5 Steps To Build Your Brand In Your Company

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” –  Jeff Bezos


Once you are out of one of the best MBA colleges in Hyderabad and enter into the corporate world, you will realise that the single most important thing to succeed in work is build your personal brand. Be it business brand or product brand or personal brand, the basic steps  to developing a brand are more or less the same. Brands are something that cannot be built overnight. It is a long term process and high level commitment and effort are required for this.

In order to build a reputation or your personal brand, you need to prove yourself worthy time and again. Proving your caliber and presenting yourself competitive and responsible would make easy for people to put their trust in you. This would eventually help you gain their loyalty. After all, as we quoted Jeff Bezos in the beginning, it is all about what people are talking about you behind your back that matters in your brand.

With this in mind, here is an expert guide from one of the renowned MBA College in Hyderabad. Check out these 5 steps that would help build your brand:

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Step 1 – Be Clear And Specific


In the process of building your brand, the foremost step is to decide what your brand means to you. In other words, how you want people to perceive you. For example you could be a good team person who is always ready to help others at the same time never compromise on the deadlines being given to you.

You should always keep in mind that your brand promise should not be something very general. For example quality or intelligence. It should be something specific and attainable and should be in tandem with the overall organizational values. So quality or intelligence is something of a broad statement that any individual or company can make. What would make your brand stand apart is that how your brand specifically breathe and live quality.


Step 2 – Be Authoritative

Once you have established that what your brand stands for and what it promises, the next step is to market it aggressively. Be authoritative and flaunt it. Make others believe that you are an expert in your field. Communicate your message with conviction and powerful words. Prove it with actions and create strong examples for others to follow.


Step 3 – Be Consistent

As I said, building your brand is a long term process so what you need is to be consistent and keep proving yourself on the brand promise you have established for yourself. Get your brand message out in the open and do not waiver on it. Many a times, people give up on their brand message just when people start to recognise it. So be consistent and committed to your brand message as consistency is the critical element in building your brand.Related image

Step 4 – Be Honest

In the current scenarios where transparency and honesty are the most sought after traits in the workplace, these can be your most crucial tools while building your brand. There is no harm in saying “No”, so never agree to something which you would not be able to deliver and whatever you have raised your hand to, just complete it with full dedication within time. Integrity can go a long way in your brand and reputation.

Step 5 – Be Relentless

In order to understand this point, you need to remember that you are not the only one who is trying to build his brand. People are hearing a lot of brand promises and forgetting after 5 minutes. So not only you need to keep proving yourself again and again, you also have to keep reminding people of you brand message. Get it out as much as you can. With your consistent action and right brand marketing you will be successful in creating your brand image.


Lessons Learnt From Essentialism By Greg Mckeown

The take of one of the Top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad


“Essentialism is not about how to get more things done; it’s about how to get the right things done. It doesn’t mean just doing less for the sake of less either. It is about making the wisest possible investment of your time and energy in order to operate at our highest point of contribution by doing only what is essential.” ― Greg McKeown

While teaching in one of the Top 10 MBA Colleges in Hyderabad, we recommend students to read many books. One such book is  Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Once out of the MBA college in Hyderabad, you will be faced with a lot of challenges and this book has important lessons that would help you some with some of the hurdles of life at the same time setting you on the path to success. Below are three lessons you must learn from this book and adapt in your life:

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Lesson 1 – The Power Of NO

“…either we can say no and regret it for a few minutes, or we can say yes and regret it for days, weeks, months, or even years.”

All our life, we struggle to say this small yet powerful two letter word. What is it that refrains you from saying NO? For many people, their caution to not hurt anybody makes them unable to say no to people but doing this can have dire consequences. “If the answer isn’t a definite yes, then it should be a no.” You may end up hurting yourself by putting yourself off your own priorities and thus suffering eventually or you may end up hurting that person by refraining him from being independent and tackle with his challenges himself.

Lesson 2 – You Are The Major Asset You Have

“The best asset we have for making a contribution to the world is ourselves. If we underinvest in ourselves, and by that I mean our minds, our bodies, our spirits, we damage the very tool we need to make our highest contribution.”

This may sound selfish but this is a fact. Investing in oneself over others is your duty. How can you expect others to be any good to you if you are not good to yourself. Remember the old school quote, “God helps those, who helps themselves.” This does not mean, you should not help others, but you should do so only if you can. You are no good at all to others if you are sleep deprived and drained of energy. You might end up messing  the work for others even more. So treat yourself as an asset and invest in it.

