Need To Choose Accredited Institutes For Pursuing Post Graduate Diploma In Financial Management

Financial management and planning is a critical business process that can make or break any venture. That is why most business organizations invest considerable time and effort in hiring appropriately qualified financial managers. In addition to taking the knowledge and skills of these prospective candidates in mind, the hiring organizations also consider the institute from which these candidates have obtained their Diploma in Financial Management. In fact, most organizations give preference to candidates who have passed out from an institute having proper accreditation form an industry recognized body. This is done mainly due to the following benefits of hiring candidates passed out from such institutes.

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Proper And In-Depth Knowledge Of The Field

Candidates pursuing Financial Management diploma from an accredited institute are more likely to possess in-depth and proper knowledge about diverse financial aspects. Their comprehensive practical and theoretical training imparted by the most qualified teachers, makes them capable of handling diverse roles and responsibilities within the organization. They can use this knowledge in combination with their skills to turn every business opportunity into a chance for making profit. This not only ensures consistent growth and success for the business but also paves the way for a fulfilling career for the candidates themselves.

Assurance Of Industry Recognized Curriculum

One of the major reasons that draw business organizations to recruiting candidates from an accredited management institute is the assurance of them being aware of industry needs. This eliminates the need for the students to undergo any additional training before taking up a career in the field of their choice. In fact, they can help in enhancing business growth right from day one itself. This truth is applicable not only for candidates pursuing financial management diploma but also those, who opt for a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management or any other area of study from such accredited institutes.

Better Understanding Of Real Work Environment

It has been observed that candidates possessing a financial management diploma from accredited institutes tend to have a better understanding of the real work environment. They are often familiar with different types of financial challenges they are likely to come across as well as the most effective ways to overcome the same. This naturally makes them a preferred choice for organizations, which cannot spend too much time and money on in-house training and skill enhancement programs of the new recruits. Even in case the organization do have these programs in place, hiring such candidates can help them save valuable time and money.

Flexibility Of Taking Up Multiple Job Roles

As mentioned before, candidates opting for a post graduate diploma are trained to handle various job responsibilities. This essentially provides the organizations, hiring them with candidates capable of managing the diverse aspects of financial management and planning in an efficient manner. This quality of the diploma holders can come in quite handy in emergency situations, such as the organization having to bear extra work load or a critical post getting vacated all of a sudden. In such situations, these employees can be trusted to handle the pending aspects to ensure smooth running of the dependent organizational process until a replacement candidate is found.


PGDM Diploma Courses In India – Helping Students Gain A Competitive Edge In The Corporate World

The corporate work environment has undergone a significant change over the past several decades. The growing level of competition combined with the enhancement in customer awareness levels has made it mandatory for business organizations to make their processes more professional and customer friendly. That is why there is a growing demand for qualified professionals who can help business organization meet the challenges of changing market trends and ensure their sustained growth and success. In this respect, candidates, who have completed PGDM Diploma courses in India, seem to be the preferred choice of companies to fill various job responsibilities


Why Candidates With PGDM

 Most people view PGDM as just a diploma program being offered at the post graduate level. However, they fail to understand the fact that these courses are designed to help enhance the skills and abilities of the candidates so that they are able to enjoy a successful career in management within a wide range of industries. In fact some companies even recognize the PGDM programs to be having the same value and significance as an MBA program. It is not uncommon for candidates Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management or any other field of specialization to be treated at par or even better than a candidate with a general MBA degree.

Types Of PGDM Programs

Most institutes offering PGDM courses offer it as a full time program spread over a period of 2 years and comprising of 4 semesters. The aspiring candidates can opt to enroll for a general PGDM course or go for specialization in a specific field. Although, PGDM in Marketing and Finance are the most preferred choices amongst candidates, an increasing number of aspiring professionals are also opting for other fields of specialization including PG Diploma in Human Resource Management and PGDM in IT, consumer Behavior and Risk Management etc, to name a few. Some institutes even offer part –time PGDM programs to accommodate the needs of working professionals.

Benefits Of PGDM

Completing a PGDM program helps the candidates to gain a realistic outlook about working within the corporate environment. The candidates not only gain knowledge about the finer details of the business-world but also the various aspects that can prove critical for ensuring the success of an organization. They are made aware of the various method and strategies for not only handling the everyday challenges that they are likely to face in their professional life but also the most efficient ways of resolving them in a manner that proves beneficial to the organization.

