates, academics and experts from different fields. Many of them have vast corporate experience and they are keen to share that with students in management schools in the state. They add further value to the industry-focused curriculums of the B Schools and do their best to bring the best out of students.

Industry interactions at their best

Kerala, especially Cochin, has become a buzzing industrial center. With several top organizations in the vicinity students have access to leading professionals who visit B School campuses for industry interface sessions. From industry visits to summer internships and networking opportunities for placement prospects, students thus get the cutting edge advantage by being at the heart of things.

The right platform for overall growth

From the highly ranked SCMS Cochin to B Schools like Amity Global Business School, Cochin institutes in the state offer students various platforms and initiatives to display their talents. Sports and extracurricular activities, college fests and more, help students transform into well-rounded professionals.

Hence it’s not surprising that Kerala has become a sought after destination for management aspirants. They head to the state to pursue PGDM programs at top institutes and bolster their future prospects.


The world today is neither satisfied nor completely taken in with your bachelor’s degree. Now that you have a bachelor’s degree, what comes next? A postgraduate degree or a diploma? How do you pick? Where do you go?

066_29353_350_123114052341Source : http://bit.ly/1TRlS9d

To make your job easier, we cherry-picked five most trending diplomas courses for you.

This equips and hones you in the art of decision making and a keen understating of the more minute nuances of business. It is a two year programme which relies for the job market with extremely bright prospects. To really make the most your PGDM in India understanding the present economy, consider B-schools around Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi.


For people want to take up technical writing, this course is a tailor made fit. Clocking a total of 150 hrs, spread over time, this fine tunes your writing skills and helps you become better versed in the language you use anywhere. Buffer is an online site that offers this course. Check it out today!


A specialization in Marketing during your PGDM/ MBA years gives you an edge over the others in the field of Marketing because it helps you learn about markets, market monitoring and product development. This course gives you an effective one up on usual management degrees. As you pursue a better career, it is wise to pick a great B-school from Hyderabad or Bangalore currently. Reason being- these two cities are presently hot spots of Marketing opportunities.


You can challenge the creative individual in you by taking this course that is offered by Pearl Academy. Here you don’t just learn about fashion but get an added advantage since you taught skills pertaining to Design Process, Visualisation, Presentation and an understanding of the market behaves and responds to different things differently.The duration of this course is two years- four semesters.


This one/ two years’ diploma makes you an Entrepreneur with confidence and with an ability to gauge market, to understand it and run a business more efficiently. Mostly, the curriculum deals with managing a business with more efficiency than those who don’t have the advantage of this particular diploma.


“People are all there is to an organization,” Gary Hamel and rightly so. Like wood, fossil fuels, water and air, we are resources too; reservoirs of physical and mental capabilities. But like unpolished diamond needs a grind, so do we. Who steps in to do that? Human Resources.

 Group of People Discussing about Human Resources Concept

A PGDM in HR is all you need to equip yourself to be able to shape, groom and manage people. However, the possibility of your skill utilisation hardly begins and ends there. Your PGDM in HR will grant you innumerable opportunities to excel at countless jobs. This field in particular, stretches father than your eyes can see.


The two years that you spend learning what to do in the real world while you get your Postgraduate diploma will give you a hint of what is to come. Since it is shorter than an MBA and generates better prospects at time, it is worth giving a shot.


After a PGDM in HR, you can be hired to look after the administration, organisation and the smooth functioning of the firm/company. Although, as you grow within the workplace, better opportunities will come to you. This is an expansive, yet not completely saturated feels and holds a ton of promise.



Gradually as you climb the workplace ladder, the sheer possibilities will enthral you. Senior HR managers get to call shots about recruitment, hiring, even decision making in boardrooms. So, actually, as you grow older in the workplace, this degree will enhance your chances of being given challenging work and being compensated handsomely can increase drastically.


If you feel tired or disenchanted by the corporate rat race, you can opt out and start indecent with a firm or partner up. With around ten years worth of experience, you will be well equipped with the art of comprehending the field and be an authority on managing ‘Human Resource’.

Along with this, you can mentor and train those who come under your wings right out of their classrooms.

COMPREHENSIVELY speaking, this is one of the best courses to get a major start in your professional life and what follows will amaze you. If you stay dedicated, remember Dr. Seuss’s words, “…and you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go… Oh, The places you’ll go!


Very often, management students stand on this cross road and wonder, PGDM or MBA? Which one will land me my dream job? Which one makes me academically better? Which one is meant more for me and is not the way of the herd? A very common debate! Let us sort this out for you.

“An MBA is for those who seek a university programme to get a holistic view of Management while the PGDM is for those who seek specialisation in a particular area of their interest,” feels V. Venkataramana, Dean, School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad.


Source: http://bit.ly/20MXD0R

PGDM, strictly speaking, isn’t a degree. So, in a degree hungry country like ours, why at all should a person go for it? As stated above, PGDM gives you a tunnel vision, yes, but keeps you focused on what you want to achieve rather than give you a broad based idea of things. While MBA is seen as a natural set up after a graduate degree, PGDM is seen as a diploma pursued for professional advancement and a very relevant one for growing fast in your profession.

As far credibility of a diploma vs. degree stand, there are times a PGDM might end up scoring higher than a plain MBA because it might be suited better to the job description.

While an MBA is regulated by the UGC, a PGDM is regulated by the AICTE. This gives institutions offering a PGDM course higher autonomy than those offering plain, vanilla MBA courses. Even though both courses give you an insight into and knowledge of Business Administration, the approach and concentration of what is taught is fairly different.