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Lesson 3 – Routine Is A Powerful Tool

Have you read about Stanford Prison Experiment or watched the movie? It was conducted by Dr. Phil Zimbardo who took a bunch of students and created a prison like situation with half of them as guards and other half as inmates. In few days, prisoners started suffering from depression and stress and guards started showing some unusually cruel character traits. The experiment got escalated to such level that it had to be shut in the middle only.

Greg McKeown says on this experiment, “If simply being treated in a different way conditioned these Stanford students to gradually adopt these negative behaviors, could the same kind of conditioning work for more positive behaviors?” In simpler words, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” It is totally up to us where we decide to channel our energies. If we focus on good things, everything positive would start flowing towards us automatically.

Understanding The Power Of Accountability

 “Responsibility Equals Accountability Equals Ownership. And A Sense Of Ownership Is The Most Powerful Weapon A Team Or Organization Can Have.”   ― Pat Summit


In the world full of blamers, be an accountable person. The only recipe to success is owning up to your mistakes, learn from them and move on in life. A means to create strong interdependent relationships at work, Accountability is what makes great leaders great. The idea of macro management bores its seed from the fact that people working for you are accountable and would own up to their work if anything at all goes wrong.

Studying at one of the best MBA colleges in Hyderabad, comes with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. We always teach our students to take risks and try new things, but if  anything goes haywire, own up to it, take charge and correct your mistake rather than running away from it by blaming others. Once out of one of the Top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad, you will find yourself handling a team of people and at that point if accountability starts with you, only then it will trickle down to your team.

Understanding The Power Of Accountability

Start by holding yourself responsible and accountable and also be open to be held  accountable by all your constituents. Set yourself as a role model which other people would want to look upto. Only then, it would be possible for you to have a responsible team where each member knows his responsibility and holds up to all his mistakes without fear.

An effective leader is the one who lays down clear expectations for others and also consistently hold them accountable for those expectations. One component in this long list of expectations should be that others are also equally responsible to hold you accountable in your actions. As they say, “Everything in this world is a two way street.” Therefore, you can’t expect anything from others till the time they can’t expect the same thing from you. Give respect to get respect, the same give accountability to get accountability.

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So the basic thought behind this should be, “If you are not holding me accountable for my role as your leader, you are not assuming full responsibility for your legitimate role in our relationship.”

Accountability is simply not about flaming and blaming others when things go south. It is more about helping your team in keeping their commitments and deliver acceptable if not impressive results. In a healthy work environment, people do not try to push each other down, but rather they pull each other up by living up to each other’s expectations.

Accountability not only means holding up to what you have done so far, it is also about not running away from the situations where your role can be crucial. When things go bad at work, someone has to step up and say something. That someone should be you no matter how painful it is. Do what needs to be done and always try to become a part of solution rather than a cause of trouble.

How To Be Friends With The Subordinates Who Work For You

A guide to Healthy Work Environment by one of the Top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad

Studying in an one of the MBA Colleges in Hyderabad would take you to a career path where you would have to lead a team of people. Working as a leader can be a lonely job and you might have to deliver difficult messages, take tough decisions and keep them confidential till the time is right.

Even under such boundaries, being a social animal he is, it is totally possible to develop a friendship with someone in your organisation. It is to note that peer to peer friendship at work is something totally different than having a power imbalance with your friend. Can a leader be friends with his subordinate and if yes how would it work given that he has to keep secrets from his friend from time to time.

If your subordinate friend understands of your roles and responsibilities in the organization, he might have the tendency to withstand such challenges. But not everyone is equipped with such muscle and in that case, here are five tips on how to manage a friendship with your subordinate:

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Choose Your Friends Carefully – Remember the first day at school, your mother told you to choose your friends wisely before kissing you goodbye. This advice is especially relevant when you start to work. Having a friend who is also your subordinate needs a great level of judgement as well as understanding. Both parties need to be mature and should have enough self-esteem in order to build the trust over time.

Set Right Expectations From The Start – This will make sure that your friendship lasts no matter what. In future, you will have information and responsibilities that would be beyond the scope of your friend, and you should be upfront about it right from the start. Be very frank and transparent what can you share and what you can’t. This would help create an expectation level and hence lesser misunderstandings in future.

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Be Transparent About Your Friendship With Others – Being friends with someone in the team can be tricky business as others in the team might feel that you are partial towards your friend. However, acting as if it does not exist would raise even more suspicion as if you friends with someone, people will notice no matter what. In such scenarios, be upfront about your friendship and assure your other team members in terms of words as well as actions that your friend won’t be favoured in any wrong way.