Placement season 2015-17 at VJIM, Hyderabad ends apprehensions and soars to new heights

VJIM, Hyderabad has a lot to cheer about with the placement season 2015 – 17 gaining momentum. The B School’s 25 year long, consistent track record of producing industry ready graduates is drawing big name corporate companies to the campus. While several of them came back to the institute for recruitments, there have been new names added this year.

The current placement season started on a high note at VJIM, Hyderabad as International giant Deloitte hired seven students as Knowledge Analysts and Independence, Compliance and Risk Analysts. Apprehensions about E-commerce companies being skeptical recruiters due to cash crunch were waylaid with Amazon’s stunning offer of Rs. 14 lacs to fresh graduates.

The B School also managed to buck the trend with FMCG companies that were reluctant to hire last year and were wary due to demonetization. FMCG giants ITC, Marico, Nestle, Godrej Consumer Products hired young graduates from VJIM, Hyderabad taking the placement season to greater heights.

Another important highlight of the placement season has been the positive response from Housing Finance companies thanks to the promise of growth in the sector. HDFC, the largest Home Loans Company in India offered Rs. 7.50 lacs, followed by Shriram Housing Finance Ltd. Overall, the average salary so far has reached Rs. 5.4 lacs pa with 80% median at Rs 5.0 lacs pa.

While the efforts of the placement division at VJIM, Hyderabad are a contributing factor to its solid showing in the current season, one can’t overlook the initiatives of the B School that give its students the edge. Right from its intensive induction and orientation to focused placement training and SIPs with top companies ensures that its students are well groomed as professionals.

VJIM, Hyderabad has an industry oriented curriculum, which is delivered by experienced faculty members using innovative teaching techniques including Socratic Dialogue approach, Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) and Business Simulation. Personalized mentoring system ensures that all students keep pace with the latest in the field.

Management aspirants at the institute are also offered practical training and exposure through seminars and industry visits, which give them insight into the corporate world. Given these efforts it’s not surprising that VJIM, Hyderabad has a strong Alumni network all over the world, and it’s a glorious testimony of holistic learning at the institute.

With brands like Tech Mahindra, TIME Education, Conduira Online, ICICI Bank, AutoRabit, Schindler, Fitch Ratings picking the remaining students from the institute, many new names will be added to the ever growing alumni list from VJIM, Hyderabad. Their placements, as seen in this season, are a big step in what promise to be successful professional journeys.

Post Graduate Diploma Courses – A Better Option Than Degree Programs

When it came to opting for a higher education management program, most candidates would prefer MBA courses offered by the best universities and institutions across the country. However, over the past several years, this trend has receded in a significant manner, especially due to the growing popularity of the management diploma programs being offered by various renowned institutions. These management programs are quite similar to degree courses, and hence it is possible for candidates to choose from the various specializations as per their preference. They can go for a post graduate diploma in human resource management or opt for other fields of specialization such as IT, Marketing, Finance, Operations or even a general management program.


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Why A Post Graduate Diploma?

Just a few years ago, candidates considering a post graduate education program would not even think about pursuing a diploma course. However, today the scenario is entirely different, primarily due to the significant changes in the work environment of the organizations and the expectations of employees from qualified professionals. Today, organizations prefer candidates who can provide them with practical results and solutions within a short period of time rather than experiment with the traditional theories and methods that have been followed for years.

Given the high level of completion within every business niche, companies today prefer management professionals who possess a practical approach and outlook rather than the ones who need to look up for solutions. Pursuing a post graduate diploma program, equips the management aspirants with these skills in a better manner than the MBA degree courses.

A post graduate diploma in Financial Management or Business Analysis or even Marketing focuses on training the candidates about the practical aspects of their chosen field of specialization. The trainees learn through a series of hands-on practical applications which makes them capable of handling the real world challenges in a better manner. This is quite unlike the learning experience in MBA programs where the focus is more on theoretical concepts and students are not exposed to the challenges and problems in real life work environments in an extensive manner.

