VJIM Hyderabad is slowly becoming one of the favorite placements’ hubs for recruiters

Situated in a strategic location of Hyderabad, industry interfaces and corporate visits are nothing new to VignanaJyothi Institute of Management (VJIM), Hyderabad’s students. The B-school’s management curriculum over the years have stood out to be one of the best PGDM curriculums in India and has received awards and recognitions for being so. What makes the PGDM at VJIM even more special is its placements’ track record.

2016 had seen more than 70+ companies pick 139 students from a class of 169 where few opted out to start-up on their own. The highest CTC went to INR 9.5 lacs and the average was INR 6 lacs. Class of 2017 saw some even more interesting companies with equally interesting profiles recruiting students.From FMCG to Banking to E-commerce and digital media marketing firms, VJIM’s placement is seeing students getting placed across sectors and domains.

So far, the PGDM class of 2017 has names like Marico, ITC, Godrej, Nestle, TIME Education, Conduira, ICICI, Fitch Rating, AutoRabit, Schindler, cherry-picking graduates. The PGDM Class of 2017 gathered companies’ attraction because of the rigorous Management education they were exposed to. From going through an updated curriculum to being vetted b industry experts, from Socrates’ dialogue mode of learning to Business Simulation and POGIL, this top Management education school of Hyderabad kept no stone unturned to ensure nothing but the best for its ambitious Class.

NiharikaBakshi of PGDM Class 2017 who recently got placed with Tech Mahindraopines- “I would say the preparation for placements began the day I joined the B School. All I did was grab the opportunities I was offered and learned from them.”Needless to say, the success stories of 1500+ VJIM alums and the students over the years are testimony enough to say- VJIM, Hyderabad has been doing everything required to ensure students derive the optimum value from their PGDM. It is not just about their jobs, but this leading PGDM Colleges in Hyderabad believes in making Careers for their students.



Everyone enters college with one wish. Especially when it comes to post graduate diploma courses. They want to leave with the promise of a pay-cheque in hand from a reputable company, the sweet smell of money and the future it brings. Once you doff off those caps, the panic begins to set in.

“Who will pick me? How do I prepare? What if I’m the only one who is left out?” are questions every higher-ed student is haunted with.

Don’t you worry, demonetization proved to be a boon for a number of good b-schools across India. For instance, placements at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad is one to reckon with! Why and how?

Deloitte swooped in and left its mark by hiring a big chunk of VJIM-ites as has been the trend most of the years. Actually, getting to numbers, the UK based MNC took whopping seventeen students. Following their suit, were the FMCG giants ITC, Marico, Nestle, Godrej Consumer Products etc. FMCG companies who were reluctant to hire last year lined up to recruit fresh management graduates in droves because the alumni of VJIM, Hyderabad proved their mettle.

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Housing Finance companies were not hot ticket till recently but showed immense interest in hiring owing to expectations from the market in the housing sector. HDFC, which is the largest Home Loans company in India offered Rs. 7.50 lacs to VJIM-ites.

The other giants were Tech Mahindra, TIME Education, Conduira Online, ICICI Bank, AutoRabit, Schindler, Fitch Ratings, which came in the fray and selected the best of VJIM’s latest batch. With the influx of these giants, the Placement Cell’s motto at VJIM stayed intact ‘no students gets left behind!’

Talking about what further matters- the average salary so far touched Rs. 5.4 lacs per annum with 80% median at Rs 5.0 lacs per annum. This, for a starter isn’t just a way to make ends meet, it makes them save enough to explore passions, travel and buy the things they always wanted. Plus, motivate them to think of making it bigger in coming days!

VJIM’s celebrating its 25th year of operations. The B-school’s track record boasts of successfully producing graduates who have been ready to smooth it out in the real world. The school’s alums have been known for leaving their mark wherever they went. Naturally, their performances have sent messages of delivery and efficiency to other business schools.

FMCG companies, Housing Finance firms and Credit Rating agencies hired their heart out of the Class 2017. With all of this, VJIM has numerous reasons to celebrate the on-going placement season- already! Let’s wait and watch how the number fares at the end.


Post Graduate Diploma Courses – A Better Option Than Degree Programs

When it came to opting for a higher education management program, most candidates would prefer MBA courses offered by the best universities and institutions across the country. However, over the past several years, this trend has receded in a significant manner, especially due to the growing popularity of the management diploma programs being offered by various renowned institutions. These management programs are quite similar to degree courses, and hence it is possible for candidates to choose from the various specializations as per their preference. They can go for a post graduate diploma in human resource management or opt for other fields of specialization such as IT, Marketing, Finance, Operations or even a general management program.


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Why A Post Graduate Diploma?

Just a few years ago, candidates considering a post graduate education program would not even think about pursuing a diploma course. However, today the scenario is entirely different, primarily due to the significant changes in the work environment of the organizations and the expectations of employees from qualified professionals. Today, organizations prefer candidates who can provide them with practical results and solutions within a short period of time rather than experiment with the traditional theories and methods that have been followed for years.

Given the high level of completion within every business niche, companies today prefer management professionals who possess a practical approach and outlook rather than the ones who need to look up for solutions. Pursuing a post graduate diploma program, equips the management aspirants with these skills in a better manner than the MBA degree courses.