PGDM tackles the more practical fields of education as compared to MBA that provides you academic knowledge. The basic difference between the two is that the former makes you street smart and the other makes you book wise. Hence, more of professionals who want to advance their fields should usually go in for a PGDM.

Fee structure for PGDM courses is much higher as compared to MBAs but if your purpose is to seek advancement in your chosen field, a PGDM might be a better card to pick over a generic MBA which might end up not helping you at all. Since a person would be devoting an exact same amount of time (i.e. 2 years) one might want to work toward a specific goal than being the jack of all trade and master of none.

One of the key things where PGDM triumphs over MBA is the interval in which the curriculum is updated. Since recognised universities hand out MBAs, the curriculum there is a little rigid compared to the fairly autonomous institutes that aren’t governed by the UGC. Usually, a curriculum update takes less time and is more fluid while pursuing PGDM.

As far as placements depend, the onus goes to the institution more than the course and though there are arguers in favour of and against both courses, they would seem neck to neck to an unbiased eye.


Very often, the choices we make with respect to our careers, shape the very nature of our destinies. It is not just about a particular college in a particular country — it is about the course, the opportunities and the promises of stability and satisfaction that comes along with it. When selecting a top Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course, you need to exercise the same caution. Mull over the possibilities, weigh pros and cons, see if the shoe fits.


Source: http://bit.ly/1Xz0ISO

A post graduate level course isn’t something that a person does lightly. A lot of thinking and investment go into it since it often serves as a step up or a career boost rather than a hobbyist’s choice. A person making this choice must keep in mind the absolutely specific course they want to pursue, it’s utility and it’s role in rounding up your education. The curriculum offered by various schools in the check list should be examined thoroughly, the contents of it laid thread bare. The emphasis on certain topics, the faculty dealing with it, the structure that it follows — all of them are equally essential before you go about choosing the final one.

One of the important things that stays with you when do a course — any course, is the Faculty. The faculty, along with the infrastructure, shapes, moulds and prepares you for what is to come. It is crucial to very closely look at an institution’s faculty along with the diversity of its classrooms and the future placements it provides.

While placements are a key, diversity also goes a long way in being an educational tool all by itself. It provides you an insight into people’s minds from all walks, classes and cultures of life. All of these pointers when combined, don’t just give you a diploma- they give you a skill set that exponentially propels you towards your goal of having a professional as well as an academic superiority.

If at all you are at that juncture and wondering about a worthy institution for your PGDM, you can very well have a look at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management. Approved by AICTE, MHRD, Government of India and accredited by NAAC, it boasts of varied tailor made courses, top notch infrastructure, a diverse student body and a dedicated and inspiring faculty. Moreover, it ranks amongst the country top 25 Business Schools.

With its PGDM course accredited for quality by National Board of Accreditation and a silver medal for innovative teaching methodology at Indian Management Conclave, it certainly has a few feathers in its cap. Along with that, it collaborates with University of North –Texas, Standford University and EGADE Business School to make its students have a truly global experience.

So, as and when you choose, do so with caution, care and a lot of research.

SCMS Cochin Faculty Team Pillars Of Its Strength

There are a few hallmark features of renowned B Schools in the country. Of course the curriculum of their PGDM program matters because it makes students ready for the challenges of the industry. But at the end of the day the curriculum has to be delivered by faculty members, who keep things relatable for students. SCMS Cochin Faculty team is the backbone of the institute and adds immensely to the learning experience for students.

SCMS Cochin is often the top choice for management aspirants who are looking to pursue their PGDM program in Kerala. The institute has gained its reputation on the back of its consistent record, which has drawn students from all over the country to it. But another major attraction for management hopefuls is the strong faculty team that has vast experience in academia and the industry as well.

The strong full time faculty team

Over the course of last 16 years, SCMS Cochin has managed to attract experienced academics, industry experts and others from the intellectual community to the institute. Today it has a strong 95 member full time faculty team that is not only known for its teaching skills but contributions to the world of management education as well. These faculty members are dedicated to the cause of imparting sound knowledge of management concepts and more to students.


In fact, many of SCMS Cochin faculty team have several renowned research papers under their belt. Under the mentorship of these experts, students of the institute develop a research bent of mind, which is crucial to their future growth. Several of the faculty members are sought after when it comes to organizing MDPs. They share their varied experiences with students and remain accessible to them. Overall they inspire and encourage students to think out of the box and become future leaders.

Guest faculty and esteemed speakers

SCMS Cochin remains aware of the fact that to offer students insight into the real life corporate world, one needs to widen the resource base. That’s why it brings industry experts, entrepreneurs and professionals to the campus on a regular basis. These industry interface sessions offer an eye-opening experience to students. Some of the big names that have made their presence felt on the campus include Mr. Praveen Kamath, Global Head, WIPRO BPO Talent Transformation, Mr. Cherian Varghese, CEO Pristine Financial Services Pvt. Ltd, and Mr. T. P. Sreenivasan, Former Ambassador of India.

International faculty members

Over the years the B School has also managed to foster relationships with academics, professionals and institutions from all over the world. It leverages these relationships by bringing top International faculty members to the campus to help its students get a global learning experience. Some of the names included in this esteemed list are Dr. Bijoy. K. Sahoo, Dean, School Of Business North Carolina Central University, USA and Dr. Beat Hulliger, Professor, University of Applied Science, Northwestern Switzerland.

Together these faculty members ensure that students of SCMS Cochin get a holistic learning experience, which sets them apart.