Another important aspect that makes post graduate diploma programs a better option is that their course curriculum is updated more frequently to match the needs and expectations of the industry. This is because these programs are recognized by autonomous bodies, making it easier for the institutes offering the courses to integrate the changes necessary to make the programs more relevant for the candidates in terms of practicality of the job. The flexibility of the programs ensures that the candidates are ready to successfully take up the roles and responsibilities they have trained for almost immediately after completing the course.

The best thing is that there are several renowned institutes such as VJIM, which offer the post graduate diploma programs to candidates with different areas of specialization.


Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad’s excellence does not stop at just imparting quality education to its students. The purpose of education as VJIM understands is enabling and ennobling the students to not only being a part of the world but to contribute to it, to nurture it and leave their mark upon it. However, what is also necessary is earning sustenance and staying afloat.

When we look into the measure of diploma in financial management success through the director’s words we hear him say- “through peer influence, (VJIM) has been consistently ranked among the top five B-schools on all India basis. PGDM colleges in Hyderabad strives to provide quality management education at affordable price to the young graduates of the nation aspiring to become management professionals.”


As of June 2016, Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad stands at the 46th rank in the nation amongst all the private management institutions.

“Students of VJIM are adaptable and willing to go the extra mile. Our experience with campus joinees from VJIM has been quite positive”, says Mr. P S Ravindran, RHRC –South-HDFC bank Ltd.

The students, who come from different and diverse backgrounds, converge at PGDM in Hyderabad to gain, knowledge and experience to then spread into the world to pass it on to others and to excel in their workplaces. These young minds are shaped and thrust back into the world.

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management’s rankings on the list of colleges with superior records in placement come fairly high. It is ranked at number 1 on the list of private, AICTE approved colleges in Andra Pradesh. If we look at the monetary value, the median amount its students make is around 5 lacs per annum- a good start to their career.

The other in thing in favour of VJIM’s graduates is that they get to use the brilliant network created by seniors who have climbed up the corporate ladder and passed on the benefits to the younger generations that success them.

VJIM’s twenty five years of track record of successfully producing competent and industry ready management graduates is noteworthy and highly appreciated by corporates. Companies from the FMCG sector, Housing Finance firms and Credit Rating agencies have hired the best of the batch till the year past and will continue to.

Additional Activities Students Should Take Part In While Pursuing PGDM

PGDM is one of the most popular choices amongst candidates seeking management education at the post graduate level. There are countless renowned institutions offering different types of post graduate diploma courses to aspiring candidates across the country. Although most such programs are designed according to the latest industry needs and expectations, students should make sure that they keep themselves involved in other activities that will help enhance the value of their studies. Some such activities are listed below.


  • Students should develop the habit of keeping track of the financial and economic events occurring across the globe and linking them with the local market trends. This will help them understand the impact of any changes in global economy in their everyday life which can prove helpful in their understanding of specific topics that are an integral part of their course.
  • While pursuing the PG courses in India, students should learn to build their professional networks, especially with their seniors. Not only can the older students help them by providing tips and tricks about making the most of their time spent at the institute, they can also help them with valuable suggestion based on their experience in the industry.
  • It is important for the students to try and not miss any of the business fests and other similar events held within their campus or even in other institutes. This will not only help enhance their knowledge, but also give them a better idea of where they stand in comparison with the other students pursuing post graduate diploma in business management.
  • Whenever possible, candidates pursuing PGDM programs should enroll for additional certifications that match their interest. There are countless options of short duration certification programs available to such students, which can help enhance the value of their studies even further.
  • Many times, some of the faculty members teaching the different subjects of post graduate diploma in management are working on one or another research papers. Students should take advantage of this opportunity and request such faculty members to provide them with an opportunity to assist them. The students can also try to present a couple of research papers of their own in some relevant competitions or online forums.
  • In order to keep themselves updated about the skills sought by the industry, students should go through the job advertisements of companies seeking professionals for posts related to their field of study. In case they feel that the necessary skills are not covered by their course, the candidates should seek other sources to update themselves in the same.

Finally, it is important for the students to spend some on recreational and entertainment activities. This is necessary to keep their minds refreshed and help them absorb the vast amounts of knowledge without feeling the pressure too much and also beating the stress of studies.