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Do Your Job – You are hired to do a job. It would be challenging at times. But, keeping your personal and professional life separate would come in handy here when there is some difficult communication you need to carry out with your friends. This could be regarding the bonus, or laying off or that long due promotion. Be direct and prompt in your communications. Do your job and assure them that you still want to be friends at the same time giving them a little space to assimilate the news.

Mutual trust and transparency are the basis of a friendship. Having a friendship with your employee can be tricky but handling it in a mature and transparent way can make this possible and would go a long way in keeping your friendship healthy.

5 Main Keys to Being a Successful Leader

A guide by one of the Top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad


“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.”  – Jim Rohn

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Gone are the days, when there was a notion of a born leader. Leadership is an art and it can be learnt with time. Although, anyone can learn how to be a leader, in order to be good and effective as a leader, you need to learn some key rules that will help you from the very start and will always remain with you as you grow. These rules can be considered as the foundational pillars over which you can build a successful leadership career.

As one of the Best MBA Colleges in Hyderabad, we teach this art to our students and also these 6 key rules.

6 Major Keys To Effective Leadership:

  1. Recognize – This means a willingness to learn at every step of your career path. Recognize that one true role model who inspires you the most. You can then benefit from all the strengths of your role model as well as learn from their mistakes so you do not have to make any of your own. Having a role model inspires you to be an effective leader and thus helps in your overall growth and development as a leader.

  1. Realize – Our history has mads leadership such a big deal that you need to realise that it is no rocket science and you do not need to be a born leader. Being a class monitor or head boy/girl in your school time would in no way ensure that you will be a great leader in future in the same way being part of the crowd as a kid does not undermine your ability to be a leader as you grow up. So Stop underestimating yourself and be faith in yourself.

  1. Remember – There is one Golden Rule that you should always remember for becoming a great leader: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!” Your ability to being empathetic towards other people is what makes you a good leader. Always try to keep yourself in other’s shoes before you deal with anyone and you would never disappoint yourself as a leader. The one thing you need to remember in order to become a successful leader is that “Relationships Matter!”

  1. Replicate – Replicate the good practices and what works for you and your team. Do not try to force things on others as no one can work under resistance. You may have a value system that you read in books and that works for you but there might be a case it won’t work for your team. In that case, do not be stubborn. Experiment and try to find out what works best and then replicate effectively and efficiently.

  1. Reinvent- Change is the only constant thing in the world. As a leader, one thing you need to learn is challenging the status quo and always trying to learn the new ways to an effective leadership. People change over time. Having one good method of leadership might doom you in the long run. The Leadership practices which were effective for one team might be completely useless for the other. Hence to be an effective leader, keep learning, keep reinventing and keep growing.

Reasons behind the Phenomenal Growth of Top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad

Not too long ago, when people thought about getting best quality higher education in India, the names of the cities that propped into their mind did not even remotely, include Hyderabad. However, the scenario has completely changed today, with this ancient city having become the hub of higher education in various fields, including management studies. This is primarily due to the significant rise in the number of top MBA colleges in Hyderabad. There are various reasons that have been responsible for attraction the educational institute of great repute to set up operations in this city. The most important of these are discussed as follows.

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Large Scale Industrialization:Hyderabad has seen large scale investment from both Indian and international business organizations. This has naturally led to a phenomenal growth in the demand for qualified management professionals as well as professionals from other fields. This has provided the top management institutes with an opportunity for growth and recognition by providing the most competent candidates to fill up the numerous managerial positions in these organizations. Since, training these candidates in and around the city itself is definitely a more cost effective option these institutions have set up their facilities here only.

Positive Cultural Influence:Hyderabad is a city known for its rich and ancient culture seeped in royal mannerisms. Therefore students coming here to study are likely to get influenced by this culture in a positive manner. This is an extremely important factor in ensuring comprehensive education of the trainees not only in their chosen line of profession but also for enhancing their overall personality. Hence, this is also one of the major reasons, which have led to the city being chosen as a primary hub for higher education. Moreover, the candidates learn the art of balancing a traditional lifestyle with a modern outlook and approach.

Bridge the Gap for South East Zone: Beforethe advent of best MBA colleges in Hyderabad, most students intending to gain high quality management education at the post graduate level had to choose between the cities of Delhi, Pune or Bangalore. These cities were often too far away from their native places and more importantly the candidates had to adjust to a completely different way of life in these cities, due to the significant differences in culture and language. This often made the students feel alienated and it even affected their educational performance and progress. However, with the top institutes offering their facilities in Hyderabad, this gap has now been bridged.