A post graduate diploma in Financial Management or Business Analysis or even Marketing focuses on training the candidates about the practical aspects of their chosen field of specialization. The trainees learn through a series of hands-on practical applications which makes them capable of handling the real world challenges in a better manner. This is quite unlike the learning experience in MBA programs where the focus is more on theoretical concepts and students are not exposed to the challenges and problems in real life work environments in an extensive manner.

Another important aspect that makes post graduate diploma programs a better option is that their course curriculum is updated more frequently to match the needs and expectations of the industry. This is because these programs are recognized by autonomous bodies, making it easier for the institutes offering the courses to integrate the changes necessary to make the programs more relevant for the candidates in terms of practicality of the job. The flexibility of the programs ensures that the candidates are ready to successfully take up the roles and responsibilities they have trained for almost immediately after completing the course.

The best thing is that there are several renowned institutes such as VJIM, which offer the post graduate diploma programs to candidates with different areas of specialization.

Benefits Of Pursuing A PG Diploma In Financial Management Course

Financial management is one of the core processes of any business organization.  In fact, most companies are constantly seeking professionals to manage the various financial aspects of their organization to ensure that it continues to operate and grow smoothly. Thus the demand for well trained and efficient financial professionals is always present in the market. This makes pursuing a PG Diploma in Financial Management a lucrative choice for management aspirants, especially those coming from an accounting or commerce background. Opting for this area of specialization helps the management trainees to enhance their knowledge about the financial operations within an organization and prepares them to enter the highly competitive corporate world with greater confidence.


A diploma in financial management at the post graduate level is the right choice for students who have a deep understanding of financial markets and the intricacies of business finance. The course is only second in popularity to the Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. With several institutions across India offering the program, it has become quite easy for management aspirants to realize their dream of a successful career in the financing sector after completing this course.

Given below are some key benefits that students opting for the financial management stream at the various colleges offering Post Graduate Diploma courses in India, are likely to get.

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the topics that affect the financial health of an organization, such as capital structure, cash flow valuation, dividends and risk etc.
  • Help them understand the process and the knowledge required for carrying out cost center analysis, creating effective balance sheets and minimizing costs while maximizing profits.
  • Make them aware of the role of a financial manager in a corporate environment and thus prepare them for career in this field across diverse industries.
  • Provide the candidates with an opportunity to specialize in specific sub-disciplines, including risk management, personal financing services and financial planning, which are in great demand in the modern times.
  • Help the candidates gain a competitive edge by equipping them with the skills and knowledge that will help them stand out in this competitive field and increase their chances of getting hired for the best jobs available.
  • Teach them the art of balancing their knowledge and practical experience with commercial thinking and market trends to make the most beneficial decisions for their organization.
  • Enhance the overall personality of the candidates to ensure that their lack of soft skills do not prevent them from achieving the success level that they deserve.

The above benefits are reason enough for candidates intending to pursue a post graduate course to opt for specialization in financial management. However, in order to get all these benefits and much more, it is important to pursue the program at a renowned institute like VJIM, which is known for imparting quality education.

Post Graduate Diploma Courses – Helping People Give A Boost To Their Career

There has been a considerable change in the work environment of modern organizations as compared to how such organizations used to operate only a few decades back. The opening up of the Indian economy and the growing trend of MNC work culture influencing even small organizations in a big way, must businesses today seek employees, who are capable of handling the challenges and responsibilities of working in such an environment. While, this is not such a difficult task for people who have some management training and skill, it can be a major road bump in the career growth of ones with no such training. Thankfully, with numerous colleges offering Post Graduate Diploma courses in India, overcoming this road bump has become relatively easier.


Unlike the earlier times, hard work is not just the primary criteria considered for the career growth of low level managers in the modern time. Even though it is still considered to be one of the most vital traits of successful professionals, it needs to be backed up by other skills and qualities that will prove beneficial for the individual and the organization in the long run. These primarily include leadership skills, interpersonal skills, effective communication skills and most importantly an in depth knowledge about the various aspects of the niche they work in. For example a junior level manager working in the HR department of an organization can enhance his prospects of career growth in a significant manner by opting for a Post Graduate Diploma course in Human Resource from a reputed institute.

An increasing number of companies are now willing to invest in capable managers, who can handle the responsibilities of the divisions assigned to them in an efficient and productive manner. This has naturally created a lot of possibilities for candidates who can prove their skills and efficiency to the top management and provide them an in-house solution helping them save both time and money. A PGDM course certification is surely one of the easiest ways to ensure that the top management does not overlook the talent of in-house managers and seek candidates from outside to fill up the required positions. This will not only breed dissent amidst the workforce but will also cause the management to lose the trust and confidence of its most loyal employees.

Depending upon their career objectives and the time they can spare to complete the PGDM program, candidates can opt for a full time or part time course. However, it is important for the candidates to verify whether or not the institute they choose offers a part time Post Graduate Diploma course in Financial Management. Although opting for a part time program might restrict the choice of institutes and colleges for the candidates, it will ensure that they are able to actually start testing the concepts they learn, in their workplace almost immediately. This helps them to not only better understand the effectiveness of the concepts but also their relevance within the specific industry. Accordingly they can provide a feedback to their instructors as well as institutions so as to get an improved learning experience for themselves as their colleagues.