Essential Skills Taught As A Part Of Management Development Program

The primary objective of management development programs is to help enhance the leadership skills of the trainees and turn them into valuable collaborators towards the achievement of organizational goals. That is why most renowned institutes offering Post Graduate Diploma in Management programs tend to make the overall development of the candidate an integral part of the course. Discussed below are some essential skills about which education is imparted to the trainees as a part of the management program.

Strategic Thinking: Strategic thinking ability is essential for success of candidates in a managerial role. It helps them consider the pros and cons of the decisions they are about to make besides helping them understand future consequences of the actions they take in the present. Strategic thinking   also helps the candidates to come up with the most beneficial and result oriented plans that can help in the process of achieving organizational goals.


Team Engagement Skills: One of the biggest challenges faced by managers is to make their team members feel motivated and engaged. The Post Graduate Diploma courses train the candidates in developing this skill through intense coaching in real life scenarios. In most cases, the candidates receiving the training are asked to share their experiences as professionals to help their peers understand the importance and benefits of team engagement. This enables the trainees to make their team members feel more involved when they take on the role of a manager within an organization.

Leadership Development: Since the candidates undertaking management development programs aspire to take on leadership roles, they need to focus on developing the right leadership skills. That is why courses offered by renowned institutions pay much attention towards the development of these skills, which will ensure the professional growth and success of the candidates in the future. The candidates are made aware of the various leadership styles besides which a sense of good judgment and confident decision making is also instilled in them.

Significance Of Teamwork: The critical role played by strong and united teams in ensuring the overall growth and success of an organization cannot be undermined. That is why the candidates are imparted training about the importance of enhancing unity within the team and building the sense of mutual trust and respect. Various team building exercises are carried out with the candidates to make them aware of the benefits of team work and group effectiveness. The focus is also on enhancing honest interaction between the team members and developing a sense of mutual responsibility so that the group and organizational objectives are achieved.

VJIM’s beating 4 top teams and lifting the trophy of Yuva 2016

The professionalism is built on the concrete initiatives and practicality stemming out from the relevant textbook concepts. Reiterating this idea, the team from ViganaJyothiInstitute of Management, Hyderabad’s Salesforce made headlines just a few days back by winning the title of YUVA 2016. Ala Karthikeya, G SaiJanardhanRao, K Sai Vijay, and RamprasadVarun were the members onboard this team.


When asked about their strategy and the winning formula, they explained by saying “We made sure the team had a balance between people who actually were good at sales, ones who can relate the textbook concepts to the process and ones who could present well. There wasn’t any room for emotions here. It was completely professional. It was rather a co-incidence that we thought of each other’s names when the contest was announced.”

They explained the Yuva Challenge as a sales activity offering a first-hand experience to the management students from leading b-schools. They were given a task to sell a bundle of ITC products within three hours including the handing over of money to the employee of ITC present on the campus. And, this was just the beginning as more was to follow.

“After this, we had to make a PowerPoint presentation of the learning and experiences and send a soft copy of the same to the company. Based on the quality of Presentations, 4 Top teams were shortlisted and we had to face IPE-Hyderabad in the final presentation round on campus” told Ala Karthikeya from the VJIM team.

The products allotted to every group were almost similar so the competition was about planning a strategy that clicked on time and gave the winners an edge over the competitors. In this regard, VJIM students truly displayed an innovative streak that they learnt from their on-campus training. They opted for outbound sales. Although the sales at the end of the day were low, yet they leveraged their experience to present their achievements in a unique manner.

When asked about the most interesting part of this challenge, Karthikeya said “Being a 100% outbound sale, the challenge was to convince prospects whom we never met or interacted with. Not just for once, but make sure, he will get converted into a loyal ITC customer, nothing but the Basic rule of sales like communication and patience.”

Throughout this rigorous sales challenge, they shared some light moments as well. They credited the success of this challenge to their mentor Prof. K Suresh who guided them in preparing an excellent PowerPoint Presentation.

When asked about the takeaway of this activity, they unanimously shared their views by stating “We learnt the importance of good communication, making the right choices and presenting the learning in a unique way. In all these endeavors, what we learnt at VJIM truly paid off.”


A lot can be said about an institution based on it Management Development Programs (MDPs).  Management Development Programmes, as listed on various educational websites, are designed to provide working executives with state-of-art concepts and practices in management, provide insights into managerial concepts and techniques relevant for formulating and implementing strategies in various functional areas and to gain an overall perspective for decision making by integrating functional and general management approaches.