Ample Placement Opportunities: One of the most distinguishing features of top management institutes is the provision of reliable placement services to the candidates upon the completion of a course. With the large number of companies from different business niches operating in the city of Hyderabad, it proves to be the ideal choice for appropriate placement of the candidates. In fact, the large number of placement opportunities available in the city makes it possible for even the medium grade institutes to offer this service to its students. In addition, the candidates also get numerous opportunities to establish professional links and networks on their own, which can prove beneficial for them in the future.

Offering Students Much More Than Just Top Notch Management Education

There is no denying the fact that management education in India has gained significant popularity over the past decade. This is evident from the phenomenal growth of colleges and institutes offering such courses across the country. Amongst the various options available to students in this respect, pursuing an MBA program is considered to be most beneficial and rewarding. Hence, it is not surprising that every year the best MBA colleges in Hyderabad receive hundreds and thousands of admission applications. In facts these applications far out-number the combined number of seats available in the various MBA programs across all the colleges within the city.

So, what makes the aspiring management trainees so eager to seek admission in these top colleges? Well, the answer lies in the simple fact that most such institutes offer much more than just the best management education to their students. In fact, candidates gaining admission in such institutions can be assured to gaining the following additional benefits.

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Overall Personality Enhancement

Most trainees, at the start of their MBA education at the top colleges in Hyderabad, are completely unprofessional and slightly skilled individuals. However, during the 2 years of their training, the candidates undergo a significant change in their overall personality. In addition to their physical demeanor, their mental abilities and social skills are far enhanced, than what they initially came to the institution with. Their training turns them into extremely competent and thorough professionals, which ensures their success and growth in whichever field of career they choose.

Develop A Global Outlook

One of the biggest advantages that candidates gain by pursuing their management education from top MBA colleges in Hyderabad is developing a global perspective. With the world becoming a smaller place in every respect, this specific skill can help the candidates to seek professional success in both domestic and international markets. The candidates gain a better understanding about handling clients from different global communities in the most satisfactory manner. This not only proves beneficial for the organization they are currently working for, but also helps them gain the attention of other organizations that can offer them better growth opportunities.

Establish Strong Professional Networks

The campuses of the best MBA colleges are often the right place to establish professional networks. Contrary to the popular beliefs, aspiring management candidates can not include their peers and seniors in these networks, but also members from the faculty and even guest lecturers and other such people who can play a vital role in enhancing their career growth. In fact, many top colleges encourage their students to build such networks for a more successful and secure career and future. Such networks prove especially beneficial for candidates intending to set up their own venture after the completion of studies.

Placement Support To Jump Start Their Career

This is undoubtedly the most important benefit of enrolling with the best MBA colleges and ensuring a successful career launch. The placement services offered by these institutes are amongst the best and the candidates don’t have to worry about finding a good job. In fact, some top institutes are known to offer 100% placement facilities, which is even better.

MBA Colleges In Hyderabad – Preparing The Future Generation Of World Class Management Professionals

India is fast gaining a special place in the global arena as a place to get high quality management education. What makes the Indian management institutes stand apart from the other similar establishments across the globe, is that they act as the breeding ground of industry-ready professionals, capable of attaining great success within both domestic and international job markets. In fact an MBA program is one of the most sought after courses in India and Hyderabad is rapidly emerging as the hub of best quality MBA education within the country. This has been made possible by the significant growth of top MBA colleges in Hyderabad.

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Growing Demand For Management Professionals

Almost all industries feel the need for world-class managers for ensuring their growth and success. In fact, with the large scale globalization, the role of competent managers has become even more vital for business success. In order to fulfil this never ending- demand. Most industries work in close co-ordination with the best institutes offering MBA education in Hyderabad and other parts of the country. This enables them to choose the most competent management professionals across diverse niches. The industry experts tend to monitor every new batch of MBA aspirants closely and keep a close eye on the candidates, who seem to show the greatest potential. This makes the whole process of hiring the best breed of managers extremely simpler and hassle free.

What Makes The MBA Institutes In Hyderabad The Best Choice

A majority of MBA institutes in Hyderabad have been established within the past couple of decades or so. Despite that, these institutes have emerged as the leaders in terms of providing the best quality and industry relevant education to aspiring management professionals. Moreover, these institutes tend to focus greatly on the overall skill and personality development of the candidates rather than just imparting bookish knowledge and relevant industry experience. This makes the MBA trainees confident and competent enough to work in almost any kind of environment and take up even the most difficult challenges with a positive attitude. Most importantly, these institutes make every effort to imbibe a global perspective within the trainees so that they are able to handle international clients and projects with the same level of competence as they handle domestic ones.