MDPs are a way an organization makes its employees stay updated with the new business practices.  These short programmes help working professionals stay on top of practical applications and effectiveness of various tools and techniques.

One top Hyderabad PGDM institute to reckon with when its comes to some meaningful MDPs would be Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management – VJIM, Hyderabad. Since years, the b-school has been greatly focusing on Management Development Programmes to contribute to the working industry. Management Development Programmes at VJIM is a joint collaboration of knowledge and experience. The practical experience that can only be gathered in the outside world is now becoming an integral part of the school’s way of operation.

About Management Development Programmes, Premchand Palety says that , “faculty should be measured in terms of cases developed, joint research projects undertaken, consultancy assignments and MDPs conducted. [And . . . ] As of now, most of the cases written by Indian B-school faculty are armchair efforts and not field cases. Institutes should constantly come up with new learning that can be gainfully adopted by industry. MDPs are meant to be a means to disseminate new learning created in institutes among professionals from industry.”

Seminars, workshops, guest lectures and hiring visiting faculty from industry only add on to students, faculty as well as the industry experts’ expertise and skills. When a school goes about conducting MDPs on its campus, the knowledge dissemination happens from faculty to professionals and vice-versa.

The back and forth learning process of the MDP affects the Postgraduate Program through case studies of situations in real time which results in leaders who not only possess with themselves the tools to build what future will be, but also have the expertise of the age that they work in. The B School offers programs that are customised to suit corporate executives as well as future postgraduates.

According to VJIM, Management Development Programmes (MDPs) offered at the school in recent past are listed as follows.

  1. On-Campus General Programs for Middle and entry level
  2. On-Campus Customized Programs for Middle level
  3. Certificate Programs (On Campus) for Middle level
  4. Off-Campus Programs (General and Customized, at the premises of the companies) for middle level.

*The Management Development Programmes offered can be checked out at for more details.

Post Graduate Diploma Courses – Helping People Give A Boost To Their Career

There has been a considerable change in the work environment of modern organizations as compared to how such organizations used to operate only a few decades back. The opening up of the Indian economy and the growing trend of MNC work culture influencing even small organizations in a big way, must businesses today seek employees, who are capable of handling the challenges and responsibilities of working in such an environment. While, this is not such a difficult task for people who have some management training and skill, it can be a major road bump in the career growth of ones with no such training. Thankfully, with numerous colleges offering Post Graduate Diploma courses in India, overcoming this road bump has become relatively easier.


Unlike the earlier times, hard work is not just the primary criteria considered for the career growth of low level managers in the modern time. Even though it is still considered to be one of the most vital traits of successful professionals, it needs to be backed up by other skills and qualities that will prove beneficial for the individual and the organization in the long run. These primarily include leadership skills, interpersonal skills, effective communication skills and most importantly an in depth knowledge about the various aspects of the niche they work in. For example a junior level manager working in the HR department of an organization can enhance his prospects of career growth in a significant manner by opting for a Post Graduate Diploma course in Human Resource from a reputed institute.

An increasing number of companies are now willing to invest in capable managers, who can handle the responsibilities of the divisions assigned to them in an efficient and productive manner. This has naturally created a lot of possibilities for candidates who can prove their skills and efficiency to the top management and provide them an in-house solution helping them save both time and money. A PGDM course certification is surely one of the easiest ways to ensure that the top management does not overlook the talent of in-house managers and seek candidates from outside to fill up the required positions. This will not only breed dissent amidst the workforce but will also cause the management to lose the trust and confidence of its most loyal employees.

Depending upon their career objectives and the time they can spare to complete the PGDM program, candidates can opt for a full time or part time course. However, it is important for the candidates to verify whether or not the institute they choose offers a part time Post Graduate Diploma course in Financial Management. Although opting for a part time program might restrict the choice of institutes and colleges for the candidates, it will ensure that they are able to actually start testing the concepts they learn, in their workplace almost immediately. This helps them to not only better understand the effectiveness of the concepts but also their relevance within the specific industry. Accordingly they can provide a feedback to their instructors as well as institutions so as to get an improved learning experience for themselves as their colleagues.