Choosing The Right Course

While there is no denying the fact that pursuing an MBA course from a renowned institute in Hyderabad, can ensure a great career for the trainees, choosing the right course is equally important. The aspiring candidates can opt for a generic MBA or an MBA program with specialization in a specific niche. The choice of the course should be based on the prior education, inherent skills and the future career objectives of the candidates. This will not only enhance their overall education experience but will also provide them with better opportunities to enjoy a successful and satisfactory career. In fact choosing the wrong course can make the MBA education seem dull and uninteresting and will generally result in wasting the time, money and effort of the candidates. In order to avoid such a situation, it is essential for the candidates to choose their course carefully.

Why should you pursue your MBA course from Hyderabad?

If you are planning to pursue a degree in business administration, then you are on the right track to search because the cyber city – Hyderabad is at the topmost position. The best MBA Colleges in Hyderabad have an economical fee structure and provide quality education to the students. Hyderabad is the cyber hub of India initially but now has grown to be a fully functional business capital of the  Andhra Region. The state of Andhra Pradesh has been bifurcated into Telangana and thus the business in the region has been growing to provide for the new infrastructure needs of the newly formed state.

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The advent of Multinationals

Many multinational companies have relocated to Hyderabad as it was the capital of both the states for first five years. Thus as companies and multinationals are moving towards this city so the job opportunities for the young students have considerably increased. The students who aim to study in the top MBA Colleges in Hyderabad can be handpicked by the top notch companies the moment they complete their course. The south India is a growing sector in services and also an education hub. More over the students from South India are able to get an early hands on the corporate structure and this helps them to bag jobs.

The workshops

The students who study the management courses are trained to be good decision makers in their life. The environment of Hyderabad is cool, calm and serene and is perfect for any individual to get acclimatize to it. The industry workshops conducted by these top B-schools are quite interactive and helps the students to learn the basic nuances of the industry. The one speciality of the Hyderabad business schools is that these schools have tie ups with many international universities.

Foreign collaborations of the Universities

These universities have student exchange program which gives the students an opportunity to complete the first year of their degree course in India and the second year of the degree course in any foreign university. This helps in the overall development of the students and gives them exposure to the international standards. The management degree is the much sought after higher education in India. The reason behind this is that a degree in management helps students to enter the job market as managers in a young age. This helps them to extend their career path and to start up their life with good salary packages.

Final thoughts

All the students who are thinking of opting for a premier business school in Hyderabad are taking the right decision. Not only Hyderabad has the best MBA colleges but also the business environment in the city helps students to nurture themselves. Hyderabad is a home to some of the best business schools and also many industries of banking, finance, marketing and sales have their regional or even national offices located here.

Here’s what you Ought to know before selecting best MBA colleges in Hyderabad

The immense popularity and importance of the management courses in this competitive world have made it mandatory to score a degree in management in order to excel in the business world. Due to this increasing popularity, a number of colleges have sprouted all across the country- making it even more difficult for students to narrow down to one. There is no substitute to a good B-school if one wants to gain the best mileage from their PGDM/MBA.

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So what are the things one must consider while going about selecting the best MBA colleges in Hyderabad for their MBA?

  • Globalised curriculum

It’s a ‘dynamic’ world! Getting acquainted with the global curriculum will help you know about the global industry, its rules, laws, business dynamics and market policies. The experience, as well as expertise that you will gain about the market domains present outside your own country, will help in increasing your spectrum and thinking. Make sure what is being taught in the school’s PGDM/ MBA curriculum.

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  • The leadership skills

With the degree in MBA, you ought to become a leader and lead your team in future. Some leaders are born while some are made, and the MBA colleges are given the responsibility to create leaders. Make sure the college put the immense focus on developing management and leadership skills such as relationship building, relationship management, team management, communication skills, negotiation skills, time management, team work, conflict resolving, etc.

  • Industry focus studies

Our country is facing a great dearth of the managers who are ready for the industries. Each year, a million students take their degree, but only, a few of them are ready and capable of handling the management position in any company. The main reason for such a lag is because colleges are not doing enough to bridge the gap between classroom and corporate. Unless your B-school is giving you enough industry interface opportunities, do not even think of considering it!

  • Infrastructure

Unless modern infrastructure- well-equipped libraries, campus-networking facilities,   wi-fi support, sports fields, etc. support your studies, your MBA wouldn’t be complete. Therefore, ensure, along with a top curriculum, you got a top infrastructure at your call too.